How far can Porsche Boxster be used everyday?

Porsche Boxter

Boxster, everyday use

The other day, "How much GT3 can you use everyday?I wrote an article that I tested, but this time, I decided to try it with the 981 Boxster GTS.

How far can the Porsche 911 GT3 be used everyday?

Well… I know without a try that Boxster can be used everyday,How different from GT3And I want to make sure that I do it myself.

① Boxster / ride comfort

First, ride comfort.Boxster's ride is pretty good.Because it is a sports car, it is basically stiff, but very supple. Of course, Panamera and Cayenne are smoother and more luxurious, but I think that this is a very good ride with a sports car.

Many times more supple, smooth and comfortable than GT3(Naturally or w)

There is no particular feeling of taking the impact of rough roads as it is, and there is no unpleasant rise. Although,Boxster was much harder when it was deliveredSo, the mileage is approaching 40,000 km, and I think that it has gradually changed over the course of long distances, mountain passes and circuits.

For the ride comfort, my husband

I got even better since I changed the tires to pilot sports 4S

The effect of the tire may be great.

② Boxster / Body stop

Boxster is a sports car, so when stopping, I try to stop just before the car stop,But it doesn't have to be as nervous as GT3.

The GT3 has a lot of diffuser fins under the rear, but Boxster doesn't, so it's okay if you stop normally just before the car stop.

I happened to have a 911 parked next to me on that day, but when I saw it, it was just barely parked.

It's surprisingly okay.(I think it depends on the height of the parking lot)

③ Boxster / step

"Whether the step can be exceededBoxster doesn't have to worry about it. I think there aren't many places you can't go to, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and parking lots.

Note that there are quite a few steps when entering the nearby parking lot where our house is rented, and if you do not enter slowly and diagonally, you may go sloppy,

If it is not a step to that point,You don't need to be particularly nervous, and if you're worried, you'll be fineI think that.

④ Boxster / Luggage

Boxster is a two-seater open car,There may be an image that seems to carry no luggage at all, but surprisingly it can be quite loaded.Boxster has an engine installed near the center of the body by MR (midship), so there are two trunks at the front and back.

There aren't many places inside the car where luggage can be loaded,The front trunk is quite large, so there's enough room here for a medium-sized suitcase.

On this day, I put on my bag at a supermarket and a jacket for a child, but I couldn't afford it.

By the way, the trunk at the back is a little small, and my house has body covers and vehicle tools, so it looks like this.

And this is just me ...I have a lot of space behind the seat because I can't reach the clutch unless I put the seat far in front.It's convenient because I pack my jacket here. But when my husband rides there is no space at all, so this is a space that I can only do when I ride

Please see here for a separate article about whether Boxster can pack your luggage.

The Porsche Boxster trunk can be loaded with luggage like this! I tried it with a suitcase.

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