Porsche new 911 Carrera first test drive! -I tried new 911, Panamera and Cayenne models.

Test drive report for each car

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An article on the extra edition of the Porsche Truck Experience (PTE) held in Shirahama that I participated the other day. This day,Time to test drive a new Porsche modelwas there. The test drive was

・ New 911 S
・ New 911 4S
・ Cayenne S
・ Panamera GTS
・ Panamera GTS Sports Turismo

It is five. I was wondering if only one of them could be tested, but I was lucky to be able to drive all five cars one by one in turn.(Because the group size was small)

The test drive course isA short course that takes around 20 to 30 seconds per lap, combining straights and cornersTwo laps. From an instructor in advance,

If you run in normal mode on the first lap and in sports or sports + mode on the second lap, you will see the difference. Also, on a straight line, take the plunge and accelerate to 100km / h.It is an experience that can not be done with a test drive at a dealer, so please take this opportunity!

It was told. Oh, it's exciting.

First, "Panamera GTS Sports Turismo", But after careful consideration, it is my first time to drive the Panamera GTS. When I started writing this blog,Someday buy my own Panamera GTS"I was able to drive the Panamera GTS, which I have long admired for a long time.

The engine installed in the Panamera GTS is the same 4-liter V8 twin turbo engine as the Panamera Turbo. However, it is said that the maximum output is suppressed to 460 ps(Panamera Turbo is 550ps).

While thinking how different from Panamera Turbo ...I tried running the GTS engine, but it was lighter and more modest than the imaginationwas. As if the beast of the turbo woke upBoooon! !Is completely different from the engine sound.

When I started running again, it was very light.The Panamera Turbo has a solid feeling and the feeling that it is moving a heavy body with powerful power, but the Panamera GTS has a muscular body with more luxurious cutsI guess.

Also,Handling is very milletWas. Of course, the turbo was also irritating, but it didn't slip any further, and it turned very easily and it was very easy to drive.

And after all, the Panamera GTS is also very accelerating.In a straight line, it quickly reached 100 km / hSo, I couldn't fully open the accelerator, but it was a very smooth and pleasant acceleration.

On the other hand, Panamera Turbo says that when you step on the accelerator, the car body sinks into the ground and the feeling of acceleration like crawling on the groundSo, the engine sound also has a deep bass sound of the turbo, but the GTS is a lighter impression.

Even if it is a Panamera with the same engine, it turns out that GTS and turbo have a completely different charm.

After that, I took a test ride with Cayenne S and Panamera GTS, but it was just two laps on a course of about 20 to 30 seconds, so ``I want to do at least 5 laps-I want to experience moreThe test drive was completed with a regret.

However, if you are a husband, you will be able to feel a variety of information even in this test drive of less than a minute. "If I left my children with my parents and participated, I was sad to be able to ride with my husband."I thought.

Next page → New 911, finally test drive! Experience driving in the passenger seat of a professional driver!

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  1. nave

    Mina's & husband Hello.

    Yes, we have it.
    Riding program of professional instructors.
    A bit far from Hyogo? However, Twin Ring Motegi is held at No Tetsu ○ Handling Club, Handling Club Plus
    The program is. The instructor is a former gymkhana Japan champion and GT driver Yama- ○ -ya.
    For more details, I would like to see Twin Ring Motegi's website, but if you already know it, Swimmasen.

    In the handling club, the instructor will drive your own car, and the plus will ride your side and see your driving! !
    The course is also a special course with a pylon and can be blown at 2nd speed, so I think that the speed will not change to that of PTE.
    It is also possible to order such as please give me a lot of basic under or almost drift please ♪

    Basically, it is not aimed at running fast, and anyway, I focus on learning the behavior near the limit of the car, so if you bring it up to spin
    On the contrary, they are praised lol

    Personal names have been considered.
    No conflicts of interest

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      Thank you very much.
      There is such a school in Twin Ring Motegi!
      I didn't know Thank you!

      There are quite a few such schools on the circuit.
      It is quite attractive to have a professional drive in your own car.

      After all Kanto people are good
      I can go to Motegi and Fuji, and the Porsche Experience Center in Chiba, which will be available soon ... I'm jealous (laughs)

      I wonder if it's Suzuka ... I'll look for it a bit!