Surprisingly difficult to drive a right-hand drive manual car of an imported car

MT (manual) ride

Imported car, right handle (MT)

Recently, when driving the BMW 320i (MT),The right-hand drive manual import car is very busy when turning around the intersection.It is often felt.

In the past, I couldn't afford to feel like that ... I was conscious of clutch operation and smooth driving, so I didn't mind that much.

But now I'm quite used to manual driving, and now I can drive without being particularly conscious, so I'm quite worried about the operation when turning around an intersection.

Because, the right-hand drive manual import car is "Winker left hand + gear operation left hand"Because operations are concentrated on the left hand when turning around an intersection

For the right-hand drive of a domestic car, "Winker is right hand and gear operation is left handSo the work done by both hands is relatively dispersed. Also, for the left-hand drive of an imported car,Winker is left hand and gear operation is right handSo they are also distributed.

On the other hand, when it comes to right-hand drive imported cars, when turning around an intersection,Put out the blinker with your left hand, shift down with your left hand, operate the steering wheel with your right hand, while shifting up with your left handAnyway, the left hand is busy.

When the intersection is stopped at a red light, there is still room. You can put out a blinker while you are stopped, and you don't have to shift down, so you only need to turn green and start normally.

My husbandAbsolute left handle if you buy an imported MT carAnd now I've come to understand it.

Left handle? Or right handle? I considered it from the standpoint of each AT / MT.

If you buy next, left handle

When I told my husband, "I recently made a car with imported cars, the left-hand drive is good."

Soyaro. I really think so. I don't know now, but when I first bought a Boxster manual at a dealer,I wonder if it's a right or left handleH "said," If you order a right-hand drive MT, you have to check with your boss. In terms of operability, you really understand and consent You need to do that. "
I don't know now.

It was that. I see.

Earlier, when the 718 Spider and GT4 were announced,Canceled because only the right handle can be selectedThere was a person who said. At that time, it was just "Hey ~", but for those who are used to operating a left-hand drive manual car, that would be a little disgusting.(Mr. Porsche Japan, please choose the right or left for a car model with high interest.)

The next time I buy a new 320i, I definitely want to use a left-hand drive, but I don't think the car that I like with a left-hand drive MT car is almost available in the used car market. is there.

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  1. Ishi


    I usually use the right MT of the FIAT500 (I chose an Italian car for the right-hand drive and bought it from the UK).
    I don't mind operating the shift knob and blinker with one left hand or the narrowness of the foot that is often said in the streets, but Mina's opinion, who has experienced both right and left MTs, is compelling. Also, since the clutch is on my left foot, I thought that somewhere I heard and heard that it was better to operate the shift knob with the right hand on the diagonal line.

    In theory, I know that the original left-hand drive is better, but considering the road conditions in Japan, I'm going to use imported cars for the time being right MT. But this may also be a matter of familiarity.

    From now on, I think that there are few balls on the left MT to buy new cars at domestic dealers, but I think that there are still many MTs on imported left cars on the left. When I look for the car I want (NA engine, MT about 5 to 20 years ago in my case), it is almost left-hand drive, and it often comes out of the purchase target without having to splurge like a shame There is. If you lift the left handle, your wallet will be stiff and scary.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      Right handle, left handle will have your preference,
      I think that each person will feel differently.
      I was originally left-handed (I turned right when I was young, but the left still comes out), so is there something like that ...

      > When I search for the car I want (NA engine, MT about 5 to 20 years ago in my case)
      indeed…! At the time, the left-hand drive seems to be more ...!
      It is these days that I feel that cars are expensive and it costs money ^^;

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Cayman, I've been riding 911 and right-hand drive MT successively, but I have never felt difficult to drive.
    In terms of steering operation, I feel like my right hand can concentrate on steering.

    > When turning around the intersection, say, `` Push the blinker with your left hand, shift down with your left hand, operate the steering wheel with your right hand,
    > During that time, my left hand is busy.

    So, why not consider the process of operation?
    If you are busy with blinkers and downshifts,
    ・ Isn't it necessary not to shift down so much?
    ・ Or isn't it too late to give a blinker?
    ・ If the shift is not changed, the left hand may be too long for the shift lever instead of the steering.
    I think that the checkpoint is around here.
    I tried again, but in my case, the timing of the start of braking and the turn signal are close, and the downshift is just before the turn, so I don't seem to be particularly busy.

    The latter half, "steering with the right hand, shifting up with the left hand during that time" is separated left and right, so there should be no problem, and it seems to be a psychological thing of "busy".

    There may be cases where lane change and shift down overlap, but it is not good to change lanes immediately after putting out a blinker, so you may think that it is just right to shift down while leaving a blinker and then taking a breath It seems possible.

    By the way, in the UK there are many MT cars with right-hand drive, but I remember that all the cars I got were blinkers on the left.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      I see ... I thought it might be so, so I'm going to be aware of it from the next!

      In my case, the most noticeable thing about driving a Porsche MT and a BMW 320i MT is
      The 320i has less low-speed torque (Is there too much Porsche ^^;)

      If you're a Boxster, decelerate to a 3rd speed,
      If you go at 3rd speed with 320i, you will rattle immediately and the car will be like it, so you have to go to 2nd speed,
      I feel like I'm too busy.

      In the case of Porsche, in addition to the left handle,
      Since the torque is enough and you can ride with confidence, you may be able to drive comfortably.

      I think 320i is not a car without torque at all,
      After all, if you know Porsche, you will feel dissatisfied around that ^ ^;

  3. Naiya

    mina's Hello. I am always happy to see you.
    For me, the tightness near the center tunnel when my left foot is placed on the footrest is worse.
    It's only half a year after delivery, but I rubbed every time I operated the clutch, so my hair was peeled off a little and became thin (crying)
    I'm a man, but this is only a shoe size 23.5mm. If you have a large foot, it seems that the clutch hits the foot each time you release it from the footrest, so it may be necessary for the foreign vehicle MT to be left-handed.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      That's right,

      The cramps at the feet are quite difficult. .
      After all, the left-hand drive of an imported car can be done without any discomfort!

  4. Ryuichi

    Hello! I am always happy to see you.

    I now own a 981 Cayman right-hand drive MT. A little while ago, I tried to switch to Boxster with a left-hand drive MT, but I was not accustomed to shifting with the right hand, and I was scared because the handling of the left hand was neglected. I have experience with left-hand drive AT. .

    I think that it is accustomed, so I think that if you practice it will be somehow, but like Porsche Dreamer, I have never thought that it is difficult to drive with the current right-hand drive MT Cayman, so if I have a right handle I want to choose on the right even in MT is. (Conversely, it is unlikely that you will select the left in the future)

    Yesterday I applied for the 718 Spider, but there was no hesitation ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      As you write this article and look at your comments and messages,
      Which of the MT's left-hand drive or right-hand drive is easier to drive is different for each person.

      When I thought about it, I was originally left-handed and corrected it to the right,
      Even now, I often use my left hand, so there may be something like that ^^;

      Thank you for your valuable comments!

      > Yesterday I applied for the 718 Spider, but there was no hesitation ^ _ ^
      That's right! Congratulations! ! ! ! ! I'm looking forward to the delivery date right now