If you want your wife to love cars, Porsche Panamera – my car life started here.

Porsche Panamera

Panamera, love.

If you've read this blog before, you probably know it, but I like Panamera.

However, once you can drive a manual car,There were times when I felt honest about Panamera.that is,Panamera is too good and there is no room for human intervention in drivingI mean ... I thought that it would be a bit interesting because it would run well no matter what kind of driving I did.

But now, aroundAfter all I like Panamera"I came to think again.

The boxster of the manual is also incredibly fun, it is so inspiring that tears will come out when running open, the GT3 of the manual is exciting, it feels like a wolf wearing sheep skin, the air-cooled Porsche is also deep, interesting.

Still, I still like Panamera.(Thank you for the environment where you can get on various things)

Panamera Attractions

When I thought, "Why do I like Panamera so much?"Feeling of securityMaybe.

Open the Panamera door, sit in the seat, and squeeze the steering wheel. When I started running, I was happy to say, "Oh ... this is this feeling ..."If you leave it to this car, it's absolutely okayI think.

On the other hand, Boxster and GT3 are manual, and when you hold the steering wheel you get excited and think that there is no fun for the driver to escape, but Panamera is relieved and relieved.

"Why ride on Panamera and feel at ease so farThere are various things such as solid feeling, huge body feeling, accuracy of handling, but more than that,What I have experienced in Panamera so farIs big.

Riding on the highway, traveling for about 1000 km from home to Fuji for the first time, driving alone, participating in Porsche's driving school, experiencing full acceleration and full braking, the mountain road that was in a sleet state Running, running for the first time on the circuit ...

I experienced everything with Panamera, and Panamera opened many of my first doors.

A feeling of stability on a highway that does not get tired even after a 1000km round trip. I want to go there, and if I notice, acceleration already there. In heavy rain, when you apply full brake from full acceleration, the feeling that that huge body stops brilliantly.

With the unexpected spring snowfall, the mountain road became sleet, and my husband running in front of Boxster said,Slippery, scaryHowever, the 4WD Panamera Turbo did not bounce, was not afraid of anything, and had released an outstanding sense of stability.

When I accelerated on the Fuji Speedway home straight, I still felt the incredible power to go even further.

And every time you do these experiences,I began to place great trust in the performance and running of PanameraI think that.

Then,This sense of security is very important to enjoy driving a carI knew that. You can enjoy driving without worrying about the safety of your driving car, "what kind of scene and how it behaves" and "it's absolutely OK."

If you cannot trust a car 100%, you will never be able to enjoy the car 100%.I'm 100% reliable about Panamera, so it's fun to runI noticed again.

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  1. I arrived by chance.

    The most impressive impression of women is appearance and riding comfort.

    I think that it will be "Ah Panamera Sayonara" on the NEW Conti GT.
    The chassis itself is the same MSB for both the Panamera and Conti GT. The supple finish is overwhelmingly Bentley.

    • MinaMina

      I arrived by chance. San
      Thank you for reading our blog.
      There are too many attractive cars in the world… ^^;

  2. Kazugane Hills

    Panamera love is transmitted.
    The site address is Panamera Life Dot Com,
    In fact, I also love long wheelbase sedans.
    However, Panamera is big.
    Like a Macan from the Cayenne
    I want a sedan with a smaller Panamera.
    A Porsche would be able to make a good middle sedan without any complaints in terms of running and comfort.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Thank you.
      Yes, I love Panamera (laughs)

      > But Panamera is big.
      For some time, there was a rumor that a small Panamera would come out ...
      It seems that there was such a rumor on SNS ... but I went somewhere someday and it disappeared.

      According to the schematic of Cayenne → Macan, it seems that selling a middle sedan will make it a mess.