Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) I tried the correct shift operation with a manual car!


GT3 correct shift operation

In a recent article,Correct shift-up operation method for GT3MT vehiclesI went to the Ashi Driveway immediately and ran and checked it, so today I would like to introduce the results.

Correct shift-up operation method of Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) manual car

My husband was on a relatively long trip to the United States at this time, but before leaving, he left me with such a challenge.

When driving and confirming the upshift of GT3.I can do it in normal mode. Let's drive after leaving the child.

After that, from readers,Video of steering operation explained by a professionalI watched it, practiced at BMW, etc., and prepared a little.

I sent my eldest daughter to kindergarten that morning and wrote a blog after that, but the work was unexpectedly finished quickly and the weather was fine, so I decided to go running on that day.

However, I think that it is also possible to leave the second daughter in the nursery school temporarily only for that purpose ...(In winter, you may get sick immediately), I decided to go with my 2-year-old daughter, so I did not fly, I tried to drive safely w

Now that I'm used to the 981 Boxster clutch, the 911 GT3 clutch feels very light. But,The car feeling of GT3 itself is not odd.

This was my first day riding a GT3 by myself(Because my husband usually runs and rides together)"I have to do my best!" I tried to keep my mind calm and relaxed.

It seems like that,Porsche driving school(Porsche Track Experience)participated inThanks.

In the past, I was scared of laughing about the manual GT3 clutch shift operation, but I didn't need to be nervous at all. However, although there is an auto hold function when starting on a slope,The green word "HOLD" doesn't look anywhereI was worried at first.

Every time you stop on a slope,Is it HOLD now?"I started while pounding, but once I started normally on a gentle slope and stalled ... Since the engine does not start automatically even if GT3 stalls, start the engine again and start carefully.

I thought, "GT3 has been able to drive a lot."

Go to Ashi with GT3

On a general road heading to Ashi Driveway, I tried to shift up like PDK,I always miss the accelerator because of my habit.Also, there is no way to turn up to that point, so I decided to wait until I crossed Ashi's tollgate while practicing.

A fairly tight curve continues to the toll booth.The road is narrow and there are many cat's eyesSo when I was running in Boxster, I was always scared. However, on this day, I learned how to hold the steering wheel at the Porsche driving school, so the curve was easy to turn and the steering wheel was able to be cut sharply, so I never felt scared.

Well, the GT3 car would be big.

On the way on the wayI wonder if I rub the bottom ...There were occasions when I lifted up and thought up, but as my husband said,If it is about Ashi, it's okay. There is a point that it is better to go a few places slowly on the way home"It seems.

After passing through the toll booth in Ashi, I immediately tried shifting up, but I still miss the accelerator (-_-).Keeping stepping on and accelerating while shifting up would be a "gakkun" ...The fear of being stood ahead.

Even if you know it in your head, the habit that has soaked into your body does not come off easily.

I tried my best several times, but I could only shift up smoothly.Bashung!I can't hear any pleasant sounds


Then I decided to try again on a long gentle uphill straight. "If you can't do this long straight line, you probably won't be on any road!"If you try to take the plunge and keep stepping on the accelerator, when you go from 3rd gear to 4th gear, you will get a Pashung! I heard the sound!

Oh! This is it!

However, if I noticed, my shoulder was quite strong. Once you pass the observatory, remember the lessons you learned in Slalom and follow the curve. No ~ The exercise performance of GT3 is amazing.It's insanely bent and insanely smooth.After all there is splendor different from Boxster's handling.

After that, I tried to shift up several times, but only three times realized that it was possible. alsoMost of them were so scared that they pulled out the accelerator and couldn't do it.In my case, I can't do anything unless I can accelerate quite a bit. Is it still necessary to get used to it?

Then, I stopped at the observatory, stopped the car, and looked at the passenger seat.

After that, I decided to take a break at the private observation deck.

GT3 and air-cooled Porsche

On the way back I opened the window and tried driving,Engine sound is very similar to air-cooled PorscheI was surprised. Instead of the dynamic sound like Boxster GTS,Mechanical and rough soundI thought that even in the modern 911 GT3, air cooling remains in such a place.

My husband used to say,After driving 73 Carrera, I felt very similar when I got on GT3I guess, but I guess so.

Finally ride the legendary 911, 73 Carrera! It is no longer an important cultural asset of the Porsche world, no world heritage!

And after returning home, I tried a Panamera turbo,The driving of Panamera, which usually feels profound, was rather light.Both pedals and steering wheel are very light. Once again, I realized that depending on the car that was in front of it, the evaluation and feeling changed completely even if I got in the same car.

After that, when I emailed my impressions to my husband on a business trip(What email do you send while your husband is working?),

Well, I'm going to loosen my power by getting used to it. You can do well in 2-3 speed. It's important to think hard.
The GT3 sounds like air cooling. That GT3 wasn't made to feel as light as a modern car, so I think there's a bit of a feeling of gassuri in the old days.


GT3, Panamera, Boxster,(I haven't got on the air-cooled recently ...),Every time I get on the car, I discover new things and find out about the deeper charm and the commonalities between the models. It is always thought that cars are really deep.

Thank you for the environment where you can ride various Porsche, I will do my best to buy Porsche myself(I still have more w)

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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's a mood ~ (^ o ^)
    Practice alone is a wonderful thing! Great (^^) /
    You will surely improve!
    Please ride on air cooling.
    I can't collect the direct feeling (^-^)

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆

      I'm sorry! Thank you very much!
      That's right! Recently, I have been able to practice on my MT car alone.
      It ’s fun and I ca n’t help it (laughs)

      I have not been on air cooling recently, so I would like to ride again!
      After all, air cooling is difficult because it is fun. I think that my skills will be tested because there is no intervention like modern Porsche.
      I'll do my best.