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I wrote the other day,Porsche's popular option Should I wear a sports chrono package?AndPopular option of Porsche Should sports exhaust be attached?, This time PASM(Porsche Active Suspension Management)I want to write about the options.

PASM is a chassis option. According to the description of the Porsche site,

PASM, an electronically controlled damper system,Driving stability, comfort and performance are further enhanced.The damping force of each wheel damper is adjusted steplessly according to the road surface conditions and driving style. In addition, the vehicle height is set 10㎜ lower.PASM has two types of damping modes, "Normal" and "Sports".Operate the switch on the center console to switch. The normal mode is a setting that emphasizes performance and comfort, and if you select the sports mode, it becomes a solid setting.

it is written like this. Other site descriptions include:

"Further enhances stability during high-speed cornering,Shock absorber with wider damper setting,More accurate responsiveness increases comfort,In dynamic drivingImprove road holding"

It was written.

In other words, if PASM is installed as an option, the ride comfort will be improved and the comfort will be increased at normal times, and in sports mode the underbody will be hardened and the feeling of grounding will be increased, making it possible to run more sporty.

Even so,Adjusts at any time without stepsThat's amazing. By the way, this is the PASM switch.

Is this an illustration of a damper?

Regarding the evaluation of PASM, overwhelmingly "It's okay without PASM, but if you can, you should definitely wear itIn the opinion. "

When riding a car without PASM,There is a step up of the next step at a high speed.I thought that when I got on a PASM-equipped car, the impact around it was reduced and the riding comfort was clearly improved.

PASM, rating

Our Porsches are equipped with PASM.(Including standard equipment)Occasionally, I took a test ride, etc., without PASM, but I was not aware at all, so I can not give any opinion on the difference ...

When driving on a highway,You don't have to be in sports mode, but it is easier to run if you harden the underbody only.I think it would be useful to have a PASM.(Thin contents ...)By the way, my husband

Although there are some differences depending on the type of vehicle, I think that it is generally better to have PASM.


The other day, when I went to a dealer to see Cayenne,You should definitely wear it on the cayenne."When I asked my husband about PASM, he answered me like this.

In the memory of 718 Cayman,Without PASM is slightly harder than Sports Plus with PASMI felt like that. However, in the case of PASM where the expression "hard" is subtle and the damping force of the damper is electrically variable, depending on the situation, it may not be much different than without PASM, or it may feel that PASM is harder May be in some situations.
In short, PASM is a function that can continuously adjust the damping force with an active damper,Rather than "hard" or "soft"Also,Feel comfortable",Also"Stable" posture during cornering and tire contactI think it is.
Also, without PASM, it seems harder and higher athletic ability, but then "it should not have PASM as standard on GT3"? But the fact that it comes standard is thatAfter all PASM can run faster and is comfortableI think so.
Also, I've heard that retrofitting PASM is quite difficult, so one of the options I want to add from the beginning. By the way, I always put it on.

It was that.

I often don't know much about the structure of cars, but if I only drive,Considering the riding comfort of passengers and rear seatsI thought it would be better to keep it on.

The next question is which option to examine. "I want you to write about OO!I ’d be grateful if you could give us feedback in the comments section.

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  1. Hate and

    My favorite car 981 Boxster has Spocro and Spoegi, but not PASM.
    It was a very helpful article!

    PASM is standard for the Cayenne coupe that is waiting to be delivered now, but I want the evaluation of Airsus, which has been troubled until the end!

    In the end, I decided to rely on the information on the overseas test drive…
    I am looking forward to the delivery in June!
    This is my first time buying a non-Porsche sports model.

    Thank you in advance. ︎

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! You are waiting for the Cayenne Coupe! Is enviable…!

      Regarding Airsus, I think that the previous Panamera was Vanessas and this time Panamera was Airsus,
      I think I can write a verification article.
      Thank you for your opinion.

  2. Bear tora

    We are currently considering switching from BMW X3 to Macan GTS.
    Only articles that are very helpful, I am always looking forward to updating.
    I often ride long distances, and I am considering installing an air suspension as an option, but what about air suspension?
    If you have experience wearing it, please let us know what you think.

    • MinaMina

      Bear Tora
      Ohmakan GTS!
      And thank you for reading the blog!

      Other people have also commented on Airsus,
      When I asked my husband, he said, "Yes, I can write a verification article!"
      I want to write it well later!

      Continue to thank you.

  3. Red beans

    I will write a comment for the first time.
    I am a member of my 20s, but my goal is "someday 911", and I really enjoy reading this blog.

    I want to talk about PDLS.
    With just an LED and LED matrix, you can understand the contents of the explanation of the options, but I think that only the owner will know "what is actually" and I would like to hear your opinions.

    • MinaMina

      Red beans
      Thank you for visiting our blog! And thank you very much for your comments!

      > I want to talk about PDLS.
      Thank you! I have the same opinion on twitter and I think that it is the part you want to know,
      I want to verify it later!

      Continue to thank you.

  4. Kiyon

    Nice to meet you. I am always looking forward to it.
    I would like to ask you about the headlight options (PDLS, PDLS plus, matrix, etc.) and also about the Porsche Card!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      We have received other opinions regarding headlights,
      I'm going to verify it and make it an article (I'm worried that I can take a picture of how the light looks good in the dark ^^;)

      And my husband has a Porsche card, but I have never used it ...
      I also don't know what's good, so I'll ask my husband again to write an article!

      Continue to thank you.

  5. Naiya

    mina's Hello.
    My Basic 718 is "No PASM". There is no doubt that the difference from the "718 with PASM" basic 718 tested at a dealer was that "the higher the speed range, the more stable the vehicle with PASM is overwhelmingly."
    However, when it came up on a gravel road, a cobblestone road, or a tramway, there was a limit to the control of PASM, and the smoothness of the ride and the information from the road surface seemed halfway.

    So the Grand Tourer's 911 Panamera Cayenne Makan (Taikan?) That perfectly balances sportiness and luxury (comfort) can be said to be natural with PASM.
    Pure sports 718, which has a limit in luxury (comfort) and practically all its performance to sportiness, is indispensable for PASM if you run high-speed sports (circuit, winding, highway long distance) .
    However, I feel that "without PASM, the lightness in the low to medium speed range (running down the city) is higher." Thanks to the standard suspension, there is no need for extra supple electronic control. So if you only feel sporty in daily use (daily sports), you can say that PASM is unnecessary.

    Therefore, the necessity of running performance system OP such as PASM, Spocro, Spoeg, PTV, sports chassis etc. will be different depending on how much you want to improve running performance.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for telling me in detail!

      > So the Grand Tourer's 911 Panamera Cayenne Makan (Taikan?) That perfectly balances sportiness and luxury (comfort) is a natural thing with PASM.
      Sure, yes, I think it would be better to have these models.

      > So the necessity of running performance system OP such as PASM, Spokuro, Spoeg, PTV, sports chassis etc. will depend on how much you want to improve running performance.
      You're right.
      It depends on how much you want to "run" from that Porsche.
      Often there is no need to attach it.
      I'm worried ... ^^;