What you want to be aware of because you are a high-performance sports car owner.

Living with Porsche

Safe driving with children

When driving on a highway at night, things that you don't usually think about often go beyond your mind. The orange lights on the highways lined up at equal intervals and the tail lamps of the cars going ahead are beautiful, giving the illusion that speed is absorbed in the dark.At the same time, the interior of the car is more than usual.Your own space".

The other day, on the way home from my parents' home, on the highway as usual, the children slept immediately if they were tired of playing. Then, when I saw the sleeping faces of the children in the dimly lit rearview mirror, I thought of this.

It's all up to my driving to protect these girls' sleeping faces and put them in danger.


It is strange that a child's sleeping face is a strange thing, and there are many moments where he doesn't usually hear and feels hated, but when he sees his sleeping face, such a thing blows away in an instant. "The sleeping face of a child is an angel"That is exactly the case,I must protect my sleeping faces with all my might".

Don't trust cars and driving

As expected on the highway on this day,A car running in the overtaking laneEncountered. Whenever such a car comes in front, I still have a lack of mental training, and I immediately get frustrated.

"Why did I just run at that speed, but now I dare change lanes before me?"
"Yeah, it's a lot behind me, it's hard to see the rearview mirror."

Unpleasant feelings come up everywhere.

If I was young, with no children, and on a Porsche or BMW in that state, I would have probably just jumped out of the driving lane or maybe even fueled.(Because I was stronger than now ...)

In fact, Porsche isBecause it is a very high performance car, even if you do not have much driving skills, you can easily pass the car in frontI think. The acceleration power is also tremendous, and the steering operation at high speed is not blurred at all.

Therefore,I have the illusion that my driving has improved.

However, that's a pitfall, or something to watch out for. If you over-trust, you're going too fast to control your car, which can lead to accidents.

Right now I have a position and, above all, I run with children,If you forcibly pull out or fuel here, you will put your children at risk”Comes first.

"I can't help it, don't hurry, I'll keep the distance between cars and drive safely ...When driving with such thinking, usually a car that hurries ahead breaks in front of me, instigating the car of toro driving, and as a result, the car of toro driving will change lanes to the driving lane Because it becomes(I can't expect that.)

Safe driving because of Porsche riding

In my twenties, when I was still single, I told my parents a lot of things that seemed to have grown up and seemed to my parents. Her parents were relatively stern, so she was disgusted with the environment she couldn't freely set up and clashed often.

But for the first time after actually having a child,How did my parents nurture themselves so far], But finally came to understand a little.

I often went out of my car by car, but I often fell asleep immediately and arrived there and often woke up. Surely, my parents looked at me and my brother's sleeping face,I have to protect these childrenI guess he was thinking ...

"I am now because I have won by my own effortsThere was a time when I was on track, but until I grew up in this world, I was in a place I did not know, supported by my parents, and protected by myself, so I am now.

I also became a parent now,Don't let your hands steal children's future",of course,"Don't take away the future of othersWhen I'm frustrated, I want to keep my mind safe and drive safely.

Although"I ride a high-performance car like a Porsche and go to a driving school and feel the improvement of driving skills"I think I'm in the most dangerous and dangerous zone right now ... when I'm frustrated, imagine the children's faces right away.

It is these days today that when you drive on the highway at night, you will think about sentimental things that you would not think about in the daytime.


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  1. k

    I think that safe driving is the responsibility of the driver.

    I also became a victim of a rear-end collision this year.
    I was hit from behind at the end of a highway traffic jam.
    I remember being very upset about contacting my mother-in-law, who had seen her children in an accident for the first time in over 10 years since a college student.
    (My wife told me it was out of order ... lol)

    The hardest part of the accident was mental.
    I think it depends on the type of injury, but the pain in the body gradually recovers, but the moment of the accident is still remembered at an unexpected moment.
    I think it's unavoidable to drive a car on a daily basis, but this is quite painful.

    First of all, in order to avoid accidents, I have been able to open the space between cars firmly since then.
    Perhaps the most important thing in driving is the room of mind and the distance between cars.

    I see accident news like every day, so I think it is far from an accident-free world, but I really hope that you can quickly become such a world.

    • MinaMina


      That happened ...!

      It's ... it's a mental part, you're traumatic ...
      Also, I always drive side by side with scary feelings when I will be hit from behind again ...

      Not to be an assailant, of course,
      I want to be a world where you can enjoy a safe car life without becoming a victim ...

  2. Super Ride for 22 years

    I agree that even my own life is owned by my family.
    I swear that when I sleep with my 4-year-old daughter, I will keep moe and protect me if I die instead
    Does that mean we are grateful to our ancestors?

    • MinaMina

      Super Rider for 22 years

      > I swear that when I lie with my 4-year-old daughter, I will keep moe and protect me if I die instead
      I understand your feelings ...! You'll feel like you'll protect yourself even if you die.
      In the past, in movies, etc., I thought that the parent would die as a substitute for the child, or "Wow,"
      Now I have come to think that if I were in that position, I would do the same.

      As you said, thanks to your ancestors.
      It's these days that I feel like I'm alive.

  3. Busar beater!

    After reading this blog, I realized that I was driving unconsciously depending on the performance of the car. I would like to raise awareness of safe driving again. This is an article that I want many drivers to read.

    • MinaMina

      Busar beater! San
      Thank you! While I was writing, I thought again that I had to be conscious of it.
      Continue to thank you!