It's time to ride Porsche-after gasoline production in Europe ends

Living with Porsche

Porsche, gasoline car

I received a message from a blog the other day. He is working in the car industry abroad, and when he looked for a Porsche in the future and wanted it in the future, he came to this Porsche blog. And at the end of the message something like this was written.

Porsche must be bought within another 10 years ... Gasoline car production will end due to fossil fuel car regulations in Europe. Probably the day comes earlier than the Japanese think.It will be complicated to think that it will be in the next 10 years to be able to make Porsche's engine sound roar.

When. I see ... I see.

A little research shows that in Norway / Netherlands in 2025, Germany / Ireland / India in 2030, France / UK / Spain / China in 2040,Sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles bannedIt seems that things have been decided.

2025 is coming soon!

By the way, looking at each city,Amsterdam is 2030Ban on all gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid vehicles ","London in 2030No entry to the center of gasoline or diesel vehicles. "

In countries like Norway and Sweden, electric vehicles are quite popular and charging infrastructure is in place,This move is for everyone in EuropeBut in major cities in North America like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver,No entry to the center of gasoline or diesel vehicles in 2030It seems to be.

* Source:Gasoline and diesel vehicle sales bans in each country

Ride the Porsche now

I feel that this trend is coming a little further in Japan, but given the international situation, it is true that Japan will have to go in this direction. When that happens,Owning a gasoline car in the city center becomes impossibleI wonder.

In suburban homes, even if you own a gasoline-powered car, you may not be able to go anywhere you like if you are banned near your destination.

In retrospect, there is less smoking space for "cigarettes"Smokers are driven to the corner and have narrow shouldersBut in the future, will gasoline cars be driven to the corners, saying, "Smell, noisy, bad for the environment, annoying" ...

To be honest, imagine such a future.

However, I understand that it is necessary to move to electric vehicles for the sake of the global environment, so I think it is a difficult problem.

In fact, Porsche,The next Macan and Cayenne to be released will be electric vehiclesThere are rumors to say that Panamera is likely to gradually become so. by the way"911 will be the last engine-powered car in Porsche"A car critic said recently.

In addition, regarding famous Japanese streets,The place where it was paid until now has become free, the number of tourists has increased and the road surface has been roughened"The passage of demolition has increased due to the bypass."

Until now, I thought, "I want to run that road someday, I want to ride OO someday."Not while you can get on, go on,I read the message on this blog and realized that I had to ride it.

My house is still small, but if I say, "After my child grows up ...", it's ten years right away. The times change while saying such a thing.

While taking care of this moment, I decided to drive again from now on, whilst biting the value of driving Porsche.

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  1. Ishi

    Not long ago, I had the opportunity to put my daughter's classmate boy (10 years old) on various Porsche.
    981 Box Spa from my home to the dealer. So we got in for oil change. At that time, for a boy who likes cars, thanks to the dealer, I took a test drive with Cayenne and 992, and returned home in Panamera.

    When I asked the boy, "I took four types of Porsche, which one was the best?" He said, "911 (992) was the best, I want to do my best in the future." The 992 seemed a bit too artificial for me, but I caught the boy's heart and thought that Porsche had created a sound that was in this era.

    I'm a bit lonely when I think that there might not be any more 911 longing when a boy can buy a car, but watching a video review of Taikan makes me expect that the EV isn't bad either.
    I don't know how much CO2 is involved in global warming, or how much energy can be reduced by turning a car into an EV, but the trend is completely EV.
    I'll buy 911 now.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      That's right! What a lucky boy ...!
      I thought that riding a Porsche at a time when the sensitivity of a 10-year-old was wonderful would surely have a great impact on the rest of my life.

      I like the engine sound of the 981 Boxpa most by far (laughs), but it's a different sensibility if you're a young person today
      In that sense, I thought Porsche was amazing.

      Did the Porsche owner at that time feel like this even when cooling from air cooling to water cooling?
      Certainly, Taikan has a lot of expectations.

  2. K

    Hello. We always have fun look.
    Inspired by this blog, I got a 918 Cayman MT.
    It is really fun. Thank you very much.
    By the way, as for the gasoline cars mentioned above, I think Tokyo gasoline cars will be sold by 2040.
    In addition, when installing EV charging equipment in apartments, subsidies of almost 100% are provided.
    The flow to the EV is definitely moving.
    I often run the capital at night in Cayman, but it will gradually change.
    At least in Tokyo, it seems that the roaring sounds of the modified car have been seen with a suspicious face as well as walking.
    I think mufflers and cigarettes are in a time when manners are needed.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > Inspired by this blog, I got a 918 Cayman MT.
      > Really fun. Thank you very much.
      Oh yeah! ! ! Thank you for this!
      I am very happy to hear that.
      At the driving school of Porsche the other day, it was the order behind 981 Cayman, but it was fun to listen to the very pleasant engine sound right behind every time I started.

      > As for the gasoline cars mentioned above, I think Tokyo gasoline cars will be sold by 2040.
      > In addition, when installing EV charging equipment in apartments, subsidies of almost 100% are issued.

      That's right! ! ! I see ... it's progressing steadily ...
      In Japan, the flow first comes to Tokyo, and maybe a little later, such as around Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Osaka…

      As you said, mufflers and cigarettes are the times when manners are needed.
      You need to be considerate of your surroundings so that people around you do not become uncomfortable.

  3. Arrival

    I will always be happy to see you.
    I am honored to be quoted this time.
    Everyone is inspired by blogs and purchases. I also want to buy soon.

    The more you read the blog, the more you will want to ride it, and if you go to the dealer on this blog as well, it is written as the last, if you do not have the money to buy it will give up, but if you are serious you can buy it, so dealers I haven't done it yet.

    The places where you run in Hong Kong are limited. If you buy it in Japan, you can buy it cheaper than Hong Kong, and there are plenty of places to run and even a driving school. If you buy it is Japan. However, I couldn't go back to Japan for Porsche, and X-DAY is definitely approaching today without any conclusions on a circumnavigation without an exit.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Kamigami

      Thank you for quoting.
      From the message you received, I was searching for information on the Internet, and I was able to think in various ways.

      It would be dangerous if you go to a Porsche dealer. .
      If people around me thought that it was still ahead, I decided to buy it! Lol

      In my case, it's easy to go on the contrary because I can't buy it even if there is no preceding thing.

      If at some point you can return to Japan,
      Please visit a Porsche dealer and see it ^ ^