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Living with Porsche

Use muscle for driving

The other day, I participated in Porsche's driving school (Porsche Truck Experience),I realized that I used a lot of muscle for driving.

Naturally, when you step on the brakes strongly, you need pedaling force, and even with slalom, I knew that to press the back against the seat and push the steering wheel, the force to press on with the feet and the trunk was required. .

However, as a matter of course, I am not aiming to be a racer, so there is no need to drive with muscle awareness in everyday driving.

Although,Maintaining a moderately muscular, healthy body can have a positive impact on everyday life besides driving a carRecently, I have come to think that I need to be more conscious.

I am 37 years old now. It's 38 years after the new year, but even if you're feeling younger, you may be more tired and surprised by unexpected changes in physical condition.

This year was one of the healthiest years in my life, improving my intestinal environment, doing simple workouts every day, and becoming aware of my diet for my skin. In addition, this fall, I feel sick more than ever.

My daughter jumps, mysterious urticaria comes out, I get the first shingles in my life ... and so on.

When I go to the dermatology,Weak resistance due to fatigue and stressBut stress was dramatically reduced compared to when I was only working all year long until my early 30s, and I didn't get so tired, but why ... Was.(I guess it's the stress of raising children.)

Humans also need maintenance

So the other day,I decided to go to a health check for the first time in my life.When I was working for the company, I had a medical checkup every year and could check my body regularly, but I hadn't even received a medical checkup recently.

However"OO's hospital dock is goodI did not know any information such as, so I asked a doctor who lived nearby for a Porsche ride and asked me, I was able to teach me variously and politely, and I received a dock at a university hospital Decided to go.

Before I started this Porsche blog, I had no acquaintance with a doctor, but now I have a lot of acquaintances with a doctor ... In some ways, I think this blog was good for the first time.(I am reassured when I need to)

The medical checkup at the hospitalIt takes about 4 hours in the morning to inspect all parts of the body, including gynecological diseases,was. The medical check-up center itself was a new building, the inside was so beautiful that it could not be considered a hospital, and the equipment was up to date.

Examination of the stomach with an endoscope through the nose was quite painful. I heard that it was much easier than putting it in my mouth, but tears and drooling came out and remembered my sickness after a long absence.(Although sickness was dozens of times more difficult)

After the examination is over,No abnormalities"I was relieved. In particular, I was so happy that I was encouraged by my bone density and blood age in my twenties and wanted to jump, but I thought again that I should stay healthy and live a healthy life.

To keep on Porsche

My husband goes to the medical checkup every year and there is no major illness at the moment,You can stay on your favorite Porsche because of your healthI think especially recently.

Human maintenance is more important than maintenance of a car.

I am always enjoying the update with my couple, and I am a boxster rider who is a master of my husband's heartwataHowever, he blogged that he was ill and was hospitalized this year and could not get on Boxster for several months. And the words written in it were very impressive.

Since the discovery of this case, somewhere in my mind, I have started to worry that "I will fall down someday and I will never be able to ride Boxster again."
In that case, I would run to Tohoku in September last year, Kyushu in November, Kii Peninsula in March this year, and GW in Chugoku and Shikoku in March of this year.(Somewhat)
I started doing surgery after doing what I wanted to do, but I'm really happy to see that I am now ready to ride Boxster again.
* Source:Wind and Light, Boxster `` valve damage ⇒ repair ''

I'm sorry to introduce you without permission, wata-san (explosion)

But I think it's true.Riding a Porsche is no ordinary now.It's too late to regret after something.

Of course, there will be some diseases that can not be found in medical examinations, and it is possible that they will fit in with accidents in everyday life until then, but I will definitely go to the health check once a year from now on,Not only the car but also the human beings are properly inspected and maintained,It is these days that I swear to my heart that I aim to be a grandmother who drives a manual Porsche with a red nail in the future.

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