How do I run the Suzuka Circuit on my own car?

How to run the Suzuka Circuit

Actually, since the end of last year, I'm not feeling well, I can't get into a car, I can't go to a computer, so I can't write a blog and I feel itchy.

I know from past experience that I'm not sick and will recover after a while, but blog updates may be cut off for a while.

However, it's not that "the blog's heat has cooled down", but I will write again as before after a while, so thank you in advance.

So today, last year my husband went to the Suzuka Circuit with GT3 and wrote about how to get a license in Suzuka. Please take a look.

Suzuka Circuit

Speaking of the Suzuka Circuit, even if you are not a motorsports fan or a car enthusiast, you may have heard the name once. Famous for the F1 and 8 Hours, I used to go to F1 games a long time ago.How do I run this Suzuka Circuit on my own car?I want to summarize about

There are two ways to run the Suzuka Circuit with your car.

  1. Hosted by tuning shops, owners clubs, etc.Driving partyattend to
  2. At the Suzuka CircuitGet licenseRun

If you can run easily, one running event is recommended, and I used to run only at running events until now. However, there are few schedules, and even if the schedule is correct, it may be a bit distracting to participate in a driving event of a stranger.

Therefore, we recommend two methods. This is actually very simple.

If you run the Suzuka Circuit international racing course (the course where F1 etc. runs) with your own car with a number,It is necessary to join the "SMSC Challenge Club" and receive training and issue a licenseIt is.

This time, I would like to introduce how to run the international racing course with your own car (with number).

First of all, make a reservation for the class by phone

First of all, at the Suzuka CircuitOfficial homepageLet's check the schedule of the workshop. There is a PDF on the site, and when you look at it,Challenge Club", Select the day that is convenient for you from the dates listed there.

And once you ’ve decided on a schedule,Make a reservation by calling the SMSC office listed in the PDFdo. I don't think you'll get lost because your sister at the telephone tells you everything in detail, but it's better to decide on the following points in advance.

  • Car model
    • Note that open cars, RVs, and minicars without a roll bar of 4 points or more cannot be used in principle.
    • If you are unsure, check it over the phone. By the wayPorsche Boxster (981) is not allowedwas.
  • Do you run as it is on the day of the class?

When I got the license,Reserve two 30-minute running slots on the afternoon of the training daydid.

Things to prepare before the class

When you make a telephone reservation,A few days later, an application form and a set of explanatory materials will be sent by mail.The details are written in these documents, but let's fill in the application form.

SMSC membership application form

after,3 ID photos requiredSo if you don't have one, you need to take a picture. In the worst case, if you forget, you can take a photo because there is an instant ID photo box in front of the SMSC secretariat, but it is better to prepare it in advance in case it can not be used due to failure etc.

In addition to this,Admission fee, annual membership fee, mutual aid membership fee are required, in my case total 36,300 yenwas. You can pay with a credit card except for the 10,000 yen fee for mutual aid. Also, you need a driver's license and writing utensils.

AndDon't forget to wear a helmet, gloves and long sleeves / trousers if you plan to run that day.

The day of the class

On the day, go to the Suzuka Circuit by the designated time and enter from the motor sports gate. At the gate, tell them that you will participate in the SMSC workshop, then proceed as you go. After passing through two tunnels, you will see the building of the SMSC Secretariat on the right. Park the car in the parking lot in front of it and finish the reception inside.

Suzuka Circuit SMSC Map

In front of SMSC Secretariat

The workshop is about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hoursis there. In terms of contents, the outline of the SMSC members, the benefits, how to reserve the running frame, how to purchase, the rules for driving at the Suzuka Circuit, etc. follow. In particular, rules when driving are very important, so be sure to listen carefully.

SMSC workshop

After the training, a temporary license card is issued and issued on the day.The official license card will be mailed at a later date, and until then you will use the license at that time.

Now, you can run the Suzuka Circuit with your own car if you reserve and purchase a running frame.

Paddock of Suzuka Circuit

When it comes to a circuit, it seems that the threshold is high and many people step on it, but as one of the new hobbies, why not start by running with your own car?

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