How far can the Porsche 911 GT3 be used everyday?


911GT3 Everyday use

911 GT3 touring package in my home. In the catalog, the tooling package is "One to enjoy driving experience not only on the circuit but also on various occasionsIt is written.

"Enjoy driving experiences on various occasionsThis 911 GT3 touring,How much can you use everyday?As usual, can you go to a local supermarket, shop, and return home without any problems?

When thinking of GT3 from my wife's perspective, I thought that it was very interesting, so I decided to actually check it.

① Can you go over the step

The first thing that bothered me was "When entering the parking lot of a nearby supermarket, whether you can cross the step with the sidewalk without problems" That's why I decided to go to the supermarket with GT3 immediately.

My husband told this GT3,Front axle lift systemSo don't forget to press this button.

I thought, "Isn't it better to go in a little diagonally?", And slowly crossed the step, but I was able to enter the parking lot without any problems.

After that, I checked again the steps and inclination of the parking lot of this supermarket, but it was slower than I expected. If it is this, even if it is GT3, it may be natural to climb up normally.

so,Go to a nearby pharmacy with a little more steps and slopesThat. I pressed the lift-up button again and climbed slowly, but I was able to climb without any problems.

If you take a picture, the thickness and inclination of the step can not be understood ... (-_-) Even if it is about this level, you can go. Depending on the convenience store, there are some difficult steps, but I feel that most convenience stores can be said.

When I asked my husband, it was all right if it was such a slope of the parking lot.

In the case of GT4, I heard that I could not give a lift-up option and rub down well,GT3 with lift-up option doesn't have to be that nervousI felt.

When I asked her husband, she said, "I can't remember rubbing with everyday use, as long as I raise the car with the front lift."

② How about a car stop

The GT3 has quite a few diffuser fins under the rear, so my husband said,First of all, it is absolutely impossible to back up to the car stop in a normal parking lot" The height from the ground to the fins is only 8 to 9 cm, so even the middle of the pallet of the occasional parking pallet seems to be rubbed. (Mechanical parking where my husband stops well can somehow afford a few millimeters, and it may be rubbed if the tires decrease further)

Since it is a soft resin when rubbed, it does not break easily and it seems to have some resilience even if it bends, but it does not rub it.

By the way, the fin of this rear diffuser has the same shape as the 911R, and it is attached from the late 991 GT3. So, there is no such thing in the previous term GT3, so it seems that you do not have to be nervous so much.

Well, "In the case of a sports car, there is a possibility of bottoming out at the car stop, so stop at the last minuteI think it's common sense, but I'm particularly scared when it comes to GT3 touring. So no matter where you park,Always about half of the head jumps out and parks (explosion)

From other cars "What's this Porsche, stop behind, it's in the way"I don't mean" I want to stand out "," I stopped it properly "or" Poor manners ", I can't stop behind it anymore ... I wanted to convey it.

③ How is the ride

The ride at low speeds is honestly not very good. It's one of the worst cars I've ever driven, and at least it's not the best Porsche I've ever been.

It is still OK on a clean road surface, but it is easy to pick up irregularities on a rough road surface and it is quite rugged. My husband used to

Although the suspension must be firm, I think that the spring rate of the front that is easy to affect the ride comfort is not so hard for GT3. Than thatShort strokes lead to poor ride at low speedsI think.

He said.

When a wife, who usually rides a smooth and comfortable car such as Mercedes or Lexus, gets on GT3,What an uncomfortable ride! And it's really expensive!It is highly likely that the first impression will be the worst.

So in such a case, I think it's better to tell your wife in advance that it is a racing car that can run on the circuit in the first place and is completely different from the car you usually ride (laughs)

on the other hand,The ride on the highway is very smooth and supple. I don't think it's the same car and even think, "Is it better than Boxster?" It is smooth and comfortable.

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  1. suomi

    I wanted to say loudly that it wasn't "bad manners" and I couldn't stop behind any more ... "

    I am not joking. It's not bad manners. If you can not park within the designated frame, do not park.

    It's not your parking lot. I'm misunderstanding. Consider that you are fascinated by other users.

  2. Kazugane Hills

    Can be used everyday.
    However, it's true that you can't use it without anything.
    After all it is a special car.
    I can't tell it well, but the living national treasure craftsman made a handbag
    Use it as a substitute for eco bags for shopping at supermarkets.
    I'm sorry or what to say to the person who made it
    I want to use that rigid body and engine like a precision machine on special occasions.
    So I can't ride it. This is a dilemma.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      You're right, right?
      You can use it everyday, but you can't waste it.

      This time, I also went shopping, trying to verify everyday use of GT3,
      Just by saying that the race car can be used everyday,
      Let's use it everyday! I did not feel like that ^^;

      After all, I want to go on a path that can show the true value of GT3 because it is a precious GT3.

  3. Kurakura Taro

    I'm riding a Mercedes-Benz C-class with the spring replaced by about 2 cm. The only reason is that cuckoos are better here. Of course, it is within the range where the vehicle inspection passes. At first, I was worried that the front desk would not rub at a convenience store, but there was no problem. In recent convenience stores, the height of the stoma has dropped considerably.

    The parking space and the height of the stopper have been significantly improved, so we are just one step away from the environment where GT3 can be used everyday. When opening a new store or establishing a tower-type parking lot, etc., it is advisable to allow cars that deviate slightly from the standard, so if you do not own multiple cars, you can do various things with one car I can do it. With the 911, you can go anywhere without a front lifter. It would be nice to do this.

    I will buy a 911 when I reach retirement age and enjoy a hot spring trip.

    • MinaMina

      Taro Kurakura

      > I'm riding a Benz C-class with the spring replaced by about 2 cm.
      Oh cool!
      Isn't a recent convenience store made without being so nervous?

      > The parking space and the height of the stopper have been significantly improved.
      Certainly, at new stores, I feel that the parking space is wider and easier to access than before.
      Also, as you mentioned, if you have a tower type parking lot and a car that is not standard range, you can stop it,
      You have a lot of choices when parking.

      > I will buy a 911 when I reach retirement age and enjoy a hot spring trip.
      Hot spring trip with 911, very nice ...!
      After all, will the 911 be the most fun, fun and everyday one?
      Continue to thank you.

  4. Granca

    If you own GT3, you want to own it to run (^^) /
    A circuit or drive second car is good. The engine is fun and it's not too hard to use everyday. . . ?
    Well, it would not be easy to have a GT3 main owner and only one. . .

    If you usually use it, you will feel that it is enough to use turbo S without GT3
    The 911 Carrera 4S was very good.
    It seemed good for everyday use!

    • MinaMina

      As you said, GT3 is a car for running ^^;
      If you want to use it everyday, you can do it, but you do not need to dare
      It's a waste, and as you said, my feet are soggy, so if I ride GT3, I would like to run on the road that can show the power of GT3.

      > If you usually use it, you will feel that turbo S is enough without GT3
      My husband said the other day, "I want a Turbo S !!!"

      The 911 Carrera 4S looks really good! ! ! !
      With that in mind, I thought that GT3 was a racing car.

  5. Buppa

    Old memories
    When I was in junior and senior high school, I always ran out of the frame in the basement parking lot of my apartment
    There was a large big Mercedes-Benz sedan parked.
    This is a car that looks white and the rear seats are painted black and the inside is completely invisible.
    It was exactly a position where you could easily switch over to your own parking lot.

    One day, my father's father finally hit the Mercedes-Benz when he put it in the garage,
    I made some scratches on Benz's face.

    When I came home and became blue and embarrassed me, I asked my father if he wasn't going.
    I confessed the details of the fear. To be honest, you have to go wrong.
    Because it was already midnight,
    The father decided to do a ping pong at the obvious time the next day.
    First of all, when you tell the story of a strange age woman coming out,
    A dignified man came out from behind and decided to go see the car.

    The man asked his father, "What is your car?"
    He pointed at his own ragged domestic car with fear.
    Anxiously asked, "Do you want to fix it?"
    Let Benz repair it with car insurance. "
    The man said, "No, no, I don't want to stop outside the box.
    I am always troubled. Conversely, he was apologized and praised the courage he had offered honestly.
    He told me that he didn't need to worry about it and he returned to his room.
    Then, when he passed by in the lobby of the apartment, he began to bow.

    I realized that it was such a real thing.

    I think that the most necessary thing to use a luxury car everyday is such a margin.
    If you have a luxury car and feel nervous about the small scratches and dirt, you will be overturned.
    I would like to use overwhelming margins by using luxury cars everyday.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Buppa

      Thank you very much!
      That Mercedes-Benz owner is too cool ...
      Insanely gentleman ...
      I guess it's reasonable from a standpoint.

      I also want to be a person with such a generous heart ...!
      Thank you for telling me a wonderful story.

  6. kuma

    GT3 is a pure sports car, so if you do not use the circuit it is bad for the maker, or because it is an expensive car it is not suitable for everyday use.
    Because it is up to the owner to decide how to utilize the car (in view of the influence on others and balance), and since he is not interested in the mileage or resale value in the first place, it is meaningless to decorate it, so I just want to run Some people run as much as they like (and so do I).

    I realize that Porsche is a casual brand, or a brand that doesn't really use it much (in comparison to Ferrari and Lamborghini, and in the opposite sense to a ragged minicar).
    In that sense, I don't think there is much difference between Poxter, Macan and GT3.

    I think that there is also regionality, but I understand that Porsche does not float at all in the scene of going to commuting, convenience stores, department stores and luxury supermarkets.

    However, as with forward parking, I will try to stop as beautifully as possible for everyone.
    If necessary, get off the train as many times as necessary so that you can stop at the last minute.
    It is a pride that I want to be more conscious than others because I have a consciousness of riding a good car (although it may not be able to be licked).

    • MinaMina

      Sure, you're right.
      Porsche can usually work, the circuit can run, my husband uses GT3 for commuting normally,
      It is the idea of riding on a gashigashi and Nambo.

      No matter where you ride, it doesn't feel like a supercar.
      Also, as I said, "Pride in wanting to be more conscious than others" was wonderful.
      I thought again that I wanted to drive in line with Porsche.

      I often travel with two children,
      In that sense, I can not usually use it, and I still get nervous when riding the GT3,
      I'm more likely to ride a BMW etc. that is safe to drive ... ^^;

      When the child's hand leaves, ride the Porsche,
      I want to go to various places freely alone ... That is one of my dreams now.

      Continue to thank you.

  7. HeartOfGlass

    I agree with kuma.
    The Porsche GT series is designed and sold not only for RS but also for public roads. I think the main purpose of the article is to be able to use it normally so that you can worry about it before you buy it, but it's generally possible, as many examples have been shown. The total length is less than 4.6m. Even if you park with a rear bumper at the wheel stop, it is not unusual for cars with a length of 5 m or more on both sides? ... I wonder if the photos in the article show intentionally a little too cautious parking w The spectacle that will increase as other cars with cool rear diffusers are increasing. It is the first page of the ascending slope, but if the slope when entering the slope is a little more, the front lip will be rubbed even if entering the slope diagonally. Forward parking is strictly forbidden because it can easily cause misfortunes other than aesthetics.
    However, my wife does not ride because of the ride. Children are willing to ride, sleep and read comics. It was an interesting article to be helpful, thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      While writing an article that I want to be a Porsche ride that can use GT3 everyday,
      I thought while looking at the comments.

      I'm still nervous and I'm terrified in various parts
      I'm sure they will become familiar with my hands and become a companion while riding.
      (In my case it seems still ahead)

      > My wife does not ride due to ride comfort issues.
      I understand ... ^^; I like driving because it's fun to drive,
      I think riding in the passenger seat is a bit difficult.
      It is difficult if you are not a car lover.

      Thank you very much.
      Continue to thank you.