How do you feel when you ride a Porsche Boxster after a long absence?

Porsche Boxter

Porsche for the first time in two weeks

"I feel sick from the end of the year"When I counted it, I did not ride a Porsche for about two weeks. It's the first time Porsche has come to our house that we haven't been in Porsche for two weeks.

Meanwhile, the other day, I had a little better day, so I decided to take a Porsche ride after a long time. But don't get on the beat,Take the second daughter and take a short walk around the neighborhood with BoxsterEspecially.

I was thrilled and excited when I thought I could ride a Porsche after a long absence. Also, since I do not know when I can get on the next time,Take care of yourself todayI was nervous than usual.

Porsche for the first time in about two weeks. Slowly open Boxster's door.A sturdy, sturdy door.Yes, Boxster's doors weighed like this.

When I sat down, I smelled of Boxster.

It may be the smell of a leather seat, but it is a Boxster unique smell that is completely different from Panamera, GT3, and of course, air cooling. "A simple sports car smell without hate"

Next, the seat is adjusted. I usually adjust the seat appropriately and start off,Driving position is so important to dieI learned about it from Porsche's driving school and GT sports top players, so I went carefully including the steering adjustment on this day.

Step on the clutch to find a point where your feet are not too long and do not get in the way when steering.

The angle of the rearview mirror is also OK. Alright, departure.

Until now, especially when riding in Panamera, I started with an engine like a line work, thinking nothing.Open the door and board(The seat position is automatically adjusted.)Fasten the seat belt, start the engine, put the shift lever in the drive, check the front, and step on the accelerator.

During this time, about 10 seconds.

It sounds good to get used to, but it's good and bad,You can always ride a PorscheBy being in the environment,I completely forgot the value of "I can drive Porsche"I knew that day.

Operate Boxster carefully

On this day, a series of actions were performed to bite each one, so it took a long time to start the engine,Since I ride a sports car, I may be able to do it this carefully.

When the key is turned and the engine is turned on, the Boxster GTS engine sound will sound booming.

Yes, this, this sound.

The awakened Boxster gear is put into 1st gear, and finally we leave.

Boxster's clutch operation, which was so poorly conscious, now fits nicelyIt became so. Occasionally, I will drive another Porsche or manufacturer's MT car, but the clutch often feels very light.

The weight of the clutch, which was about 981 Boxster, was surprisingly easy to adjust and came to my present day.

After a long time riding Boxster,Porsche is a really good car"I'm saying that. The torque is thick, the steering is at will, and the brakes areIt works so much! ?"It's amazing.

In the past, I thought it was natural, but once again Porsche turned out to be amazing.

A car that is completely stress-free and can be used with confidence. In addition, a car that is fun to drive even in everyday life and wants to run forever.

Well, I'm already moved by tears.

I drove the car while enjoying a quiet excitement that was different from the excitement, but only at such times, the traffic light was almost blue, and I came to my destination unexpectedly quickly. At a red light,Start / StopI wanted to taste w

On this day, I drove Boxster probably for about 30 minutes.I want to run moreI thought, but I couldn't help getting sick and getting sick again, so I decided to end Boxster Drive on that day.

Porsche thank you

After a long time on this Porsche,Excitement and excitement when riding for the first time"I don't think that, but I think that I was able to drive Porsche with my five senses and drive happily many times than normal Porsche Drive.

I was really happy, fresh and fun. Last year, it was nice to be able to drive an MT car after a long time.

I was always grateful to be in an environment where I could ride Porsche every day, but after all I was thankful. "Thank you means it is difficult to be"I thought it was true.

Has my physical condition recently passed the pass?(However, it seems to be back again)There are times when it is a little easier. At one point, I couldn't get on the car, and of course I couldn't even open the computer, but recently I think that the number of people who can open the computer a little and move more well has increased.

Will it calm down little by little like this ...

When I recover, I feel like I'm going to ride a Porsche due to the previous reaction, but I have to be careful about it ... aiming for the next day I can ride a Porsche, now I can not do it day by day I want to spend without doing it.

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  1. Sakon

    is not it. I feel that it is a good car after a long ride.
    Please take care. I wish you a quick recovery.

    • MinaMina

      After a long ride, I was really impressed.
      Porsche is a great car ... I thought again.

      > Please take care. I wish you a quick recovery.
      Thank you! Recently, the number of days when my physical condition is good has increased, so I think it will be a little later.
      Thank you very much!