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Two and a half years after launching this Porsche blog.I keep writing articles every day, and noticed that the number of articles exceeded 700.Did you write so much? Articles I wrote a long time ago and articles that I forgot what I wrote recently have gained a lot of access recently.Oh, it was. Porsche was such a car"I often reaffirm.

So today, I wrote in the past,What you need to know about PorscheI would like to remind you of the resonating articles in the article.

Tirriness of tires on a cold winter day

First of all, just now. On a cold winter morning, when the steering wheel is turned at a low speed, the tires make a bang and a bang. When I first experienced this "rigorous sound",

Did you step on something! ? What was wrong with my driving! ?

I was pretty impatient. At that time, I didn't have much knowledge about cars,Sound from tire = breakdownI asked my husband and found out that this sound was not a malfunction.

Porsche is commonly adopted for steering mechanismAdopts "Parallel Steering Geometry" instead of "Ackerman Steering Geometry"For this reason, when the steering wheel is turned at a low speed on a cold winter day, it is easy to hear squeaking noises from the tires.

Since the parallel steering geometry is a steering mechanism unique to sports cars and race cars that are designed to be able to turn more smoothly during mid-high speed driving, this sound will be heard,Proof that Porsche is a sports carIt can be said that.

By the way,

"This kind of sound can be heard even with AMG. Also, depending on the tires you are wearing, the squealing sound may be reduced."

He said.(Detailed explanation is written in the following article)

When pulling the steering wheel at low speed, is it troublesome that the tires of Porsche sound gorgorge?

Brake squeal

Porsche,Even a new car may make a "squeak" sound when the brakes are depressed.In my home, Panamera did not brake, but Boxster did quite a bit.

At this time, I said,Brake sounds due to worn parts or somethingFor Porsche, this brake squeal is not a malfunction.

Actually Porsche official youtube also issues a video saying `` Brake squeal is not a malfunction ''So, I guess it is a lot of inquiries and complaints.

Porsche's brakes are said to be the best in the world, but even if you apply the brakes at any time, you can demonstrate the same braking performancePorsche brake discs are significantly larger than ordinary carsHas been done.

The contact area with the brake pad is made as large as possible and the friction is increased so that the vehicle can be stopped safely at any time, and even if the contact temperature is wide, a high quality Brake discs and brake pads are used.

It is.

And when the friction surface becomes large,Stick-slip phenomenonThe phenomenon occurs, and the vibration generated by this phenomenon generates noise, and the resonance with the brake rotor makes it sound as loud as a speaker.

In the case of a typical car, you will not hear the brake squeal,The fact that the Roche brakes sound is a proof that Porsche brakes are high quality and high performance.It can be said that.(Details are written in the following article)

Is Porsche's brake squealing a bug? No, that's the proof of Porsche's brake.

Unknown porsche

I myself have been interested in Porsche for a few years, and there are not so many cars on it, so I think there is still much to know about Porsche. The more you get on, the more new discoveries you make, and the characteristics are completely different depending on the model.

I hope that this year, as many rides as possible on Porsche, you will learn more about the depth of Porsche and cars.

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    happy New Year.

    As for the creep grove of brakes, Japanese cars are thoroughly compatible, and durability is also important.
    Conflicting performance required for brakes that are friction materials "Both rise of friction coefficient and slipperiness"
    Adhesives that prevent noise and are resistant to heat, such as carbon, etc. It's like flour that mixes and hardens.)
    These recipes vary depending on the performance required.
    I like the way Porsche is divided.
    It's like a GTR doing this in Japan.
    I look forward to the Porsche article in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      happy New Year.
      The more you know about Porsche,
      I realize that Porsche is a sports car.

      When this happens, I wanted to talk to a Porsche engineer lol

      The car-building is deep, and I hope we can ride a lot of Porsche again this year.
      Continue to thank you!