Porsche Japan official Cayenne introduction video.

Porsche Cayenne

I'm worried about Cayenne

Recently, while re-recognizing the wonderfulness of Panamera, my home is considering a transfer car, but my husband has been saying ``I think Cayenne is amazing ..."

Her husband didn't like SUVs before, but she's been fascinated in a moment since testing her Cayenne last year, and the Cayenne fever hasn't cooled much since.

I just said,Cayenne is a car mess, but after all I like sedan type rather than SUV.So my husband didn't say anything about Cayenne anymore ...

The other day I saw Taikan,Test drive Continental GTAnd while I wanted to take a look at a variety of candidate cars on this occasion, I thought that a sports SUV Cayenne that can comfortably ride five adults might be quite good. My husband

"I found something like this on a Cayenne site."

And sent the URL.

If you take a look, Porsche Japan Product ManagerAlexander Kworth(Alex)Explanation video of Cayenne byThat's it. The video was private, but when you look at it, it was Porsche Japan's youtube channel, so it may be that Porsche Japan has created an official channel this time.

Porsche SUV "Cayenne" made by sports car maker

The video is about 6 minutes, and the contents are summarized below.

① Design

Not only the exterior design, but also the interior of the car, you can feel the genes of the sports car.The center console is designed to gently ascend forward and is located in the best place for the driver.

The interior is modern with direct touch controls.

There is an analog rev counter in the center of the instrument panel, and a 7-inch digital display on the left and right. Multi-function steering wheel All information at the touch of a button on the steering wheel(Such as navigation maps)Can be understood.

② Performance

Equipped with a 3.0L V6 single turbo engine, maximum output 250kW (320ps) and maximum torque 450Nm. The 8-speed Tiptronic S is compatible with the Cayenne engine and allows for smooth shift changes.

A 3-chamber air suspension is installed, but by changing this,From sporty running to comfortable running, you can enjoy it freely.The roll is reduced, and handling that can not be considered as an SUV has been realized.

The Cayenne has a rear axle steering option, which further increases comfort and sportiness.

③ Comfort

Porsche"Sports car performance" and "comfort" are not conflicting concepts, but both should be sports carsI think it is. The Cayenne has the ability for five adults to drive comfortably over long distances.

Also achieves a high level of safety. Lane change assist, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), and Park Assist with surround view camera are also standard equipment.

The above is a brief summary. Anyway, Alex is good at Japanese. The video isPorsche Japan Cayenne siteIt has been published in.

Cayenne? Taikan?

I think that various information will be transmitted on this channel in the future, so I would like to check it as needed.

About Cayenne My husband seems to have been imagining various things recently, such as configuring a Cayenne coupe.

Next car of Panamera. Considering the transfer time, if it is a Tikan, it will be a little too far ahead, so let's give up Panamera first and wait ... transfer to Cayenne ... or other options ... my husband explores all possibilities It seems these days, but it is these days that I feel really difficult to choose a car.

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  1. col

    Hello. I always look at my blog.

    In terms of ease of handling on public roads in Japan, you are more attracted to Macan, which is slightly smaller than Cayenne, which is both wide and long, but do you care much about the size?
    If you think about it, Panamera is also big, but it doesn't seem that you're struggling with the size, so you don't have to worry too much?

    • MinaMina

      Hello. Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > In terms of ease of handling on public roads in Japan, you are attracted to Macan, which is a bit smaller than Cayenne, which is wide and long, but do you care much about the size?

      Well ... Panamera initially thought, "It's big!", But once you get used to it, it's okay,
      There is no particular problem because the road is narrow, and sometimes it passes each other, but if you stop and give it away in front, there is no problem.
      If you attach the park assist camera function, parking is easy.

      However, because my home is a suburb, the parking lot of supermarkets and facilities is relatively large,
      I think it is great to have an optional rear axle steering ^^;
      (My husband also said that if I bought a cayenne, I would definitely wear a rear axle steering)

  2. rei

    I always enjoy watching from the same woman's perspective.
    One year has passed since I delivered the base (320ps) Cayenne.
    Did you notice the shift shock that seems to be only the bass? Upshifting at the time of acceleration is smooth and perfect, but I'm worried about the moment when the vehicle goes into the 2nd gear when the vehicle decelerates to a stop and the momentary acceleration occurs. Because there are many chances to enter the 2nd speed because there are many city rides. With the Cayenne S or Turbo, you don't feel it at all.
    If you have a chance to test drive again, we would appreciate a review of that area! Is it an individual difference lol

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      You're on a Cayenne ...!

      I'm also very envious because the heat I want is increasing gradually, saying "I'm good at Cayenne ...".

      > If you have a chance to test drive again, we would appreciate a review of that area! Is it an individual difference lol
      When I asked my husband about this,

      "I think you would have noticed that it was clear enough, but I didn't have that impression. When it comes to 2nd gear, I guess it's not going well by spinning.
      Also, since you will learn how to ride on the accelerator and brakes, if you can reset it once, you should consult a dealer if you can reset it. "
      is what they said.
      Are there individual differences ?! ?

  3. taramangts

    Good evening Mina! long time no see.
    I am using Cayenne gts (late 958) as a family car in addition to Boxster gts, but I was surprised to test drive the current Cayenne S. Two heads were missing from my 958. You want it. .
    That said, 958gts is also wonderful! It is a Porsche firmly! My wife is not familiar with cars, but Cayenne is very easy to drive. great! I say. A good driver, a poor driver, a car enthusiast, and a driver who do not all turn the steering at the curve, saying "I want to turn" or "I want to go", but I think that Cayenne really thinks I say that I run like I do. Isn't this amazing? I don't think anyone knows a car so much, how wonderful the Cayenne is!
    You said that this was your first time.
    That means most cars don't bend as much as you think. According to the bride…
    I don't know what the story is, but Cayenne is wonderful! (^ 話 ^;)

    • MinaMina


      > I was surprised to test drive the current Cayenne S.
      The current Cayenne is amazing ... it was a Porsche, as you mentioned, and it was very easy to drive.
      When people who are not familiar with cars say "Wow!", It means that they are really well-balanced and amazing in every aspect ...

      > That means that most cars do not bend as much as I thought.
      I see (laughs)

      Cayenne, it's insane. I want to take another test ride ...