The reason I became interested in cars because I was not interested in cars.

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Manual driving = man?

The other day, my mother told me when I went home with my parents and children at the BMW 320i MT.

"Manual, isn't it troublesome?"

When I said "No, it was fun,"I've done that for a while, but you're a completely personal man ..."It has been said. Is it a man who enjoys driving a manual car? W

However, the casual word of this mother is also a very interesting word.

Because, "What my husband did to make my wife who was not interested in cars like carsI've been thinking about organizing and spelling it since the other day, but as I dig deeper,What kind of wife is in the first place is more important than what the husband did to the wife"I came to think.

Not feminine personality

I myself didn't think that my personality had changed in particular, but looking back at my past behavior patterns,Certainly, it is completely different from the so-called general women.I feel it.

I grew up with two brothers and sisters, so when I was a kid I only read boy jumps that my brother bought, and I was not very interested in girl manga.

While my college friends have all been employed by large companies, I have been employed by a venture company alone.(I mean, all major companies fell, so I could only get a job offer w)In the company where I got a job, all women at the same time were assigned to work internally, but I was the only oneYou can only do business because you are not suitable for internal work"I was assigned to a business, and because I wanted to do business, I wanted to be No. 1 and worked hard and became No. 1.

In addition, I usually never met for several hours at a cafe with a group of female friends. In the past, I was invited, but while I was refused, I was no longer invited by anyone (-_-)(I like to talk one-on-one if I meet)

Women are not interested in brands, gourmets, sweets, etc. who are interested, and there is almost no knowledge of that area. Anyway, on the first date with my husband,Where do you want to go for lunch?"Kappa SushiSo my husband was laughing.

He started his own company at the age of 27 and built his own company. During that time, he started giving birth and raising children. He started this Porsche blog about two and a half years ago, and now he is riding a manual car every day.

Looking back like this, it ’s not an ordinary woman… (-_-)

A room for cars

I've always been tired and like to try new things.

He started the company at the age of 27,If you were at this company, it would be like this in three years, and in 10 years ...As soon as I saw the future, it became uninteresting, and more importantly, I wanted to go to an exciting world where I do not know how the future will fall.

I'm more inclined to do what others aren't doing than someone is doing. But these are "Gender difference between men and womenI don't think it's a story, it's part of the nature.

However, when I first met my husband, I had no interest in cars and never showed any interest. At that time,The car couldn't afford to get into my lifeIt is because.

I was just starting a company, so I was desperate to get it started.

Also, since the child was born, childcare has been busy, leaving no room for extra cars. Even if my husband is talking about cars,Also just talking about cars (-_-)I did not listen at all. "

What changed me was, "I feel more relaxed than before"When"Launching the Porsche BlogIs big. The children are a little bigger and must be harder, but they are more comfortable than before.

As a result, there was a gap in my life where cars could enter.

Also, as the blog has grown in a good way, I decided to sort out and break down the work I had been doing so far and move on to the Porsche blog. By doing so,If you write a blog, you need to know more about cars"Let's run and verify to make an article"And the interest in cars became stronger.

In the meantime, I realized that I loved cars.

In other words,What my husband did to meRather than my own curiosity, myself like new things, I want to do things that everyone does not do much, I can relax in my work and childcare, and I can afford my car I feel like I was addicted to Dompisha.

What a car-loving husband made his wife

That said, there was no doubt that I was influenced by my husband's actions and behavior.This was bigWhat I think is,

① He tried to make room for his wife
② Unbelief in cars and overwhelming knowledge

Kana. My husband sends my daughter to kindergarten every morning before going to work, but it's been a lot of help, and when I'm full of childcare at home and always frustrated, ``Then, do you ask for a cleaning service?"Do you buy robot home appliances?"And so on.

If the scheme of "I am free and my wife is always full" remains, I think that there was no present.

Then,Unshakable belief in cars and overwhelming knowledge.From when I wasn't interested in cars at all until now, my passion for cars hasn't changed at all, and what I've said since that time is growing.

Porsche 911 GT3

Also,Will answer any questions you have about the carSince I started blogging, I started to ask all kinds of questions every day, and through that exchange, I learned about the depth of the car.

If my husband did not have this knowledge, I would say,I want to know more about cars"I want to drive betterI did not think.

So, I can't say `` Let my husband do this to make my wife like cars '', and it changes completely depending on the type of husband and wife, and there is no answer for each husband and wife, so today I think that it is difficult is there.

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