Looking back on the Porsche blog in 2019-MT car purchase, youtube debut, etc.

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2019 Porsche Blog

It's fast and 2019 is almost over. This year, the whole family was healthy and able to spend well, and I think that it was really nice to continue this Porsche blog.

This year, the most striking events in myself are:

①Bought a BMW320i (MT)
②Porsche MT car can now be driven
③ youtube debut
し た Participated in Porsche driving school with Boxster (MT)

Is that something?It's been a year of MTWow. For youtube videos, it takes a lot of time from shooting to editing because it gets stiff, and it hasn't been updated at all since summer… (-_-)

I bought a iMac out of control for video editing ... (explosion)

Also, this year, I met people who had only interacted with twitter at events and circuits, etc., and there were times when the relationship expanded. I think it was a fulfilling year.

Seriously on your blog

Meanwhile, the biggest change in me in 2019 is ``What I decided to work on this blog more seriously than before" Until summer, it was a blog that was updated every other day,

"If you want to penetrate your blog, you can't stop halfway. Don't go crazy."

I thought at one point.

So from September, I started updating my blog daily.

It was not easy to update articles daily without raising the quality of the blog while raising two childrenHowever, this has made it possible for me to select more material than before, and to have more antennas in my daily life. I think my husband has become more cooperating than ever.

In 2019, I realized that if I decided to do it seriously, not only myself but also the surroundings would change. Of course, the challenge has only just begun, but the results achieved over the past year have given me great confidence.

AlsoI really appreciate messages and comments from readers.I read while thinking. Thanks to the support and support of many people, I realize that this blog exists.

I have a feeling that next year will be a year that I can't even imagine. I am not only excited but also uneasy, but I want to expand my opportunities while facing the blog in front of me without any rush.

Thank you very much for everyone who viewed this blog and everyone who supported us this year. Today is the last blog update this year, and on the third day of the new year I do not update my blog, so I think I should sometimes relax. And from April 4th, I would like to start a year of serious blogging!

Thank you again next year. Everyone, please have a good year.

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    Thank you for your daily update.
    As a reader I'm looking forward to, I want you to continue,
    Is it hard to impose daily updates like a quota?
    I'm worried.
    I look forward to it again next year.
    Wish you a good year
    Then again

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Thank you very much.
      Thank you again this year!

      I would like to keep updating my blog to the extent that I can't afford it, while also consulting my physical condition.