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Happy new year! Even so, it has been a long time since the year has passed ... (laughs) I hope to update my blog happily again this year, so thank you.

GT player, advent

Previously on the youtube channel "GTSport Broadcasting StationRico Otsuka of MC and Tatsuya Sugawara, a global GT player.At that end, they came all the way to the end of last year.

Now the PS4 Gran Turismo Sport is interesting – we have interviewed GT Sport players and MCs!

Interview with GT Sport players and MCs-GT is the savior of the Japanese automotive industry! ?

In advance, it was decided that `` I will play with Hankon of Gran Turismo Sport in my home because it is a great deal, ''

"I don't want to drive with such a difficult seat even if the GT top player comes to our house!"

I was renewing the seat.

Too excited and (explosion)

And on the day, they came and tried GTSport, but at a glance Mr. Sugawara saw the Hankonset, and said, "This handle is a bit difficult to drive.Handles are more important than seatsAnd just changing to a proper handle without play will increase the time. "When.

Indeed-The husband who heard it said, "Let's change to a Hankon that I was taught immediately."

At first I decided to run the Suzuka Circuit with the Porsche 911 RSR, but my husband ran first, had Mr. Sugawara look at it, and then got advice from Mr. Sugawara while driving.

My husband was running nervously,The course taking is pretty good ~It was said that it was not likely to be aw

After that, Mr. Sugawara changed his driving, and he taught me various ways of driving on the circuit at GT, so I would like to introduce them.

How to run a GT style circuit

Depress the brakes firmly in tight corners

In the case of a steep corner such as a hairpin, it is important to step on the brakes and slow down sufficiently.

Despite the extra brake, the vehicle speed has not slowed down and the steering wheel has been turned for a long time.After slowing down the vehicle speed and changing the direction of the car quickly,If you can step on the accelerator to the exit at the rise, the speed at the corner will decrease slightly, but you can compensate for it at the rise and run much faster.
Now, "I have to step on the brake more in frontI don't think that is necessary, and the brakes are good in the back. The point is not a braking point,Depress the brakes firmly until the vehicle speed drops. I think this will change a lot.

Pull the gear up

The timing of raising gear at GTSport isChange as soon as the light blue gauge in the center flashesI thought, but it seems that I can pull further from there.

If it is a real car, there is a worry that the car will be broken, but in the case of GT there is no worry (laugh) Even after the light blue gauge flickers, it can still be pulled.It is faster to pull until just before the reb hit.
Naturally, fuel efficiency will be worse, but you don't need to worry about fuel efficiency for your practice.
And if this car, for example,1st speed can pull up to 120km / h"160km / h for 2nd gear, 200km / h for 3rd gear", And remember the speed of the standard in myself. And if you run by pulling up to that point, you can increase the vehicle speed and ride faster and run faster. Well, it is impossible with a real car, so it is a running method unique to GT (laugh)

Erase unnecessary information

In the GT, my best lap in the past is displayed as a translucent ghost, so I often say "Annoying!"I would think. Some people seem to be able to run fast with this ghost saying, "I'll overtake!", But Sugawara seems to erase it. BecauseWhen a ghost comes out, you can't see the line.

In my case I will definitely run off. Because I can't see the line, I can't get the line I want. Also, come out in the centerBRAKE !!!Also erase the red text. Each person is able to run on their own without being affected by unnecessary information.

And that.

Next page → My husband's time has been reduced by ○ seconds! What is Sugawara's time in Suzuka?

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Congratulations, Mina. Thank you again this year.

    But it's amazing that two of the top players came to my house!

    Will this blog continue to flourish? I wish you good luck. I once wrote a message to make this a holy place for Porsche riders, but for those who read every day as if they were approaching the holy place every year. I'm very happy. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as it continues to grow.

    • MinaMina

      happy New Year!
      Thank you again this year.

      that's right!
      I wrote that it would be a holy place for Porsche riders, and I am very happy to read that sentence.

      What kind of development is waiting this year,
      I can't imagine it, but I hope it's fun to update!
      Continue to thank you!

  2. yoshi

    happy New Year.
    I always enjoy reading.

    What is "Hankon taught me"?
    I am a little worried.

    I want to ride a Porsche someday ...

    • MinaMina

      happy New Year.
      Thank you again this year.

      > What is "Hankon taught me"?
      > I'm a little worried.

      In the case of Gran Turismo, the best one is the Thrust Master T-GT!
      I looked at it, but it seemed quite easy to operate!

  3. yoshi

    Thank you for telling me (^_^)

  4. Tak

    It has become indebted to. I was thinking my Hankon wasn't feeling right and I was thinking of buying a new one. What was Sugawara's recommendation? I would like to use it as a reference. Thank you.

  5. Tak

    I'm sorry, it was already mentioned. Please delete it.

    • MinaMina

      No, no! Thank you!