Are luxury cars mischievous? In the case of Porsche in our house.

Porsche Panamera

Panamera license plate

The other day, I decided to ride Panamera at my parking lot and looked at the license plate casually, and noticed that the angle was strange no matter how I thought.

Why is it like this (° д °)! ?

I wondered if something hit, but if it did, the license plate would be dented, so it was different. And I tried to fix it by hand, but it didn't work. So when my husband looked at me,

Ah ... this is probably mischievous. It is strange that the license plate is at such an angle. Obviously human hands.


Really ... (-_-)

"I was pranked by my important carI was very disappointed, but decided to check the drive recorder just in case. Although"It wasn't something I could manage to do when the evidence was moving ...I took out the SD card and checked the huge amount of data one by one, but I didn't find anything.

The parking lot at my house is just on the elementary and junior high school commuting road, so maybe the child has been mischievous. Or maybe the work of someone who has a grudge against my home ...(I think it's pretty good, but w)

License plate repair

I couldn't keep the license plate bent, so I decided to fix it right away. Turn the screw with a screwdriver and remove the license plate.

It's pretty easy to come off. Panamera with the license plate removed had a strange feeling (w), as if it were unfamiliar, somehow it had no soul.

After that, I decided to enter the house and restore the angle of the license plate, but from my husband,

"I think it's pretty easy to turn it out of aluminum. If you hit a license plate on a desk or something with rounded corners and push it, you'll probably get back."

I learned a little bit and tried to return to it.

No, I didn't go back straight, but I was able to fix it even before I installed it, especially when I didn't feel uncomfortable.

Mischief for Porsche

The area where our house is located is a town where Porsche and foreign cars are running likeWow! Porsche!I wasn't surprised at all, and I've never been a big prank, but I've only been once injured by the 970 Panamera Edition that was in my house before.

About a while after Panamera was delivered. One day I noticed that I had a scratch on my hood that seemed to be scratching.

It was not so noticeable depending on the angle and the amount of light, so I didn't know when it was turned on at all.(↓ It is difficult to understand the following picture)

I don't want to leave it as it is, so in the evening of the day I noticed, I went to three nearby gas stations and shops for maintenance. Then, in the first case,

"If this is the case, the whole hood will need to be repainted, but Porsche's painting technique is so great that we can't guarantee that it will be fully reproducible ... we recommend that you repair it at a dealer if possible."

I was told. The second store said that it could be "fixed," but was offered a fairly high price. And for the third case,It's almost business close time, so come back tomorrow(Explosion) ...

"I wonder if this is implicitly refused from the shop ...We finally noticed (laughs), we contacted dealer H and decided to have it repaired with insurance. I certainly remember that the amount was only 100,000 yen of exemption.

Since then, I have not been mischievous, but this time Panamera's license plate was bent, so I remembered the bad memories of that time again.

No matter what car you own, it's an important car for the owner, so don't be afraid. Even if you don't, if you don't, you'll see the Tendo, so I'll definitely return to you someday.

If it's a shutter garage, I guess there isn't much mischief ... what is it?

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  1. Moto Muramatsu

    I always see it happily.
    I also had a license plate bent, and I will tell you about that time.
    Even if you replace the license plate, the folds will remain.
    I changed the license plate because I was worried about it.
    If you have time on weekdays, you can exchange a new one just by visiting the Land Transport Office twice.
    The cost is less than 1000 yen.
    If you tell the Land Transportation Bureau reception that you want to exchange a license plate, it will tell you how to do it, so why not try it?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > Even if the license plate is replaced, the fold remains.

      That's right ... Even if you return it, there will always be folds,
      Every time I look at it, I feel like it's uncomfortable.

      > I changed the license plate because I was worried about it.
      Oh, it's so cheap and easy to exchange!
      I'll make time for this year!

      Thank you for sharing your valuable information.
      Continue to thank you.

  2. yone0531

    Mina Good evening.

    I don't want to be mischievous. I get angry. I imagine Mina's house is all about luxury cars,
    After all, be careful about mischief theft.
    Looking at the photos, you can see that GT3 and Panamera are lined up.
    Recently, there have been relay thefts, and there are still shutters and doors
    Garage seems to be required. Next year, we will increase the number of cars! ? Then it is even more!

    • MinaMina


      The road in front of my house is quite a car street and a lot of people, so blog readers sometimes say "I'm in that house" (laughs)
      You need a garage.

      Because we are renting, we can not modify the parking lot, I think that there is no other way but to make a garage,
      I think I really need to think about it in various ways ^ ^;

  3. Decacoup

    Nice to meet you. I think it's terrible prank.
    Previously I was not a Porsche, but I have had cracks on the windshield. I didn't know who was doing it, so I created a windowless garage for both self-defense and car protection.
    When I thought that I wanted Porsche, I happened to see it, and then I encouraged me, and finally this month I have a chance to buy Panamera! (Although it is a base grade)
    We recommend a garage that also protects from UV, rain and wind, such as turbo and GT3.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Dekacoo

      > When I thought that I wanted Porsche, I happened to see it, and then I encouraged me, and this month I finally got a chance to buy Panamera!
      That's amazing! ! ! ! Congratulations! ! ! ! !
      I'm so glad to be able to help something like that!
      Panamera is a really wonderful car, so I am still impressed every time I ride (laughs)

      It's better to put the car in the garage. .
      My husband has been searching for land for a long time, but it seems that there is no land called "this",
      I wish I had a good relationship.

  4. Naiya

    Hello. I am always happy to see you.

    After all, I think that a luxury car with a large and conspicuous body such as Panamera is a garage essential because it is not strange to buy jealousy by itself.

    If it is a compact body like my bare 982, it has no intimidating feeling and a public car aura is exposed, so there is no problem even if you always park in the blue sky ...

    • MinaMina

      That's right, Panamera is big and noticeable.
      I guess this license plate was probably done by elementary school students,
      It's difficult ... ^^;

  5. Arrival

    I'm enjoying it more than Hong Kong.

    Well, it seems that this problem cannot be avoided. The owner seems to be suffering more or less, and a garage seems to be preferable.
    In Hong Kong, there are cameras all over the apartment parking lot, so it's pretty much like that.

    I also have a parking lot where I can put two cars in a Japanese detached house, but if I parked such as a Porsche, I will absolutely mischief, so I consulted my wife if I could add a garage, but then I could only put one car Because it is impossible.

    Certainly when you make a garage, one car is full. However, if you know that you have a Porsche in Japan, it is likely that the neighborhood association will be delicate, so I will put it in a rental garage after all. It is troublesome to think of going to the garage to ride, but there are quite a few things to look up.

    It is literally difficult to carry over.

    • MinaMina

      Arrival of God
      Thank you very much.
      Until now, there has not been much mischief, so after all Porsche is taking various measures.
      I'd like to see what kind of garage you are making, like a tour once, and refer to it (laugh)

      There are various rental garages.
      It's a little annoying that you can't get on from home right away, but it's safe to put it in a safe place!