I went to the new Cayenne debut fair! Impressions and images of the actual car

Porsche New Cayenne
Porsche Cayenne

To the new Cayenne debut fair

On Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, 22nd,"The New Cayenne debut fair" will be held at the Porsche CenterI got the DM called, so I decided to go yesterday immediately. I was talking about "What time should I go", but when my husband called H to his dealer in the daytime,"It is messed up now ...!"With that ... everything seems to have been crowded as there was no place to park the car during the day.

Neither I nor my husband"Crowding" "lined up" "bummering"Because I am not good at the situation such as the situation such as being weak in the situation, children are also taking a crowd because it is a little crowded, so it is a little troubled, "Why do not you go after people are empty, truly around 17 o'clock people will decrease?" So he headed to arrive at the dealer before 17 o'clock in the evening.

The new Cayenne S exhibition car!

Despite this time, still quite a few people came to Porsche center. I may not have seen much of such a successful Porsche center w. When entering, in the center"New Cayenne S"I found an exhibit car. Body color is black. Just looking at it from the front, the big difference with the current type of Cayenne is a little confusing.

From the side,The design near the back light changed greatly. In the automobile related site, it was often written that "It closely resembles the rear design of the new Panamera", but it is certainly visible like Panamera when it sees only the part of the light. I mean,From the side, it looks like Panamera sports Turismo's taller design.

The back is like this, after the new Panamera, the tail light is connected is a feature of the design. Than the current type,Impression that became a more sporty SUV. Overall, I feel I feel squirreled somewhat I wonder if the body is black so it seems so. If it is a color such as white or red, I think I get a different impression.

So I tried getting in. The door is not too heavy, but it is not too light, but it keeps it pleasing. Somehow, Panamera seems to have heavy doors ~. I'm wearing a soft-closed door as an option, so I just feel that way. The driver's seat is like this.

Sporty and cool. New Panamera(Even if it says, since it is released in 2017, it seems to be said that it is already a new type already)In the following models, the touch panel part becomes bigger and the display of the center console is also cool. Since the engine is not on the picture, the display of each part is not attached and it is black, but when you turn on the engine, each icon glows red.

Suddenly, there was a thing like a handle on both sides of the center console. What is this. When I ask my husband"When you run off-road and the body shakes greatly, you can grab that handle and be able to support your body."When.

Well ~ I did not know ~ kind design!(I guess it is natural to do SUV)As for the cup holder and storage box, it looks like this,

Two cup holders are installed horizontally.(2 panamera in portrait orientation)This seems to be easier to use for both the driver 's seat and the passenger' s seat. When I opened the storage box, the bottom was deep and it felt like I could store it well. Sheet is like this,

Sitting comfort does not make any sense of incongruity, it seems to be easy to drive. personally,The seat which is too sporty becomes tired when the body becomes tense, but if it is just a luxury seat, you can not be in the mode "drive!"So I thought that the sheet on this cayenne was just right. Then, the back seat.

Looking from behind, this sight is opened so much. I am a little under 160 cm tall(Probably, but I have not measured it for about 10 years)From my height, the rear seats are very relaxing,It seemed not to be tiring even for a long drive.I guess 160cm people sit back relaxingly on the back seat SUV in the first place .... The backrest of the seat was also just right, not too upright, not over falling.

I tried getting into Cayenne in this way,Because the height of the car is high, it seems quite easy to driveThat. The car width is 1983 mm, which is bigger than Panamera, but I think that driving is absolutely easier for Cayenne. While watching such a thing, I looked at the price list, and the payment total was ...

20,058,375 yen ~ (゚ Д ゚)! !

Vehicle price: 12,880,000 yen (including tax) + Option total 5,234,000 yen (tax included) + Registration fee 484,770 yen = Total 18,598,770 yen (including tax)

As an example of the total amount when paying with a loan, it was indicated as about 20 million yen.

Wow ~ High!

When my husband says "Cayenne is very expensive (; ゚ Д ゚)",

Sounds good. In this case, I am wearing a lot of options so I'm getting higher. Well ... if you stick with hierarchy, you may buy S or turbo. However, considering only the evaluation of the car itself, it is quick even if it is normal, and if you run in Japan, you should be satisfied if you have normal performance. If I buy it will be fine

And that. Certainly Panamera was also "Panamera edition", not Turbo or S, which was in our previous home,Performance too good even in normalWas. So, here is the spec that my husband was saying "This specification will be OK if I buy".

→ [Reference article] This specification is good if you buy a new Cayenne! Estimated with a configurator, it exceeded 12 million.

On the way back, I got a storage carry box as a novelty goods. Every time Porsche novelty goods can get something quite good(Coffee cup and tote back etc are solid in the past as well)It seems to be useful for carrying my husband's car goods and carrying it. Thank you!

Also, at the Porsche Center which my house has taken care of this time, the kids' space has been made since the other day and I could let children play a bit. Because it is a luxury car dealer, I thought that it is not good image-wise to put out a lot of kids space, so I thought that this space was just right.

So, as for the new Cayenne, there are few test drive reviews yet, as the information comes out from now on, those who want to know the information about the interior, options, specifications and test drive of the new Cayenne at this stage are Since there is something that is summarized in the article, please see here if it is good.

→ 【Reference article】: New Cayenne July 21 ~ Finally start selling in Japan! - Tried out a test video and articles summarized

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