Test drive the new BMW 320i M Sport (G20) – waiting for such a BMW


320i (G20), test drive

A little while ago, at a BMW dealer, I wrote an article that let me test drive the M2,

Impressions of the test drive of the BMW M2 competition

At that time a new modelImpression of the 320i test driveI want to introduce(It's been a long time ...).

The test drive was the F320i (G20) M Sport. "Gasoline or diesel test driveI chose the engine to realize the difference from the 320i in my house.

Feel the evolution the moment you ride

First, at the moment I got in, I felt that the texture of the interior and seats were completely different from the 320i (F30). as if,I felt like I was riding a different carAbout. Then, I felt a deep feeling of the body, powerful torque and power just by starting a little bit with the accelerator, and also felt that the running was greatly improved from F30.

Of course, the 320i (F30) in my house is a pure model, and I think there is something different about the M-Sport this time.

Easy to drive

Anyways,Easy to drive.I can trust the car and run with confidence. Even women who do not usually drive very much and are not confident in their driving are all right.

However, the test ride this time was the M sport and the steering was a bit thick, so if you are a woman with small hands or a woman who has never been in a sports car, the steering of the normal model may fit better .(I like thicker so M sports is better)

These three seriesThe body is larger than the previous model(Overall length 70mm, overall width 25mm, wheelbase 40mm larger)Yes, but of course the 3 series is a good size for women who are a little scared because they are not as comfortable as the width of the car because they are smaller than the 5 series.

It took me about 20 minutes to drive, but in a few minutes I got used to it and I was able to drive comfortably as if I had been riding it before.

There is a feeling of power even at low speed

My 320i often feels too powerless at low speeds. The person in charge also says,In this era, especially MT is a bit weak at low speedSo I thought it was true.

Conversely, if you drive on a highway or ride a certain speed, it will be stable and easy to run,When driving with a lot of stopping, starting, and accelerating, you will feel a little stressSometimes.

However, the new 320i ran very well at low speeds without any problems.(Maybe it ’s AT)

Safety functions have evolved

The new 320i hasState-of-the-art trinocular cameraIs installed. In Japan, many manufacturers use single-lens cameras due to cost issues.It is amazing that all models equipped with a three-lens camera as a standard at 320i Standard or higher gradeit seems like.

This allowed more information to be processed and provided more accurate and faster preventive safety.

In addition, as a newly installed function, the latest 50 m driving route can be automatically recorded(Limited to driving under 35km / h),When the end of a narrow road has reached a dead end, or when an oncoming vehicle has to come back, the car automatically operates the steering wheel and moves backward.Willing to.

I actually experienced this function, but the children in the backseat were very excited because the steering moved freely (laughs)

However,Drivers must always adjust their speed by putting their feet on the brakes, and there is no function to detect and avoid obstaclesSo, I thought Mercedes-Benz was better at this point.

Nevertheless, with these features, people who are not confident in driving are also grateful and have a high level of security when thinking about emergencies.

The front grill has grown

This is completely my opinion, but when I look at the front grill (Kidney Grill),It looks like a big person with a nostril!I thought.(I'm sorry…)

The rear lights and design became sharper and newer and more cool, but as for the front design, my 320i (F30) design is more calm and I like it..

Finally, the dealer says,What are the features and sales of this 320i?As I asked,

That's right. After all, is it easy to drive, stability at high speed, and the weight distribution of about 50:50 around BMW only?

It was that.

this time,When I drove the new 320i, it certainly evolved and the ride was very good.It was not enough to feel the pleasure of running through the catchphrase of BMW because I did not run on the toll road or highway(Because it was only in the city with many signals)At least, I thought that it was a car that was more than enough for my wife to ride on the streets or use it as a family trip.

By the way, my husband had a short comment, but said such an impression.

Honest, pretty good carI think that. If you have a garage, one of the cars you really want. This is definitely my preference over the M2 on the same day. Price is high, cheap, not how the brand is,It really balances well as a car, runs well, bends and stops well.I was surprised at the level of perfection of the current 5 series, but it was as good as it.(But there is still a difference between the classes, and the classes do not lie. I think the 5 series is more moist and sturdier and still smooth.)
In the predecessor F30, I was a little too conscious of Mercedes and said,Is BMW straying?I feel the will to go back to the concept of E90 and earlier as possible. It is particularly noticeable in the changes in undercarriage, and seems to have firmly restored the touch and accuracy of BMW.
Also, the production of engine sound is different from its predecessor,When you turn it, it's a sporty sound like "Koon!"Tell me, it's not just quiet.
Also,After all, recent BMW AT is wonderful.Not only is the gear shifting smooth, but also the gear shifting speed and response, wouldn't a dual clutch transmission be necessary? I think so. I don't think I'm dissatisfied with Japanese roads, even at 320i in response to starting in town, speed change, overtaking, and intermediate acceleration.
Honestly, there is almost no dissatisfaction.If we were to make it stronger, we would like to raise the texture of the interior a little more for the price, but the individual said, "If the maker named BMW does not cost such a place, it will suffice if it costs the running performance." I don't really care, because I'm thinking. After all, BMW has nothing to say if resale is good. . .
This 3 series considers BMW as a mere luxury car brand, and other manufacturers may be more appropriate for those who want easy movement and driving,Perfect for those who consider it a sporty brandIsn't that so? At least from my car taste,I was waiting for such a BMW"I thought."

That is. Great praise!

I don't know if I have this manual

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  1. cara

    Thank you again next year.

    Car I was worried about
    Thank you for a nice report


    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara

      Oh, it was! ! ! It was good.

      I need MT ...
      Hope to see you next year!
      Thank you again this year.

  2. Wooper

    And it's a left-hand drive (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper

      > And it's a left-hand drive (laughs)
      Oh, yeah, that's important! ! ! w