To "Mercedes Me" in Osaka-Shopping in a Christmas-mode store

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Mercedes me after a long absence

The other day, I went to Umeda in Osaka by myself,It's been a while in Grand Front OsakaMercedes meI decided to take a look.Since I usually don't like every event,Christmas is imminentI just realized that.

On the first floor of the Grand Front North Building was a large and stylish Christmas tree.

Insanely fashionable ... these days, Christmas trees have not only fir trees with decorations, but also really stylish designs.

He decided to stop by Mercedes Me next to the Christmas tree, but the Mercedes Me store was completely in Christmas mode.

Because it is a great deal, gifts for children and bags for everyday use(The handle of my bag that I have been using for a long time has expired.)So I decided to see if there was something good.

And, before entering the store, this "SL" had a strong presence.

Wrapped with a large gold ribbon, fir trees were piled up in the passenger seat. just like this"Surprise at Christmas, suddenly receive a SL with a ribbonWhat is it actually? I guess there is ... the world is wide w

But in my case, before I was pleased with such a surprise,

"Wait a minute…Car insurance, car tax, parking, car inspection, etc.… I guess you pay all the maintenance costs… Otherwise, I would never be able to maintain SL where I got it ... "

I feel like checking first.(Surprised personality w)

I looked around the store,Mercedes-Benz is really rich in goodsIt is(Some mercedes-me goods are also available.). At first glance, Porsche's goods and lineup, such as golf bags, hats, key cases, and kids' cars, do not seem to be much different, but the variety of designs is plentiful.

For example, there were so many hats alone.

If it were a woman, this pink would be cute ... There were also cute kids backpacks. However, the second daughter, who is about three years old,I'm addicted to Minnie and Kitty lately, so if I buy this bag and go home, I will never use itWas visible, so I stopped buying it.

In addition, there are sale items and tote bags in the 2000 yen range, and there are many items that are quite affordable.

However, I was taking a photo too much and I was suspicious, so I could talk to the clerk too much,Stop taking photos from the middle and just enjoy shopping.

I looked for my bag and found a cute tote bag.

I only use it everyday, but it is expensive to put out 14,000 yen even though children can put candy dregs and sand and get dirty soon ...

When I was worried, the clerk said,Other colors are also available, so please feel free to ask"No, the problem is not "color" but "price" (-_-)I bowed down and left the store after a while without buying anything.

Car manufacturer goods

Before Twitter or somethingJust because you like cars, it's crazy to wear goods from a car maker"Has been seen.

but, I"Because I like cars, I wear car manufacturer goodsI think there is also. No matter what others think, don't bother others, and if you like, you'll be fine. In fact, I love Porsche backpacks quite a bit.

Every year, couples don't give each other Christmas presents, but rather, couples who have never done it, but if there are so many goods,It may be that you give a car maker's goods with this opportunityI thought I couldn't.(I think it is risky to give a car maker's goods to a wife who does not like cars w)

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