Things to be careful about when buying a car for the first time at a luxury imported car dealer

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Before,"Should I make a reservation on the phone the first time I go to a luxury car dealer?I wrote an article that was unexpectedly popular, so I would like to dig a little deeper and write a story at the stage of purchase.

Should I make a reservation on the phone the first time I go to a luxury car dealer?

Simulate what specifications you want

Recently, it has become possible to simulate options and packages for domestic cars, but for luxury imported cars, more complex and various options can be selected. By selecting a pattern, you can create an astronomical number of specifications, almost one in the world.

My husband is often the configurator(You can select the specifications and options of the model, simulate the exterior and interior of your choice, and know the estimate.)Is online. I recently said "I know it's fun, but why is it so much a configuration?"

There are certain things that are fun to imagine,I think it is very important to simulate the configurator on a regular basisso.
In fact, in my case, about a GT3 touring, a dealer suddenly came in contact with me one day,You can order if you come to the store and decide right away"It was said that the specification was decided in about 30 minutes. But I was able to do that because I always simulated it with the configurator. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to decide so soon.

When. Certainly, regarding GT3 touring,

・ Body color is crayon
・ Install PCCB
・ Black specification that logo, window frame, tail lamp become black
・ In order to make the interior stitch the same crayon as the exterior color, select a leather package and Adaptive Sports Seat Plus as a set(I have to choose)
・ Automatic wiper turns on automatic anti-glare function
・ Seat belt is silver gray
・ Wheel is satin platinum

I had decided the specifications quite fine, such as,I decided that in 30 minutes"And as I wrote earlier,Thanks for the usual configurationIt was said.

But I know that,Why should you be a configurator when you visit a Porsche dealer for the first time…When I asked my husband again about that area,

When I bought Porsche (Boxster) for the first time, I did some configurator before visiting the store for the first time. I think it's quicker to talk and ask questions in a pinpoint, and I'm less likely to regret the specification later. That said,I should do that!I still regret a little w

When. I see….

Book a test ride

What else to watch out for when visiting a luxury car dealer like Porsche for the first time? Then her husband

SoyanaBook a test rideI wonder. In the case of general domestic cars, I think that there are relatively many types of test rides for regular models, but for Porsche, for example, it is quite possible that there is no test ride for the model you want to test drive. Not all models can be test-ridden, so if you want to test-ride, it's better to make a test-ride reservation and check if you have a test-ride.

And that.

surely. When I went to a dealer before and waited at a table, I got a call to the store, but the staff said "〇〇Is it a test ride? Unfortunately, we do not have a test ride at the moment ..."Was heard.

There are many top customers above

When I asked if I could be careful, my husband was saying something like this.

Sometimes, when I go to a luxury imported car dealer and do business negotiations,I see people who are arrogant towards shop peopleSometimes. But I think it's ok. It may be expensive shopping in myself, but I think it is difficult to ask for excessive service and special treatment.
Dealers have even better customers.The dealer staff deals with such customers every day. Under such circumstances, if you come to the store for the first time and take an arrogant attitude, you will not be able to associate well later.
I sometimes say "If you buy that much Porsche, it will also go around the GT3 touring frameBut I'm still a newcomer and I don't like to buy anything at all.
By the way, my brother's brother is a big Ferrari enthusiast and when I hear about Ferrari, it seems that he is clearer and looks like a customer rank.Even if you go to the store and say "488 please", you can't buy it.Do you want to start with a second-hand purchase and raise that rank?

He said.

I see ... sure. Sometimes I know my husbandOh, I haven't bought 7,8 cars just this year! ?Some people say, "I think it's up above, and the more people are, the softer and more people are.

Look at loan purchases

"Is there anything else left?"(Do you still listen?)

That's what I introduced in the above,Buy cash or loan"..."Buying a luxury car such as a Porsche is a cash lumpI think many people have the image of " I thought so too.
Therefore, there are not enough savings to be able to buy in bulk, so many people may think that they can not buy yet,I think it's good to buy a loanWow.
Well, there is a different way of thinking about this, so it's hard to say.

When. Certainly, Mr. H, who is in charge of our home dealer,Everyone buys a lot of loans."I was surprised. Although"Isn't it a loss if you buy a loan because the interest rate is added and the total payment is higher?I heard before, but my husband responded

My thoughts, but considering cash flow and liquidity at hand,Better to keep cash at hand even if you pay interestI think Well, what can be donePorsche is harder to drop in price than other manufacturersI'm burnt. So it's a good idea to keep your monthly cash spending as long as possible.
So, if you can keep cash at hand, you can use it for asset management, and you can feel safe in cash flow in case of emergency.

When. So that's it. I used to say "If you want to buy a Porsche yourself, it's awkward that you can only buy it after saving over 10 million yen.But when I heard about loans, I thought, "It can be a realistic goal."

My husband, in addition,

However, there are some differences between the Mercedes-Benz and BMW classes and the Porsche and Ferrari classes, so it might be interesting to write an article considering the differences between them.

I think that I would like to consider that area again.

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  1. supercarholic

    Ferrari's customer rank management is a famous story,
    Nevertheless, there is no shortage of going to the store and saying 488 please to buy it.
    Even a seemingly ordinary customer can order a new car. Of course, there is a problem of production period and back order, but that is the same for all manufacturers.
    The same is true when a new model is announced. Regarding the real limited car, the guide to the excellent customer is naturally given first, but for the proper model that is not so, even if the production period is short, the Japan allocation is small, etc.
    If you go to the dealer immediately after the announcement and place an order, anyone can buy it normally. It seems that the reason why it seems that it is not generally available is that the number of supercars is low and that when they start running in Japan, they are already full of reservations. In particular, Ferrari is basically the same day as the world premiere, starting with simultaneous reservations with dealers around the world. (For super-excellent customers, they are invited to Maranello about a month before the world premiere and have a private view.)
    So, the Ferrari is not limited to proper models, and although production may be short, anyone can buy it just by hurrying.

    This is the same for Porsche GT3, etc., everyone said that you got a lot of frames, and that if you do not buy many units, GT3 series etc will not come around, but in the end, it is only when you order. Also, in case of cancellation, you can get a dealer possession slot, so it is quicker to win. The fact that the frame is not turned around unless it is a so-called good customer is, after all, a matter of the sales representative and the question of whether there is a good relationship with the sales representative.
    , When such a frame comes, it will be talked about whether you will receive a phone call. Most customers don't receive phone calls, so of course, they end up talking about buying a lot of things and having to go out with them. Is there no frame for GT3 right now? I heard what happened, I happened to have one now, but if I could decide right away. . There is nothing like that.
    The store has a quota = The salespeople will still work on that quota for sales results.
    To put it the other way around, it's basically someone else's cancellation slot if you'll be there today and have a few hours to decide on the specifications and place an order. Someone had a cancellation window, so it would be hours, days, or even a production start date. The thing that is not important is not when it comes around, but when it is queued in the reservation list is the most important thing.

    Only as a limited edition, it is important to be a good customer. Especially for Ferrari, a list came from the Italian headquarters to sell it to this person, and among them, the dealer would guide them as they like. In other words, the only way to buy a limited Ferrari is to have to be first listed on the sale list. It's like growing Krechs to raise your credit card rank. Well, it's more difficult. In particular, Ferrari does not have to buy many units, so branding is solid.

    I was sorry for a long time.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you for telling me in detail!
      That's right ...! There are a lot of things I don't know about, but when I think about it (even if I look back at my house), there are a number of points that are so.

      Timing is important.
      I also thought that the daily relationship with the salesman was also important.

      I've never been to a Ferrari dealer before,
      It seems that all the gossip is flying around,
      This time supercarholic told me the actual part, and it was very interesting.

      Even so, it seems to be very difficult to buy a Ferrari limited car ...
      From now on, even if I see it somewhere, "Oh, this person is the one who worked really hard before buying this" seems to be another interesting view and it seems interesting (laugh)

      I would be happy if you could tell me again.
      Thank you for your continued support.