What is the difference between Porsche Panamera and Panamera Sports Turismo? Comparison test drive Vol.1

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I felt the difference ④

④ Difficult to feel two-sidedness

Motor journalist Goro Okazaki talks about Panamera Turbo"Running like Jekyll and Hyde, it's amazing after a sudden change"Although I was saying, I certainly think that it is right. While being luxury, once you put it in Sports Plus mode, both the sound and the run change, so you can enjoy both runs.
In the case of Sports Turismo, the suspension is solid from the ground and it is a sporty ride, so even if it is in the sports / sports plus mode, it is difficult to feel the change of the lizard.

What is the overall rating that you thought from a female perspective?

A women's point of view (wife, mother)When considering whether Panamera or Panamera sports Turismo is better, Panamera sports Turismo is betterI think so.

Handling reaction is also good, easy to operate because there is no sense of bulky. In addition, Sports Tourismo has three people in the back seat, and the capacity of the trunk is also large.Sports Turismo is easier to use on a daily basis, thinking about putting children, going shopping and putting big baggage.

However, although this is a matter of preference, if you like the rear design close to 911, or if you place importance on luxury feeling, I think that normal Panamera is better.

By the way, I like the streamlined rear design like 911 and the gigantic sensation of Panamera, so I do not have problems with 4 people so far so I prefer normal Panamera, not sports Turismo.

This time I wrote the opinion I felt, but my husband says to write a test drive review, so I want to write an article at a later date.

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