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Porsche Tycan

The other day,Detailed article on the appearance of Taikan "Appearance / Design", But this time I want to deliver the second sequel.

Taikan / Interior

The interior of Taikan isDigital, clear, sustainable(Sustainable)It is said that it was completely redesigned with "" as a keyword.

Meter / Center console

Horizontal(Of the horizontal line)The area around the meter, which has an impressive design, is reminiscent of the area around the first 911 meter, which was developed with the driver in mind.

When I actually get in,"The steering is Porsche itself, but the meters are all digital."And it felt strange. It would be nice to see the speed big in the center.

The steering of this exhibition car was "basic version", but "GT sport steering wheelYou can also choose. I still prefer the "GT Sports Steering Wheel".

When the sports chrono package is attached, the mode is changed using the steering wheel, just like the Porsche.

The center console is very refreshing, with a touch panel and an iPad-like display below the air conditioning vent.

There are almost no buttons,All can be operated by touch like a smartphone or tablet terminal.By the way, you can change the setting of the air conditioner by touching the "up and down display" and also by swiping. Really like a smartphone.

Alex says, “I think that touch panel operation is easier than Panamera"And.

In addition, a display can also be installed on the passenger side as an option on the Tikan, so that it is possible to set and operate navigation etc. from the passenger side.

Also, when I opened the cup holder part in the center part, there was a little storage space inside, and there was also a USB outlet. Is this an option?

Sheet / Material

Taikan considers the environment,Carbon neutral(In that environment, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and absorbed is the same amount.)Electric vehicles developed and manufactured with the aim ofIt is. Taikan is made at a factory in Stuttgart where the Porsche headquarters is located, but greenery is planted on the roof of the factory, renewable energy is introduced,It seems that the whole process of the production process is environmentally friendly.

Along with that, in Taikan,For the first time in Porsche, it is now possible to choose the leather-free version of the interior.The material of the seat is "OLEA", a club leather made from olive leaves.

On the floor100% ECONYL, a recycled nylon fiberIs used. Econeil is famous for using Prada and Azidas.

Also, this material that looks like Alcantara,"Race Tech" with 80% less CO2 emissions than conventional materialssomething like. As expected, EV and truly sustainable.

I thought that the high quality of the material was reproduced while using these materials.

Accent package

The interior of the Tikan was decorated with gold everywhere.

"Gold is cool!Alex said,

In Taikan,Accent packageYou can choose. The accent that looks like gold is actuallyneodymiumThe color of the cup holder ring, door, air conditioner outlet, etc. has become neodymium, which is a design accent.

And that.

back seat

The rear seats seem to be honest and narrow when viewed from a Panamera sense. The back seats of Panamera have more legs.

However,The ceiling is higher than seen from the outside.My husband is 178cm tall,There's a little blockage, but it's all rightIt was said.

By the way, when I asked Alex's height, "I am 181cm. It is 181cm, not 180cm. This 1cm is important! Lol"I actually felt like riding the backseat for about an hour, but I was not tired at all.

Alex explains,

Because electric vehicles have a motor at the bottom of the vehicle,In most cases, the rear seat will be shallow.On the other hand, TaikanThe floor can be lowered to extend the legsSo the sitting comfort of the rear seat is also comfortable.

When. I see. I don't have any trouble at all because my legs are short (w), but I thought it's amazing how these parts are designed.

Trunk, loading capacity

The first impression when opening the trunk of Taikan is "Smaller than Panamera"was.(I'm sorry to compare anything with Panamera)Depth seemed relatively high, but not very high.

According to the catalog, the trunk capacity behind the Taikan Turbo is 366 L(407L for Taikan 4S)So it was Panamera(turbo)After all, it is small compared with 500L of trunk capacity.

But in the case of Taikan, there is also a trunk in front. so,Tikan has no engine, so you can secure the trunk before and afterIt is.

"That's great!I asked Alex to open the hood in front of him.

… Oh, it ’s smaller than I thought… (* _ *) w

The capacity is 81L. As a test, when I put my back where the 13.3-inch Mac Book Air barely fits, it looks like this.

By the way, if you open the lid on both sides, there is enough space for simple car wash goods.

That's it for the Porsche Taikan-interior and interior. Next time, we will deliver the motor / brake version.

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