I had no interest in cars, so I decided to become a woman who can drive a manual car.

MT (manual) ride

An era when cars were not interested

I have written many times on my blog,Before I was not interested in cars at all.When I met my husband about 10 years ago, my husband was riding on a BMW 318i, but I was not interested in cars at all, so I do not remember any ride comfort etc.

I went out somewhere during my holidays, so I rode quite often, but I slept all the time in my car. In addition, "This car is a 4-door"This car was a two-doorI was quite surprised when I realized.

I wasn't interested in cars, and I didn't see anything.

And, in the fall of 2015, when my husband purchased Boxster GTS (MT),Until the car is delivered, be sure to release the AT limited license!He was reluctantly rescinded, but after about three and a half years he had driven Boxster less than ten times, and each time he stalled and was not in a very manual car.

At such an observatory on the Ashi Driveway in April this year,Become a manual ride!And decided to buy a BMW 320i manual car,

To become a cool woman who takes control of the Porsche MT car.

I was not interested in cars so much, and "I can't drive a manual carI'm half-giving up, but now I get into a manual car on a daily basis and fall in love with it ... I can't believe it myself.

718 Boxster GTS case

Why then,Suddenly, the switch "Manual riding!"Digging a little deeper, I noticed something. that is…

To her husband,I stopped driving a manual car for the first time"I hate to lose

It was that.

Until then,After more manual driving practice?"Are you riding Boxster today?My husband said, "Ride! Ride!", But in Ashi on that day, her husband was different.

As I wrote in an article at that time, on this day, the owner of the 718 Boxster GTS (MT) said,Please try driving your wifeThe couple was to drive the 718 Boxster GTS at the Ashi Driveway.

At this time,I wasn't confident in driving a manual car at all, and I was really nervous because it was an important car for everyone.So my husband decided to drive first. Then, after a while, my husband who returned to the observatory asked her, "How did you do it?"

Mina-chan is driving this. I'll break the clutch. This time when I quit.

Huh ... (* _ *)! ?

Although I am not confident in driving a manual car,It was a unique opportunity to drive the 718 Boxster GTS even a little, so I was really looking forward to itHowever, those faint expectations shattered at once. Immediately, the feeling of "Kusso!"

In the future, even if the owner asks me to ride with kindness, I can't drive without getting permission from my husband every time.

I always have fun with my husband ... I and I can do it! ! ! !

my"I hate to loseSuddenly rose (laughs)

After a lot of thoughts since that day, he decided to buy and practice his own manual car, and in that month he bought a used BMW320i and continues to the present day.

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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's a mood ~ (^-^)
    Hoho, there was such an opportunity (^ o ^)
    That's excellent!

    The girl who runs Porsche with crispness is ridiculously cool!

    And it's a manual (^ _ ^) v

    I know two girls running the 930 (manual), but both of them are good!

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      It's my laugh!

      That's right, there was such an opportunity.

      > 2 girls who run 930 (manual) I know, both of them are good!
      Oh cool! ! ! ! The 930 MT is a real Porsche ride!
      It's so cool
      I will do my best so that I can drive well!

      I am looking forward to seeing you again.