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Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is blog administrator Mina. An interview plan to everyone who supports Porsche that started from May "Porsche Supporters file". The third bullet is Osaka prefecture Tondabayashi City, a long-established manufacturer of automobile body coverNakabayashi Industry Co., Ltd.I talked to President Koichi Nakagawa of the story.

Chapter 1. Automobile body cover, Nakabayashi Industry

1-1: About Nakabayashi Industry

What is Nakabayashi Industries doing?

Our company is a car cover sewing maker. Even cars of the same car make slightly different shapes depending on grade, specifications, year, so we measure sewing patterns by type and sew by hand one by one.Currently, we have about 3000 patterns, including domestic cars and foreign cars.

The proportion of domestic cars and foreign cars to be ordered is about half, but the most common is the Nissan GT-R series. It accounts for about 25% of the total. On the other hand, the proportion of Porsche is about 5% of the total.There are many orders from the owner who is riding the old model such as 930 or 964 than the current model.
It is 47 years since my founding in this year, but now thanks to Hokkaido from Okinawa to Hokkaido, I am receiving orders from all over Japan.

Simple doubt. Nakagawa Although it is president, why is the company name Nakabayashi Industry?

That is often heard. (Laugh) Actually my father "Nakagawa" is a company that founded with "Hayashi-san" who was jointly managed at the time,Taking "Naka" and "Hayashi" of Nakagawa, company name of Nakabayashi Industrybecame.

Originally my father worked for a company in the sewing industry, but when an item called automobile cover was born in the world about 50 years ago from now"From now on the cars will sell more and more, so the automobile cover will definitely sell."It seems that it came with Bibitsu ... I made a foundation as a specialized automobile body cover company, making full use of the know-how and technology of sewing processing that I have cultivated up to now.

Five decades ago did not you have a "car body cover" in the world?

That's right. Until then, there seems to be no concept of covering the car. Just in Japan it was originallyWrapping cloth culture "wrapping important things"Because there is, it seems that the product "Cover wrapped in a beloved car" was easy to penetrate.

For example, cases and accessories to put in a smartphone. There are countless kinds of lineups in Japan, the Japanese market seems to develop most, but that is a remnant of Furoshiki culture.
On the other hand, there are not many concepts to cover automobiles overseas,It seems that it is common to leave the car as it is, although it will hurt whether the car gets dirty or not.

1-2: Reasons to make with custom-made

Originally you were making a "custom made" car cover?

No, when I was founded I was making a versatile body cover. The reason is that many of the cars marketed 50 years ago are box type designs, and their sizes and shapes are almost the same even if the makers are different. Since then, about 20 to 30 years ago, the number of cars with unique design increased, the shape became diverse, gradually becoming impossible to cope with versatile body covers.

"From now on, we can not provide a body cover that can satisfy our customers unless they are made from exclusive molds that fit each car."About 7 years ago when I became representative, I made a big steering to a completely custom made automobile body carver maker.

Even now, some manufacturers are making versatile designs, but in order to continue to be a company that differentiates themselves from other companies and offers valuable things for customers,Even if it takes time and effort, it is necessary to make one oneI think it is.

From about seven years ago, you said that you took the mold one step each way?

Yes. Originally, the domestic dealer came to buy the body cover, so ask the dealer to measure it, take the sample and bring it again ... one was made one by one.

However, there is also a relation of customer convenience of the other, and it is often difficult to schedule from measurement to preparationAs a result of thinking "How can I measure smoothly and create samples", I arrived at the current way of bringing in a car actually.And gradually it has become possible to bring in various kinds of cars, now it has become possible to hold about 3000 patterns.

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