Unleash GT3! I ran the Suzuka circuit with Porsche 911 GT3


Today, I wrote an article about my husband when he ran the Suzuka Circuit on GT3 at the end of last year. Please take a look.

Last year, the Porsche driving school in October was canceled due to heavy rain. I could not run the GT3 on the circuit, so I took a break at the end of the year and brought the GT3 to the Suzuka Circuit and tried to run it. This time, I would like to review the impression at that time while comparing it with Boxster GTS.

Go to Suzuka Circuit with GT3

Prepare a helmet and driving gloves, leave home early in the morning and head for the Suzuka Circuit.

As always, high speed stability is wonderful. The straight pavement of the new Meishin runs well like sticking to asphalt. Anyway, there is less vertical pitching and it feels more stable because it feels more pressed against the ground than Boxster GTS.

This time, run twice in the 30-minute frame. Both are high-class and beginner-class mixed slots.The number of cars running was quite large at 48 cars, so I couldn't aim for the time, so I tried to run carefully to check the behavior on the GT3 circuit.

911gt3 in Suzuka

First of all, running

If it is a general road, honestly, GT3 can not afford. Too fast and the cornering ability is unusually high. There are few places in Japan where you can enjoy an engine that can run up to 9000 rpm. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the GT3 running and trying to run, and control it as if tame a beast.

But this time is different. Circuit.Moreover, the international racing course of the world famous Suzuka Circuit.Naturally, there is no speed limit, and you can run GT3 with all your might.

Paddock of Suzuka Circuit

Immediately after getting out of the pit, it was a practice run. Check the handling and engine feel while heating the tires.

Slowly pass the first and second corners and enter the S-shape. First of all, the impression here is "Easy to driveThat is my first impression. There are very few rolls and they bend as expected.This simplicity is not the Boxster GTS ratio.

It flows from the reverse bank to the Dunlop corner. There is no odd feeling of contact with the road surface, it passes through Degner and enters the hairpin. Again, the turning is amazing. Although it is a familiar run, it is running lightly, but still the feeling that the car moves without any difficulty is fresh.

From a spoon, a back straight, a chicane through 130R. Even here, at Boxster, "You were bending harder, didn't you?"And run through it with ease.

Unleash GT3!

You can see the grandstand, 2nd gear and 3rd gear. Put the whip in GT3 and accelerate as if it was frustrating the past!

At 200km / h in a blink of an eye, the needle on the rev counter has no sign of decay even after exceeding 7,000 or 8,000 revolutions. Although he simply wrote, "There is no sign of decline,"The power in such a high speed range and the speed of the speed of rotation rise are levels never experienced before.Rather powerfully from here, the needle of the rev counter goes up at an accelerated speed aiming at 9000 revolutions.

Porsche 911 GT3 running at Suzuka Circuit

With the accelerator still depressed, disengage the clutch and release the shift to 4th gear.GT3 manual transmission automatically controls rotation and seamlessly connects gearsSo the one with less loss of speed. That said,Since the acceleration G is strong, the accelerator will inevitably become loose.

I have to practice changing gears while stepping in a little more and add a habit to myself.

At 230, 240, and 250km / h, go or not, release the accelerator and brake. This is my first PCCB on the circuit, so I don't know how much stepping force to stop.

Anyway, if you step on 70-80% of the expected, it will slow down more than you thought, and it will be a little bit rather."PCCB Sway! !"I was impressed and cleared the first and second corners and entered the S-shape.

Anyway, if you run the S-shape at 3rd speed, you can easily clear it.As side G is very strong, step on the left foot and fix so that the neck is not carriedThen, the uncle driver who passed 40 desperately held on to G, eats GT3 and drives. Then, the hip joint of his left leg screamed and his leg began to cramp (sweat).

Here, I notice the lack of daily exercise and training.

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  1. AMI

    I'm sorry for the first rice. I also run Suzuka on SMSC from time to time. Do you have a circuit special contract with insurance?
    I can't race, but if it's an SMSC driving event, it seems assured even if there is an accident on the circuit. I think that the price of GT3 will be less likely to flicker while driving, so you can concentrate on running (laugh). I plan to take a professional lesson at the SMSC next February 11 and devote myself to riding a Porsche. Please give me various professors when I meet again. Excuse me.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for telling me! I will tell my husband.

      > I will take a professional lesson at SMSC next February 11 and devote myself to riding a Porsche.
      That's right! ! ! it's great!
      Suzuka Circuit is a difficult course, so it seems to be very rewarding.

      If you meet someday, thank you very much!

  2. Take

    "The price of GT3 is flickering"
    I understand the phrase very much.
    It is a very valuable car that can not be bought with a new car unless the frame turns around even if there is money, and GT3 is impossible if you think about things.
    Of course, I heard that inside the circuit is not covered by vehicle insurance.

    • MinaMina


      > The phrase "GT3 price has a flickering head" can be clearly understood.
      (Laughs) Gran Turismo would be a big deal ...

      I think the people who can run hard on the circuit are really amazing ^ ^;