A case where the choice of the body color of the car eventually becomes “black” or “white”

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

The body color of domestic cars ...

The other day, I was back home and talking to my father. My father, who has no interest in cars, said something like this.

Japanese cars don't have very good colors. I think European cars have more adult colors with a more relaxed atmosphere, but I don't think there are such attractive colors in domestic cars.So I end up choosing a safe color like black or whiteNo.

When. Huh ~ ... my father was thinking about that. I"What color is your dad good?"When asked,

That's so gray color. A color that looks mature and calm, a common European car.

When. Are they talking about colors like crayons? But yes, my mother-in-law had praised Crayon's body color before.I like this color! If you do such a Porsche, you like your mom!”W

Is gray or matte beige acceptable for parents?

European car body color

And my father went on,

Regarding color, Japanese culture and Western culture are completely differentI don't know. The other side may have a strong commitment to color. There are more variations in the body color of the car than in Japan, and it feels like you are choosing from many.

When. Speaking of which, in the past, when I read an interview with former Porsche Japan president, there was an interesting content about Italian perception of color.

As soon as I said, "The color is black or white, which is preferred by everyone," "Boss, white and black are not colors in Italy. Red, blue and green are colors. Do you understand? " From the beginning, white and black are removed from the limited edition.
* Source:Nikkei BP "Shoes are the only self-expression"

When. As expected, Italy ...! Something cool to say to the boss is cool.

At that time, my husband told me about Instagramporsche.sport.germanyI remembered. It is uploaded by taking a picture of a Porsche I saw in a German city, but body color, combination of hood and body, etc.There are a lot of Porsche in color that you do not see in Japan,It's fun to watch.

* Image source: Instagram "porsche.sport.germany"

My husband also checked carefullyI thought about this color scheme"And"I would like this color if I buy next"And so on. When I told my father this Instagram,

Really ~ this kind of green or yeah ~ It's so crazy

I was watching all the time w

Of course, in addition to the colors that can be selected by the manufacturer, there may be things that you wrap yourself, but the culture where you can play with the colors of your car freely is wonderful. AndThe colors of these Porsche shine well in the old streets of Europe.

Japan is"White, silver, blackIf it is not a body color such as "", resale will be bad and above all it will be too noticeable in the city,I really want a playful color, but it's actually hard to doThere must be a lot.

My father loves Toyota

This is what I heard from my father. until now"My father is not interested in cars at allI thought, but after all, in Japan,I want this!There was no attractive car that seemed to be like that, and as a result it may have been more and less interested in cars.

Surprisingly, when my father got into my car,What is this, cc?"How much horsepower do you have?"And the Subaru car on which my brother ridesIn today's Japan, only Subaru is making horizontally opposed engines."And talk about it in a knowing way (laughs)

After all, my father started with a stable Toyota, which was hard to break, and settled there and trusted the full range. unknown. It's these days that I think there may be many father generations.

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  1. ondatak

    Nice to meet you!
    I am always interested in blogging.

    There is a story about body color, imported cars are also black or white, there is a place that seems to be decisive ~
    Previously, when considering purchasing a new imported car, if it was black, it would be in stock! If it is black, the resale value is high-brainwashing? I was just buying black.

    When purchasing the first Porsche 718 Boxster (certified used car) in May of last year, I chose Jet Black + Kurohoro. However, I fell in love with 718, a beautiful combination of crayon and Kopporo, at the jointly used used car fair held in Tokyo this September, and eventually replaced it in October.

    After all, I would like to actively select unique colors for unique cars.

    I look forward to my blog!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      Certainly, the phrase that resale is good for black or white,
      I'm pretty stabbed in my heart (^^;

      Even if you actually look at a used car site,
      A little unusual color feels cheaper.

      Oh crayon + Koboro, it's so cool! !
      Looks beautiful and cool and never tired!

      While saying various things, looking at our lineup,
      There aren't many flashy colors,
      Sometimes I want to ride a car with a unique color!

  2. Kazugane Hills

    Isn't the influence of national colors (too old)?
    Well, as it is good
    I counted the color of my car selection.
    After all it is overwhelmingly white, 8 units
    6 red, 4 silver, 3 black, 2 blue
    Others are green, gray, and tokoro.
    After all national color suka (laughs)
    By the way, do crayons count white or gray?
    I would count on white.
    Then again.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      The color of choosing your own car,
      As expected, the total number is odd! ! Lol

      Among red, blue and green,
      The green feels more noticeable.

      What is a crayon?
      It looks whitish beige,
      It looks gray when it's indoors, but it's close to white after all.

      I think red is good if you buy it,
      Is it embarrassing at first? .

  3. euukie

    I worry about color.
    Both crayons and Miami Blue are bothersome.
    Even so, it is still a wasteful trouble because there is no replacement by purchase and examination of additional cars, w worried about grinning while watching insta w

    • MinaMina


      Miami blue is also beautiful.
      I thought that it was more beautiful to see it than to see it in the catalog.
      Certainly, delusions spread when you are watching Instagram

  4. To be sunny

    Really everywhere in Japan is full of black and white.
    Every manufacturer is worried about the goodness of this green this time, but I'm frustrated that Porsche Japan and Mercedes are no longer introducing such colors to Japan w
    I have to put it because it can't sell After all, even if you don't buy more than black and white, you won't be able to enter Japan even with your home country standard colors. When Jaguar quits the green setting, as expected! I thought, but that's because it's because consumers don't buy it.
    Stop buying and selling black and white ️

    • MinaMina

      By car

      I see, right, right. .
      After all, Japanese people only buy black and white,
      It's a vicious cycle, as manufacturers don't even enter Japan, and the only colors that can be bought are black and white.
      Make me think. .

      It seems to be the manual specification.
      I don't come in because I can't sell it in Japan.

      From the perspective of a car blog,
      The next car to buy is not black and white,
      I wish I could create a different color and even an atmosphere like that.

      And when I buy, laugh in red! !