If you look at the car, you know the habit of a man to a woman - what you can learn from Shimada Shinsuke's car theory

Porsche Cayman GT 4
Car and love affair

Car and women's relationship

My husband often used to"The hobby of a car and the type of a woman match"He was talking. At the beginning I said "I have not heard that", but I did not do it seriously, but as I started to explore various things, I felt like a theory that is not wrong, so before I wrote such an article on my blog saw.

→ [Reference article] The taste of a car matches pretty well with the hobby of a car and the type of favorite women.

Then it turned out to be a gradually read article, becoming the most popular article in the ranking of "wife's consideration category with a car lover husband" ranking. I casually look at the net the other day,Shimada Shingo(nostalgic), A movie developing an opinion on 'relationship between car and woman'I found it, so I tried browsing immediately.

If you look at the car, you can see the men's ● ●

The video is Japanese TV"One-minute deep story where life changes"It was aired a few years ago. By the way, because the tutorials and guests who were out at the guests at this time were insanely young and Audrey was so young, I was keenly aware of the time passed. In that movie, only the story of the gentleman's car is cut off, so I do not know the story before and after, but Shimada Shigenosuke,

If you look at the car, you know the man 's habit of women

It starts with the development of the argument of. Ho Ho! (· _ ·). It is the same thing my husband said from the front. Rather than knowing the habit of women"Types of women you like" and "How to treat and treat women such as lovers and wives"Is it like that? Continuity continues,

"People who carefully polish one car for a long time are those who cherish one woman, one car is the main car, one who wants a sports car, wife Other than the one who wants another woman. "

Guests including Akira Hatori, Shinichi Hatori, who is a moderator, guests such as Audrey and Yuko Ogura also say "I see" - consent. Certainly, a man who takes care of a car for a long time has an image that takes care of his wife and lover as well. On the contrary, for men who have cars, the women who own cars change frequently, too ... There may be some image of prejudice. Continuity continues,

I do not know anything about cars, but for the time being, the guy who thinks I want a cool car looks sticks to appearance only. Looking inside.

Here the camera is up to the lady Mote moto tutorial up to Tokui (laugh). I'm pretty young now, I also have a good time to shoot, Ikemen Nanaya ~ Tokui. That Tokui also shows "looks alright ~", showing seriously convincing expression. And Shinsuke here talks about Audrey Kasuga.

"What kind of car will you take in the future?"

Kasuga: "No, I do not have any commitment, so I like it, so I can rent a car now"

All the same roar. Like a double play of baseball, I got a handsome appearance. As expected, everyone is a professional(The place that I admire is not there w)I think that it does not apply to everything, but in general, I think that I will take the lead. In the same way, "Men who often replace watches ..." is told, but there seems to be many common items in "Relationships between watches and cars and women". I wonder if anyone wrote some articles. By the way the movie is here.

If you investigate further, in another program a little more"Relationship between car and woman"There was a moving picture that describes.

→ 【Next page】 What if I apply the car theory of Shimada Aizusuke to my husband in detail?

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  1. age

    Nice to meet you. I am always looking forward to it. This site is more useful than any car magazine or critic's story.
    About man 's "car and woman" I think that Gensuke is saying 100%. I own two or more cars and motorcycles. Besides this story, besides my wife, there are old-fashioned domestic cars, old-fashioned cars with low fuel consumption, mini-cars that are small in size for large dump trucks.
    Unfortunately my husband also ...

  2. taro

    As a newcomer, I read every post fresh and enjoyable regardless of when it was posted, so please forgive me if it is out of season.
    I agree with Shinsuke's habit. Cars are sometimes sexy and attractive in men's heads.
    In my opinion, if I replace my car with a mistress and think about it, it looks like this?
    [For a Count]
    ① I have five cars
    → In addition to his wife, the Earl nourishes a villa for five people in the mansion. (The side chamber is safe because it does not give birth to children.) The Count is filled with his wife and five side chambers.
    ② I am changing the car I am riding on the mood of the day
    → The Count is spending three days with his wife and a concubine, changing the woman to spend with the mood of the day. Nowadays, he often goes out with his wife and his concubine, and his wife is a good friend.
    ③ "Boxster, golf, Panamera, SEL, each has their own merits, and we cannot decide which one is the best."
    → Because I like everyone, I can't focus on one woman! ? So the Earl loves everyone (Mina).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting our blog!
      And thank you for your deep consideration ^^

      Certainly, I feel that the side room is a good friend for the room.
      And I laughed at the last sentence (laughs)

      Thank you for your wonderful consideration!

  3. Pole


    > Well, I hope we can get along with each other.

    I think this summary is the best part of this blog.

    • MinaMina


      > Well, I hope we can get along with each other.
      I think this summary is the best part of this blog.

      Thank you!