Porsche Tican in detail – motor and brakes

Porsche Tycan

The other day,Detailed explanation of the Taikan preview "Appearance / Design","Interior / Interior", But this time I would like to deliver the third and final article.

Tikan / motor


Taikan,It is a sports car that is unmistakable despite being an EV.It is said that 0-100km / h has a phenomenal acceleration power of 2.8 seconds, and even if it repeats acceleration of 0-200km / h more than 20 times continuously, the time hardly decreases. The maximum output of the Tikan Turbo S is 761PS and the maximum torque is 1050Nm.

Although it will be on the game, the other day when driving a Tikan with `` Gran Turismo SPORT '' on PS4 ``Sudden full acceleration of EV without gearAnd thought, "It's really fast!" By the way, the maximum speed of the Tikan Turbo S is 260km / h.

Not only the straight acceleration performance, but also the Porsche and Tikan have very high steering performance.Because the battery is installed at the bottom of the car body,Lower center of gravity than 911That's it. If you add PDCC and rear axle steering to this, it will be even more amazing.


The cruising range of the Taikan 4S is 463km.Long range, so you can ride with confidence every dayWas explained. It is about 450km one way from Hyogo Prefecture to Fuji Speedway at home, so if you run smoothly without any air conditioning, you can go to the last minute without charging!(No, it's impossible)

If it is 200W, it seems that it can charge up to about 2/3 overnight. If it is this degree, it takes time to charge. When my husband asked Alex, "The voltage of the parking lot at home is 100 V, but is it difficult to charge it?"

"It's not impossible, but it still takes time. However, if you do not commute every day, it will not be a problem. It will be collected during driving and braking. However, at home parking lot It ’s more convenient to charge quickly. ”

And that. If you buy a Taikan, it would be better to construct the parking lot of our house to 200V.

Taikan can of course also use public facilities for charging,Porsche's developed quick charger equipment will be gradually introduced to Porsche authorized dealersThat's it.

With this,Charging for 100km travel is possible in just 10 minutesIt seems to be. In other words, will you be able to charge the battery while you stop by the shop? I think that Macan and Cayenne will also be converted to EVs in the future, but I wonder if dealers will have many of these quick chargers.

Motor sound

Porsche Electric Sport Sound(Similar to Porsche's regular model sports exhaust)With the option, you can enjoy a more dynamic motor sound. According to Alex,The motor sound at this time is not fakeIt seems.

It seems to be a mechanism that picks up the motor noise that actually comes out when driving a Tikan, extracts the high frequency part, and sends it from the speaker. "Whether the motor sound can be heard directly in proportion to the acceleration of the acceleratorI don't know until I actually run, but I thought it was amazing that it was not a fake.


One of the most interesting things about Taikan isbrake"I think that. A completely different system from regenerative brakingBrake works only when you press the brake, not one pedalSeems to be Porsche. According to Alex,

In the case of Taikan, the brake can select "ON / OFF / AUTO" mode. When you release your foot from the accelerator pedal with the pedal turned on, the speed will slow down slightly, but not as much as engine braking. If you turn it off, you can run as usual. When set to AUTO, adjustments are made while checking the distance to the car ahead using the camera on the front part.

And that.

Regarding brakes, PCCB seems to be standard equipment in the case of the Tikan Turbo S.

④Taikan Price / Other

Currently,Three types of Taikan 4S, Taikan Turbo, and Taikan Turbo SModels have been announced. It is not clear yet whether or not a model will be available in the future.


The release price in Japan has not yet been determined. So Japanese configurator is not available yet.(It seems that the dealer's store configuration can be used)Taikan is a model located between Panamera and CayenneSo the price range would be around that.

I asked Alex about the recommended models and options,

I want to attach PDCC to 4S. I want to have both rear axle steering, but I want to have PDCC if either. With a PDCC, it doesn't roll, it's a smooth ride, and when you accelerate, it feels like a spaceship, with no words you can express anymore (laughs)
No, Turbo and Turbo S are also very good, so naturally they are also recommended!

And that. Alex, thank you for answering the difficult questions ...!

However, since the base model is 4S, it will be reasonable, and if it is a turbo, it will cost about 20 million yen. Husband,

The last time I was an overseas configurator, I ended up paying about 3 million yen as an option. While simulating that I also want to attach this,Well, if you do this, the turbo will end up ..."No, if you don't add a turbo option, you should say Turbo S!It becomes a pattern like "w

It was said (explosion)

Key / entry

Normal Porsche model(When Porsche Entry & Drive System is installed as an option)Is

① If you hold the door handle while carrying the key, the lock will be released
② Get on the car and turn on the ignition key.
③ Put the shift lever in D, release the lever in P and(Or P is automatically canceled)Start running with

However, in the case of Taikan, it seems that driving can be started more easily and quickly. According to Alex,

① When you approach the car up to a distance of 6m with the key, the Tikan is set up. When approaching 2m, the door handle will come out automatically
② Open the door and press the start button(Actually moves without pressing a button)Ready to run

And that. It's pretty smart ...! If it's such a futuristic feeling, I wonder if the key of Taikan is also futuristic, and asked me to show the key ...

It ’s really normal! !

In spite of "That ’s normal!"I was very rude, but I was happy with the Porsche ignition key remaining.

safety equipment

The Taikan Turbo exhibited this time is said to have ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) as standard equipment. The camera for the ACC is the left one of the two cameras on the front bumper. By the way,The "wet mode" attached to the new 911 is not on TikanThat's it.

Delivery time

It seems that it is not clear yet, but it is currently accepting reservations, and if it is a fast production quota, it may be delivered at the end of next year. In other words, it's better to think that delivery will be next year.


I didn't notice about the maintenance until Alex told me.

Because Tikan is not an engine car loaded with gasoline,Naturally no driving required, no oil change required(Laughs) From the day the car is delivered, you can run as much as you want. However, the after-sales department of the store will be troubled ... I'm sorry ...

And that.

Well ... it's a mysterious feeling that neither running-in nor oil changing is necessary.

Taikan, general comment

After asking all sorts of questions, Alex spoke enthusiastically about Taikan.

Other manufacturers, based on the traditional model "Put a motor in this space ...In many cases, Porsche designed and developed this Tikan from scratch. I made this Tikan with the soul and the pride of the sports car maker without any real compromise.
So we confidently said,Taikan is an unmistakable sports car that is an EVI can say.
Also, the design of Taikan is really wonderful. The other day, when I ran in a city in Spain with a Tican, I was surprised that the waiting people looked back at me, saying, "What a car!"
Last year, when I ran the same place with 911, I was not even looking at it (laugh)
So, in Japan, if you actually drive with a Tikan, I think it will be the focus of people waiting for you. Looking down the street, it's really cool.


I'm an amateur, so I don't know the details, but as a Porsche fan, I was impressed with the skin at this preview that Porsche's soul was firmly resident in this Tikan.

Thank you very much for Mr. H and Mr. Alex who heard this time!

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