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Porsche Tycan

Taikan preview

The other day, Porsche's first EV sports car ``TykanSneak preview of(Preview)I went to a couple. On this day, I would like to bring a PORSHE DESIGN back which is usually too wasteful and unusable

When I arrived at the venue, I saw Mr. H in charge with Taycan characters(He waited outside.). No doubt here!

The venue was dimly lit, and in the center was a veiled Taikan illuminated by red lights.

The time to start is approaching, and I will be seated. After a while, the countdown began, and the Taikan introduction movie was displayed on the screen. After a few minutes of the movie, the veil was fully unveiled, and finally Tykan appeared!

It doesn't look good with smoke ... (-_-) w

This exhibition car isTaikan TurboBut to me, I've only seen white body-colored Tikan, red was very fresh. Immediately after that, Alexander Kworth (Alex), Porsche Japan Marketing Product Manager, was on stage.

Alex gave a presentation about Taikan in fluent Japanese for about ten minutes, but after that, he was able to listen to him closely and take a picture, etc., and talk directly with Alex.

I'm asking Alex a lot of stories every time,

Because I couldn't come to the preview yesterday,Maybe you haven't contacted me! ?And I checked it with the dealer. Then I heard that I could come today and I was relieved (laughs)

We were able to ask Alex to ask questions about root digging and leaf digging, and he was able to teach me in detail.

Perhaps the only couple who asked Alex in this sneak preview of Tikan was such a detailed oneI think w(Beside that, Mr. H, the sales representative of my home, was also eagerly taking notes and studying w)

So, I would like to introduce the contents of this article in three parts.

Taikan / appearance


Taikan says "It's a brand new, yet familiar designIs finished. While inheriting the traditional design of Porsche 911, such as two lines of overhanging fenders and bonnet, completely new design such as 4-light LED headlights and air curtain underneath are wonderfully fused.

The air curtain, which is installed under the headlights, is installed where turbulence is likely to occur, and it is said that air resistance can be reduced by allowing air to escape from the air holes.

According to Alex, "Taikan has the lowest air resistance among Porsche models.Taikan's Cd value(Air resistance coefficient)Is 0.22, which is much lower than the 911 Cd value of 0.29." That's great.

Until you actually see this air curtain,Is the cut under this headlight just a design?I knew it had an important function.

By the way, the Tikan Turbo this time was a car equipped with a sports design package,The shape of the air curtain is thicker than the normal model, giving a more dynamic impression.

If you look at the whole, you can see that the impression of the front expression is different.

Looking at Taikan from the side,Style closer to 911 than PanameraIt has become. Also, of course, there is no engine on the hood, so the hood can be designed lower. surely,Impression that the overall height is lower than Panamera, more like a sports carReceive.

As for the rear,No exhaust system or tailpipe required because no engine is loadedIt is said that it is equipped with a large diffuser and is designed using air resistance.

Also, "PORSCHEThe part with the "logo is glass. From these details, you can see the newness of the design.

Next page → Taikan's body color can be selected from 17 types including new colors!

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  1. yone0531

    Mina Good evening.

    Wow. Is it finally Taikan?
    I read the report with interest.
    I am looking forward to the next interior.
    By the way, it is a lump of discomfort, but it is an EV, but a turbo
    I hope you can tell the mystery. (Although it may be better to check on the net)
    Thank you.
    The night before I saw the tail of the 992 type 911, but the tail of one character
    Perhaps because I was unfamiliar, it was strange. How about Mina-san?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      Thank you for reading the article on Taikan!

      > Although it is a lump of uncomfortable feeling, it is EV but turbo
      > I hope you can tell the mystery.

      That's true (laughs) In this case, I forgot to ask Alex directly,
      Since the image of "turbo = high-end model" is permeating the users on the net, I feel that it was written that it was an EV but a turbo.
      Naming is difficult.

      The tail of the 992 one letter, surely it is unfamiliar if you look at it at night, so it feels strange ^ ^;
      When I saw it during the day, I thought it was cool, but when I saw it at night, I thought for a moment that it looked like a robocop.