Awajishima / Naruto Touring with Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

My husband is currently on a business trip abroad, but before that I went to Awajishima with a GT3 touring, and he described the situation at that time in an article. Please take a look if you like.

Go to Naruto with Porsche 911 GT3

The following week, I couldn't meet my car for a while on a business trip to the US, so I decided to go for a short touring.

The destination is Awajishima.However, honestly, there are not many free running routes on Awaji Island. The circuit around the island has good scenery, but there is a lot of traffic, the average speed is low, and it may be good for date driving etc.A bit unsatisfactory for savvy touring enthusiastsIt is.

So this time,Uzushio Line-Aiming for Naruto Skylinedid.

Naruto Skyline is an additional mod of rFacror2, a racing simulator for Windows. There was Naruto Skyline (NSuka) and I ran at home frequently, so I wanted to go there once.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Leave home before noon and cross Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The tunnel is in front of the bridge-the mask is often on the bridge, so pass by safe driving.

When you land on Awaji Island,The Kobe-Awaji Naruto Expressway, an unusual high-speed expressway in the Kansai regionIt is. This almost straight path is well paved and comfortable anyway. GT3 cruises to stick to the road surface while keeping pace with the passing lane. High speed stability is really outstanding. Very comfortable.

When the front opens, it sometimes drops to the third and fourth gears and accelerates. Exhaust Note has a different charm than Boxster, and the power and volume are still amazing.

In an instant, we arrive at the Nishidan Mihara Interchange and go south on K477. From around hereWhirlpool lineAnd continue to K25. Originally it was a toll road, but now it is completely free and free of charge.

Whirlpool line

The K477 has many straight lines and gentle curves, and can run comfortably without a front car. On the way, turn left at Anaga to K25, and continue from here for compact mountain winding.

The road width is not so wide, and it is a series of low-speed corners because tight corners and up-downs continue.GT3 has a little extra power, 2nd gear has a little extra powerSo, I'm going to enjoy the handling at the 3rd speed.

Whirlpool line

Whirlpool line

If you step on the second gear on a slightly undulated or rough road, the rear will easily slip.

The scenery of the K25 is very good, but there isn't a good spot for taking pictures with the car parked. I used to remember the shooting spot I went to immediately after Boxster's delivery, and stopped there for a short break.

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Occasionally visibleGo east of the island via K76 while enjoying the superb view of Naruto StraitComes out. The circuit on the east side of Awaji Island has very little traffic in the southeastern part and is very easy to drive. However, if you go too far north, the width of the road will become narrower on the way, so we will always turn back just before that.

Next, while enjoying photography along the coast, proceed to the final destination, Naruto Skyline.

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Once, take the highway to Shikoku and get off at Naruto North Interchange. As it is, we will run north from the north on the Naruto Skyline.

K183 is Naruto Skyline. When you actually come, it is the same as a simulator at home. "Wow, it's a real rFactor!Excitedly, put a whip in GT3 and rush to the four-sided lookout.

Naruto Skyline

Open the window so that you can hear the engine sound and exhaust note directly.Recently, when running in GT3, I try to open the window as much as possible. That way, you can hear the mechanical noise more firmly and feel as if you are driving a modern air-cooled Porsche.

Naruto Skyline

It is very disappointing that there is a stepped pavement on the road surface for speed regulation. There is nothing to say without it, but it is quite a famous way. There are many relatively straight sections, and the scenery is rich in the middle, such as crossing island-to-island bridges.

This Naruto Sky Run is not so far away, but there are many places where you can make U-turns in some places, and it is attractive to be able to run the same road many times.

After playing with GT3 for a while, spend a bit of time gazing at the spectacular view of Naruto Strait.

"After all, drive is limited to one person.”, And spent a blissful time and got home.

Kansai Road and GT3

This time, I think that I run on the road in Kansai again,GT3 has many ways to surviveThat means. Of course, it's fun and I'm not dissatisfied. However,After all, the road is too small to demonstrate the power of GT3It is.

From this car made on the premise of a circuit,

"I was born in Germany and I grew up in Nürn. I can't use any abilities on such a road. If you run here, run with Boxster."

It seems to be heard.

at least,Only by running exciting mountain winding in Hakone and Izu, Shinshu and Tohoku,At last, you can get a glimpse of its true value.

However, once possessed by the appeal of this GT3, it is a fact that even Boxster is often unsatisfactory, and it is quite difficult to get away from this charm.

This time, about300kmRunning, the total fuel efficiency is12.5km / 100km(about8km / L)was.
It will be cold soon and the road condition will be worse,GT3May be close to running.

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  1. HeartOfGlass

    > "After all, drive is limited to one person."
    I sympathized too much with her husband's words and couldn't help but comment.
    It feels even more so with GT3. Motivation to work from tomorrow (even if you leave even your family)
    I feel the same.

    > The running of GT3 this year may be near.
    Do you not ride there in winter?
    I would be glad if you could introduce such car maintenance in winter and battery measures.

    • MinaMina

      After all, one person is good (laugh)
      As you said, that time seems to be motivating to work.

      I think that I ride in winter everyday,
      When it comes to touring, the road my husband wants to go seems to pile up snow,
      I wonder if the long touring of GT3 is over.

      > I would be glad if you could introduce such car maintenance in winter and battery measures.
      Oh, I'll ask my husband! !

  2. Kazugane Hills

    Oh, did you go to Naruto Skyline?
    The view from the bridge and the up-and-down road, Tamarin.
    I'm going to dance on a wonderful road while thinking that it is too much for GT3.
    By the way, what impressed me recently was the farm road like "Pome rice (My) Road" in Aomori.
    We run almost straight line 50km in vast rice field. It's just
    Even if it was a straight line, it was laughing that it was so vast. It was very refreshing.
    If you like winding and you are tired of running GT3
    How is the Southern Alps crossing?
    A transcendent route from Matsumoto city in Nagano to Takayama city in Hida, you can run a full-fledged hill climb
    It's fun even if you let it flow, and it keeps you excited for several hours.
    If you have the opportunity

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      > Oh, did you go to Naruto Skyline?
      That's right (laughs) The husband who read Kazu Kogane Hill's comments said, "Let's go" and went there (laughs)

      > By the way, what impressed me recently was the farm road like "Pome rice (My) Road" in Aomori.
      > Driving almost straight 50km in a vast rice field.

      That's good! ! ! It sounds good just to hear.
      After all, the digit in the Tohoku road is different ...

      It seems to be fun beyond the Southern Alps.
      When the season gets better, I guess my husband will go to the east again.

      There are still many good roads in Japan