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The other day, when I wrote an article about a luxury imported car dealer again, it received a considerable response, so this time,Flow from order to deliveryI decided to sort it out. I think there are differences depending on the dealer and the purchase model, but just "Case where my house purchased PorscheI want to write.

About order

If you buy without a test ride

I"Cars are expensive shopping, so you should test drive, check, and understand before buying.I thought. Even more so for luxury cars such as Porsche. However,Some Porsche buyers do not take a test ride and do not look at the actual thingI was very surprised at the beginning.

Actually, my husband did not test drive at all when purchasing GT3, but I said ``It is amazing to buy without a test ride. What would you do if it was different from what you expected when you were delivered and ride?"

There isn't quite a test drive of GT3. In the past, when I bought Boxster, the dealer said,Many people buy without a test drive. Everyone trusts Porsche not to disappoint].
But at the time I thought, "I don't know what it means to buy without a test ride." After a few rides, I finally realized that feeling. Now, it turns out that the new Porsche car has never disappointed and I trust Porsche engineering, so it's OK.

He said.

When the car was actually delivered,It far exceeds the expectations we have held so farAnd after a few of these experiences, the Porsche owner's trust in Porsche became solid and solid.Don't take a test ride or see the actual thing, but make a reservation at a stage where it has been announced and no model has entered Japan"

No matter what I hide, my husband had already booked Taikan as of last month.

Production quota

When buying a new car at a Porsche dealer,If you decide this month, we will save you money and deliver it immediately!There is not much. Because, in the case of Porsche, it is necessary to determine the specifications in detail, that is, to order your own custom-made car, and because the production limit is limited, you may not be able to buy it even if you want to buy it.

Of course, if you buy an existing stock car that is coming to Japan, it will be a little cheaper or it will be delivered immediately,There is not always a stock car of the model that I want to buy, and if so, there are not so many options etc. that I wantI think so.

Each Porsche dealer has its own production quota from Porsche, Germany. So if you want it right away, you can't do it unless the dealer has enough production capacity.

The number of production quotas seems to be different for each dealer, but I have heard that the dealer who cares for my home is a dealer with a relatively large production quota based on past sales results and so on.

By the way, I used to want it before"911 Targa" is a normal model, but the production quota is very small in the first place.I heard that the number of production is less than GT3. Well, I don't see Targa very much in the city.

Also, when it comes to Boxster GTS's MT, which was purchased for the first time by her husband, it seems that the delivery date was later than the AT because the production limit is much smaller than the AT.

For this reason, in the case of Porsche, even if it is a normal modelIt takes more than six months from order to delivery, and nearly a year if it is long.

Therefore, at the time of ordering, it is not clear how many months the production quota can be secured, so the delivery time is obviously not fixed. "Probably this muchAfter hearing the rough schedule feeling, I place an order.

However, there are timing issues, so depending on when you order, the delivery time will vary considerably.

About reservation money (deposit)

Reserve order to order Porsche(Something like)Is required. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the dealer and the model purchased,As far as I know, there are many 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 yenI think so. Of course, the money will be used for the vehicle later.

You can use it as a down payment when you deliver the car and make a loan for the remaining amount, or you can return the reservation money once and pay the entire amount with a loan.

It seems that you have to pay the deposit within a few days to a week after ordering.(I think this also depends on the dealer)When I first started,I still don't know when the car will be produced or when it will be delivered, but do I need to pay for the reservation so quickly ?!"I was surprised.

By the way, when it comes to discounts, Porsche rarely discounts much like other manufacturers. If you have a stock car or a hanging car, you may be discounted to some extent.

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  1. Wind slope

    This is how to buy Porsche (European and American cars)

    I understand the feeling of repeating the simulation with the configurator like my husband! !

    It is the best purchase process if you get lost by the determined delivery date or you are excited about the production quota.

    On the other hand, it seems that the option that did not lead to the purchase was the option hell (?) And the delivery date despite the announcement of Makan and many estimates and test rides.

    It seems that business negotiations often ended when they said, "If you are not used to this buying method, you should wait for half a year."

    Perhaps there are lessons and lessons learned, so the minor change Macan may have introduced the OO package.
    It's just speculation, but it's easy to place an order.

    Such a blog is very encouraging for those who purchase Porsche for the first time, so please continue forever!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind

      Indeed, it's a matter of makan, indeed!
      I guess Macan probably aimed at a different audience than before,
      Then, the problem as written comes out.

      When I saw the catalog of Macan, there was a XX package,
      "Well, why is Macan like that?"
      Certainly, that may have been the background.

      I see.
      Thank you for your continued support.

  2. Granca

    Porsche is a bit special.
    There are too many options (standard power steering for 4 doors. Door knob string and that are also optional.), So it will take a long time to deliver a new car customized by yourself.
    In order to avoid that, the dealer listed a new car that he has packaged and ordered without permission, and the delivery time was 1-2 months if you selected from this!
    Well, like Ferrari, it's better than doing a full model change when the order arrives and the delivery date comes (laugh)

    So, the used Porsche is the first! So I went to the dealer often. However, there is nothing without Panamera (laugh)
    Recently, it's all about SUVs.

    I'm a Maserati rider like this \ (^^) /

    • MinaMina


      Porsche's options are very fine.
      There are many complications such as "If you do not attach this, that function will not work"
      I was confused (laughs)

      There are few used Panamera ...!
      Certainly, you see a lot of cayenne and macan.
      It seems that the transfer timing and the delivery date often do not match if it is a new car ...

      You're in Maserati! wonderful!