Interview with GT Sport players and MCs-GT is the savior of the Japanese automotive industry! ?


Interview with Riko Otsuka of MC, the youtube channel “GTsport Broadcasting Station” MC, and Tatsuya Sugawara, a GT Sport player, that showcase the appeal of the PS4 racing game “Gran Turismo Sport (GT Sport)”.I delivered an article half a day ago,This time is the latter half. Please take a look.

GT and real car

In the first place, what should we call an online race?

RicoA: I've talked to Sugawara very seriously about this, but it's surprisingly difficult.

Sugawara: In general, the word esports is pervading, but from our perspective,GT Sport is different from esports againWith the feeling of "..." However, because it is within the framework of a game,Isn't esports good for clarity?

Rico: There are various ways of thinking and perception.

Is the real race of a real car and the virtual race completely different?

Sugawara:Yes. I,Do not compare the game and the actual car with the same rulerI think. Because it is completely different.

I've been watching races since I was a child, so I know real cars as knowledge, but I can't be called to explain real races, right?

But the opposite is normal.

Some of the professional racers have a “two-sword style” with the game, so if you understand that kind of commentary,If you have no knowledge of the game and start talking only with the knowledge of the actual car, it is full of discomfortis.

Also, we do not intend to compete with the actual car in the first place, but from the actual car,After all game!There are quite a few things that feel blatantly seen below.

I don't think it's a matter of whether it's up or down in the first place. Because you can not compare.

Rico: After all, "Real car is more amazingBecause it has the image of "

The GT Sport looks and behaves in a real way, so some people think of it as a real car. Also"Real car races are more amazing. GTSport is a copy of the actual car anywaySome people think that, as Sugawara-kun says, the game and the actual car are completely different.

The actual car race is of course amazing! But virtual has virtual fun.I think it's important to think of it as a completely different sport.

SugawaraA: I think the world of actual car racing is completely business world or rich people investing their own fortunes.It takes a lot of money just to raceSo, even if you want to compete, it is not so easy.

On the other hand, anyone can participate in the GT,Even if you are particular about the game equipment, you can start with an investment of 100,000 to 200,000.It is an amount that you cannot buy a cheap used car even if it is a real car.

In addition, the actual car costs maintenance, but once the GT is ready, the tires will not decrease, and even if it hits the car will not break or hurt. If it's strong, it's about an electricity bill (laughs)

"The hurdle of entry into motor sports has been greatly reducedI think that is where GT is amazing. It is revolutionary.

Certainly, it is amazing that men and women of all ages can participate from all over the world. Is there anything else unique to GT?

Sugawara: The fun of GTA place where you can compete with purely driving skills"I think it is.

The one-make race of the actual car isNo difference in performance between all machines", But in fact there are quite a few.A perfect equal condition cannot be a real car.

But,Since GT is data, it is easy to achieve equal conditions of the machineis. You can compete solely with your driving skills. That's why it's interesting, and I think that is a fundamentally different point from a real car.

Which is not good or bad,Simply, the actual car and GT are differentIt is a story.

Also, although GT is a game, you can not put bananas like Mario Kart (laugh)

Sugawara: That's right (laughs) I think GT is very special among e-sports.There is no game at all.In other games, there are quite a few items and game elements.

As you mentioned, if you are a Mario kart, there are such game elements as putting a banana skin, scratching the top driver and overtaking that gap and winning, but GT is not at all.

That's why even if you GT with your school friends, it's not interesting at all. No matter how many times I do, I win and everyone can never winThis is boring"(Laughs)

I don't think there are any games where the difference between arms is as good as GT.

RicoA: I bought a GT for the first time this year, and from that I got a lot of guidance from Sugawara-kun as a teacher. However"Sugawara-kun wouldn't be interested in having such a bad guy ... I'm sorry.I always thought.

So sometimes I play a game, run backwards,Sometimes we make our own weird rules and play with ourselves(Laughs) It's a fun part of GT that we can do this.

GT Sport is a gentleman game ... sportsmanship is important.

Rico:I agree. The middle category for e-sports competitions is "The person who beat the opponent winsI think that is the most. So, even if you use various means of extreme story "items and tricks",If you can beat your opponent, you will winThat's why.

But GT is not so. It's a world where everyone races according to sportsmanship.

Sugawara:I agree. In other games, you don't need to care about your opponent. But GT is different.

You must race while respecting your opponentIt is.

For example, when brakingSkip the previous car without intentionally slowing down"And"Hit the opponent while fighting and pull outIt doesn't break like an actual car, and it doesn't take any life, so if you want to do it, you can do anything.

Hence,We have to respect each other and fight in a relationship of trust to win a raceIt is.

When it comes to competitions, the members that participate will always be the same, so we often run together in different races. So, unless you are running with respect for your opponent,My line is crushed in another raceAnd go around and return to yourself.

We've seen a lot of players who have run badly and have a bad relationship with other players.Therefore, it is important to respect your opponent and run.

It's more fun, even if you win with a dirty run(At least i)I'm not happy.

Next page → GT will be a savior in the automobile industry ...!

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  1. yuke

    It's good that you really enjoy what you want to do.
    It's so young that you can get more glitter

    Surely GTsport should be able to use Porsche, so I want to buy a steering wheel controller ~

    • MinaMina

      I think it's nice to be young (laughs)
      The power of youth is amazing and inspiring.

      > Surely GTsport should be able to use Porsche, so I want to buy a handle controller ~
      By all means! I'm too bad, but I hope to practice little by little.