Correct shift-up operation method of Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) manual car


GT3 shift up operation

The other day, my husband drove GT3 as usual and came home, but said something very interesting.

Six months after delivery,Today I learned how to operate the GT3 (991.2) manual for the first timeWow! In the case of the late 991 GT3, I knew that there was no need to remove the accelerator when shifting up, so until nowWhen shifting up, I kept the accelerator constant and operated itNo.
But otherwise, just like driving a PDK car,If you operate with the accelerator pressed lightly, you will get a bump! It shifts up like a PDK.The sound at that time is incredibly comfortable.
I learned for the first time today that the GT3 manual in the late 991 does not pull out or keep the accelerator constant, but rather shifts up while stepping on it.

When. Huh ~.

When asked, "How many revolutions do you pull? Will you pull?"

Disagreeable,It can be done if it is more than 2000 rotationsWow. Indeed, the computer does not adjust the rotation if it is a 1000 turntable. So even if you accelerate in the city, you can hear this bang when you upshift. before,"If you want to hear the sound of the GT3 engine, you have to turn it up to 4000 rpm.I felt like I knew how to enjoy GT3 in town without having to do that.


If you shift up without removing the accelerator with Boxster, it will be difficult,GT3 manual of late 911 has a unique operation methodThat's it. When I said,Boxster turns on auto-blipping when shifting downYan. That feels so good, but does it feel like a shift up version? My husband said,

Oh yeah, just like that! Insanely comfortable. Indeed, a human PDK!

He said.

Porsche you can not understand unless you ride it

With my husband's misery,

But I guess this is different from the dealer's sales person.There are few opportunities to ride when it comes to GT3Let's do it. Even the owner, when it comes to GT3, it seems that few people read the instructions. So, are there people who are driving without knowing? I think there are quite a few other things you'll notice when you ride for quite a while.

I was told, but it certainly is.

I also learned for the first time in Panamera and Boxster,I was riding unnoticed all the time and I heard from other ownersThere are many things. For example, it may be a fine story because it's too detailed ...

・ 981 Boxster's manual turns on auto-blipping in sports plus mode,718 turns on auto-blipping from sports modebecome
-Regarding Panamera Turbo, at my home, the rear spoiler is set in the individual mode, but if I arrive at home, stop the car and return the individual mode to normal mode, the rear spoiler is not stored. It is stored when returning to the mode while running.
・ The manual of 911 (991.2) does not need to release the accelerator when shifting up
・ Manual of 911 (991.2)When the engine stalls, the engine does not start automatically even if you depress the clutch and brakeSo you have to turn off the engine and start again.(981 Boxster automatically starts the engine)
・ In the case of MT starting on a slope, the slope with auto hold and the slope without(Gentle subtle slope)It is better to start after confirming that the display is properly displayed
·(I know only about Panamera)If the sports exhaust function is not on, you will not feel much change in sound when switching to normal mode and sports / sports plus mode

etc. You can't understand this without riding.

At Ashi Driveway, car lovers are also exchanging information on a weekly basis.Share information that only owners can know, such as those not found in catalogs or test drive articles on car sitesThat's because it's worth it.

Even if you ride this much, there must be still features that I do not know. I'll read the instructions again, everywhere (laughs)

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    Ho, it's interesting.
    That such a function has arrived,
    I'll try it.
    One of my worries is that I can put up with the accelerator off when the clutch is disengaged.

    Because it's an analog human ...
    By the way, downshift auto-blipping is only in sports mode,
    Is the function when shifting up also in sports mode?

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Thank you very much!

      > By the way, downshift auto blipping is only in sports mode,
      > Does the function when shifting up also in sports mode?

      It is also in normal mode.
      I tried riding GT3 today, but as you said,
      I also had a habit of pulling out the accelerator, which was surprisingly difficult.

      I pulled it with Ashi's straight line and was finally able to do it in 3-4 speed.
      It seems a little difficult for me to do it on a normal road ^^;

  2. PorscheDreamer

    I am always curious and read.
    This time, it is difficult to say, "It is not constant and stepping on." Does it mean that you step further and open more than a certain amount? I guess it's unlikely that upshifting without the accelerator would be too much if you were going for sports.

    By the way, as for the auto restart in the tips list in the latter half, I will inform you just in case that my carrera of MY 2019 will restart as soon as I close the clutch like in Cayman, just like in Cayman.

    • MinaMina


      > Does it mean that you step further and open more?
      That's right.
      If it is constant, you can shift up smoothly, but it's Pashung! It doesn't seem to shift up like PDK with the sound.
      I have not yet sensed ^^;

      Auto-restart would be Carrera!
      It means that GT3 is not attached!