Porsche's super expensive option, what about PCCB?

Porsche PCCB

* This article was published on January 12, 2020, but new information was added and modified, and republished on February 18, 2020.

This time, my husband wrote about the PCCB which is a super expensive option of Porsche "What you feel when you own a GT3 with an option". Please take a look below.

In the case of expensive sports cars like Porsche, there are a huge number of options other than the vehicle itself. Of course, you can choose options for domestic cars, but that is not the case.There is a wide variety to choose from, and all are very expensive.Therefore, if you choose it normally, the price of a domestic compact car will soon become just with the option fee alone.

What is PCCB (Porsche ceramic composite brake)?

Among them, there are super expensive options.That is PCCB (Porsche ceramic composite brake).Depending on the model, it is an option that will cost around 1.4 million to 1.6 million yen. Often referred to as "Porsche carbon composite brakes,"Ceramic compositeIt is.

Porsche PCCB

Why is it so expensive?It is made of a composite material of ceramic and carbon with a durability of 1000 ° C, and is manufactured by a very laborious manufacturing methodIt is.

As a feature, let alone strong braking force,Ultra light weight, less than half the weight of cast iron discsIt is said that it is effective in improving ride comfort and handling. In addition, it is said that it has excellent durability, and at the beginning of the announcement around 2000-2001, there was information that the disk has six times the size of a cast iron disk and 300,000 km, but in recent Porsche official documents, There is no durable character.

Select as GT3 option

For some time, Porsche with PCCB has been anxious, but because of its price, I have always hesitated to choose it as an option. But,In purchasing this GT3, I decided to take the plunge.

The price is1,668,000 yen. This is a price that can buy one car. .

How does PCCB feel?

First of all, if the brake works or not,Works really well. Honestly, it works at a level where everyone can see the difference. The brakes of my Boxster GTS and Panamera Turbo are normal cast iron brakes that work very well, but they work more clearly.

PCCB has a very crisp feeling from the beginning. However, it is not the type of feeling that works with the power of boost only at the beginning, which is common in Japanese compact cars.It works linearly according to the pedaling force.Ordinary cast iron brakes have a similar feel, but they require less effort.

For example, if you are winding on a general road and jump into the corner a little bit, you can decelerate firmly just by pressing the brake lightly.Intuitively, if you step on the 30%, it feels like you're slowing down enough.Sometimes people in the front passenger seat say, "The brakes work really well!"

Porsche GT3 brake

It is never difficult to use in the city. There is often talk that "ceramic carbon brakes will only work if they get warmed up", but I don't know at least when it comes to the current GT3 brakes. I think there is a slight difference if you are quite consciousBecause it is too natural, you usually do not need to be conscious.

By the way,Previously owned McLaren 650S is also the same ceramic carbon brakeBut it was a little clearer, and it wouldn't work without warming(Although it doesn't work)There was an impression that. Also, the same PCCB seems to be evolving year by year, and I think that the feeling and performance are probably different from those of the 996 and 997 eras now.

What is the riding comfort of PCCB?

PCCB is said to be 50% or more lighter than cast iron discs.It is said that the unsprung weight is greatly reduced, which has a positive effect on ride comfort and handling.

However, it is hard to say exactly because this has never actually been compared for the same model. However, comparing Boxster GTS and GT3 with cast iron discs,I feel the lightness of the feet or the lightness.

Porsche PCCB

By the way, the other day,My friend bought a new 991.2 GT3 (PCCB) from the 991.2 GT3 (cast iron brake)That's it. The friend says, "completely different"And.

In particular,"First of all, the steering operation is clearly light. Feel like power steering plus."When. And "You can clearly see the impact absorbing quickly even in the city, and the ride is good.I was sorry to comment, so just for your reference.

What is it like when you run a circuit on PCCB?

The other day, I brought GT3 to Suzuka and ran. In addition, I would like to review the impression again in detail, but this time I want to write only about the feeling of the brake.

In the case of Suzuka, it is not a circuit that requires so hard braking compared to Fuji and others, but it is still a circuit.Needing braking that can't be tasted on ordinary roadsBecomes

For example, the first corner of Suzuka's degener is a corner where braking and turning are performed while keeping the vehicle speed as high as possible. Occasionally, when you get tired, you may miss the timing of the brake and try to rush at overspeed, but in such a case, step on the brake from the middle and try to stop somehow, but if you use Boxster GTS cast iron brake, you can not fully decelerate, There is a case where the vehicle slightly gets into the outer green zone.

But in the case of GT3 PCCB,I thought, "Oh, no, it was a bit slow." And even if I stepped a little further from it, it slowed down without incident.It works better than you can imagine in your brain, so you feel very secure.

Needless to say, fade resistance, touch feeling and judder had no effect on the running of amateurs like me.

After two runs of 30 minutes, I looked at the PCCB and found nothing strange.I was worried that I heard that `` PCCB will wear out quickly if it is overworked on the circuit and it will be damaged immediately, not just 300,000 km, '' but I was nervous enough for an amateur like me to run slowly It may not be necessary to become.

PCCB after circuit driving

PCCB after circuit driving

By the way, I heard about the durability at the time of ordering at the dealer,Some people can run the circuit, but at least I have never heard of a PCCB exchange." Well, there are many cases where the PCCB is sold before the end of its life, and that alone can't be judged, but at least it's certainly not going to change often.

* Added on 2020/2/18
After that, I had the opportunity to see the PCCB owner's car of the 991.1 GT3RS. That person uses GT3RS only for circuit driving, and general road is only round trip of circuit at home. He was running about 25,000km at the moment. Looking at the PCCB of the individual, it was found that the surface of the PCCB was almost completely clean, and that there were still enough pads. The owner says,"I have a normal cast iron brake GT4, but that one has changed the brake pads and discs many times.It was that.

Does PCCB really produce no brake dust?

The conclusion is surprising. A level that you can say absolutelyIt is. If the wheels are dirty, the dust and dirt on the road will be slightly absorbed rather than the brake dust.

Unwashed PCCB

Unwashed wheels for at least 1000km

Basically, car washing is a type that you do yourself, but about 6000 km after purchase, I have never washed the wheels properly. Of course, when you go out for inspection, the dealer will wash your car so it is actually washed, but it is affirmed that it will not get dirty if you run 1000 km or so.

If you want a clean brake, PCCB is recommended.Is PSCB (Porsche Surface Coated Brake) that can be selected with Cayenne etc. recently good?unknown.

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    PCCB, a yellow caliper with a little bit of superiority
    Big black rotor with michiri in the wheel.
    It is exactly a Porsche riding part.
    As I said, I attached it to the first Porsche GT4 without hesitation.
    I definitely wanted to wear it if I ride Porsche
    However, it was removed in this GT3.
    I understand that it is amazing performance,
    It did not fit.
    Maybe just me (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      PCCB is cool.
      My husband says "PCCB is amazing!", But I haven't run or jumped there yet,
      I don't really understand the greatness of PCCB because the sense around it is dull ^^;

      Does PCCB have so much performance that it doesn't fit?

  2. Jimny Mountains


    I told him I would run the circuit, but it was not recommended by the dealer. It may be too late because we ordered GT4. How much will it cost to replace a normal rotor?

    Do you change the brake fluid after running the circus?

    • MinaMina

      Jimny Mountains
      Hello. Mina.
      You ordered a GT4! Congratulations! !

      > How much does a normal rotor cost for replacement?
      I'm sorry, I don't know because the normal brake rotor has never been replaced ...
      My husband Boxster was delivered in November 2015, and has run 40,000 km so far, running at Fuji Speedway and Suzuka, and experiencing full braking many times at Porsche's driving school,
      At last, it seems that it is necessary to replace the brake pad before the vehicle inspection this year.

      Is it pretty good?

  3. GT3RS ride

    I saw the PCCB article
    It was very interesting (I'll read some more in the future)
    I am sorry to say that it is interesting, but I will comment
    (It is a personal opinion only)

    PCCB ・ ・ ・
    I think it will eventually be a consultation with my condition, but ...
    Although the steel brake is not bad, the yellow caliper has enough self-esteem when compared in the hierarchy in Porsche
    I think you can be satisfied. After the investment, it will be a point of price increase at resale

    It's the part of the "effect" other than the hierarchy, but of course it's a wonderful word
    I think it is necessary to think about what kind of situation to use
    I think that you can enjoy the benefits of PCCB enough if you usually use town riding, pass main, and circuit several times a year
    Some of my acquaintances exchanged for 80,000 kilometers.

    I am riding 991GT3 (steel) → 991GT3RS (PCCB), but it is almost circuit main (I run about 2 or 3 times a month)
    Cospa is bad for such usage.
    It is higher than the pad for PCCB and steel. I change pads in about 2 months, but it takes about 250,000 including fluid on a certain PC.
    It is psychologically uneasy to perform full braking at each corner, even though it is said that the rotor will be replaced by millions.
    In my case, there is such a thing and I have changed from PCCB to a steel brake for racing. Return to PCCB for sale.
    The brake is a consumable part in the circuit main, so it must be replaced proactively, but the rotor that millions of
    I hesitate to replace the proactively. So I think Jimny was absolutely good with steel. "Effectiveness"
    Both work well, only with different characteristics. I don't think there is any difference in the time difference.

    By the way ...
    In the braking from the super high speed range (about 280km / h at the straight end of FSW), there are some parts where the control is severe. In the speed range of the pass
    I don't know. The initial braking force is very strong, but it is difficult to pull out and adjust (although it is difficult to convey the nuance)
    Of course this is not a negative element because of the immatureness of my doratech

    It has become long, but for your information

    I look forward to more fun articles in the future

    • MinaMina

      GT3RS rider
      Thank you for visiting the blog and saying that again!
      I'm jealous of running on a circuit with GT3RS ... I guess it would be even better than GT3.

      PCCB's yellow caliper is
      My husband seems to like it because it looks cool.

      > I think that you can enjoy the benefits of PCCB enough if you usually use town riding, pass main, and circuit several times a year
      That's right! !
      And, as you said, if you run well on the circuit, the brakes are definitely consumables,
      If you think about replacement, you will get cold sweat ...

      Depending on where you ride well,
      I once again thought that the PCCB's life would change significantly.

      Thank you for telling me in detail.
      I would be glad if you could tell me a lot.

      Continue to thank you.

  4. Snow country tiger

    It was very helpful. thanks you.

    Actually, I ordered the Cayman GTS 4.0 in November last year because it had a production quota in February, but it turned out last week that it was a PDK.
    When I made a complaint about PC sales, it was suggested that the GT4 on display was cheap, but I refrained from choosing the road because it was mainly for town riding.
    I will never forget the comfort of the GTS 4.0 that I tested. When I read the blog, I felt it was katakana because it was PCCB.

    Also, since I wash my car every time I ride, I want to experience the joy of being free from the dirt on the wheels.
    (I was riding a 718 Cayman. I decided to buy it, and I was taken care of by this blog)

    You also wrote a blog about the delivery date. It's been half a year at the earliest ... (-_-;) It's painful.
    I'm thinking of negotiating the price of a test drive with PCCB. The neck is a full bucket seat.

    It is helpful because there are many contents that are very helpful.

    • MinaMina

      Snow country tiger

      That's right ...!
      There is such a thing!

      Certainly, considering the ride quality in the city and the height of the car,
      GT4 may be a little too sporty, isn't it? ..

      It takes a long time to deliver the car,
      By that time, Corona was more calm than it is now,
      I hope you can feel free to drive as much as possible!

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      Continue to thank you.