How do you feel when a Gran Turismo champion drives a real Porsche 911 GT3?

Porsche 911 GT3 touring
Ashi Drive way

To the last Ashi in 2019

As I wrote in an article the other day, at the end of last year,youtube channel "GTSport broadcasting station"Riko Otsuka of MC and Tatsuya Sugawara of GT player came to our house.

At that time,Let's go to Ashi Driveway and have GT, a global GT player, drive the GT3"
I, my daughters, and Rico are going to be together in Panamera.

Mr. Sugawara has always loved Porsche since he was a little child, and has longed for GT3. It seems that this was the first time to drive a real Porsche this time.


Sugawara who is usually calm,No way that Porsche driving for the first time will be GT3 ...!"I was very excited.

When I crossed the Ashi Tollgate, I changed my driving with my husband, and Mr. Sugawara decided to drive GT3, but I should have been experiencing nervous scenes in races etc.
"It ’s the first time that I ’m so nervous to drive a carLol.

Porsche's greatness

When Mr. Sugawara actually drove GT3,

fast! Anyway fast! If you step on the second speed, it will be amazing in a flash. "Surplus on ordinary roadsI understood the meaning. And the brakes are amazing.Porsche brakes are said to be the best in the world, but they are exactlythought so.
It is most important that cars stop. Nothing happens if the car doesn't move, but if you start running and don't stop, it will lead to a major accident.
Thinking that way,It's amazing that you can brake so firmly from any speed range.
As expected, steering operation. Bend to stab! That doesn't mean you can't use it everyday. If you want to run normally, you can run. No, it's amazing!

It was highly acclaimed. It was good (laughs)! !

On the other hand, her husband who experienced Sugawara's running in the passenger seat,

After all the champion's running is smooth.I ran on this path in the passenger seat of various people, but among them, I was smooth and good at it.
I won't bend my car brute force and I'll drive really smoothly with my car

I was impressed. After that, we had Rico ride the GT3 passenger seat, and Sugawara also drove Panamera.

As a Panamera lover, I was looking forward to what kind of impressions came out, but Mr. Sugawara said,

After all it is completely different from GT3! Smooth and luxury!But Porsche is Porsche.The brakes also have a little more play than the GT3, but it feels like a jerky back.
Since it was a sedan, I thought that the steering had a lot of play, and I thought it was a little lazy, but that wasn't the case at all. Awesome! This is not tired even for long distances!

It was acclaimed.

Since the children were already sleeping in the back seat,If you swing too much, your child looks cute, so drive slowly."When. Even so, I thought I was a gentleman, even though I was still young.

Finally, when I asked Sugawara again about his impression of driving Porsche,

After all, a box carRather than bend the car forcibly, consult the car and ask, "Can you turn?"That's right. As a result, I think that it is better for the car and can run faster.

When. I see.

After all, everyone who is good at driving and professionals say the same thing. At the Porsche driving school, I remembered that the instructor told me something similar.

It was good that Rico enjoyed GT3 quite a bit on this day! At this time,It will be broadcast later on "GTSport Broadcasting Station".

Finally, Sugawara and Rico signed autographs on the uniforms worn by Sugawara in the World Series, and the day ended.

It's been a long time to interact with young people, but it was a very fun and meaningful time.

Sugawara-san, Rico-san, thank you very much this time.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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