What is the difference between Porsche Panamera and Panamera Sports Turismo? Comparison test drive Vol.1

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Panamera sports Turismo, finally.

About a month ago I wrote an article saying that my brother-in-law bought Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo.

→ Reference article: Yesterday, Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo came to our house!

The other day my husband took the Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo, came back home and came back.

Because it was a big deal, I tried comparing how our Panamera Turbo and my brother-in-law's Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo are different, so in this articleI would like to introduce the differences between the two I feltI think.

That day I left my daughters in the kindergarten and nursery school from the morning and then headed for Ashi Driveway with Panamera and Panamera sports Turismo.

The difference is not only apparent

I switched to driving with my husband when I left Aichi driveway tollgate, and I was asked to drive Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo to the observation platform. Optional, but for small items in the center console "Panamera turboThe character ".

Although I thought that "Sports Turismo is said to be different from Panamera in appearance," I was surprised to try it.Panamera Turbo and Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo have a different taste.

My test ride was only about 10 minutes, but I was still able to feel a difference sufficiently. So, I would like to introduce the four differences and the overall evaluation that I felt greatly.

Difference: ①~③

① Light taste

Sports tourism,When you step on the accelerator it's very light and smoothwas. The Panamera Turbo is heavier and feels a gigantic feeling. The handling also responded well, it seemed that Panamera was smaller than usual.

② The underbody is hard

Panamera Turbo of our home and Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo are the same for both wheels and tires, and even air suspension,I felt that the sports Turismo got harder to support the suspension.Sports Turismo had a slightly lower air pressure with the owner's preference, so if you set the air pressure to the standard value, perhaps the suspension may be felt more firmly.

Just as brother-in-law, Makan Tarbo owned previously had a smooth ride.

③ The sound is quiet

On the whole the sound is quiet. Sports tourism tested this time is scheduled to be attached in the future because sports exhaust is not attached,The change in the sound when it was in the normal mode and the sports / sports plus mode was not felt much.I thought that because the window was closed, I opened the window, but I did not feel any particular difference.

The Panamera Turbo at our house has a sports exhaust function,If you want to feel the engine sound of V8 fully, it is mandatory to attach sports exhaust as an optionIt might be.

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