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The other day, I introduced my view on convenient functions around Panamera's touch panel, but after talking to my husband afterwards, I learned that there are many things I do not know about touch panel operation and functions ... in reverse From her husband"I have nothing to know about Panamera's navigation around."Because it was said, this time"Functions useful for touch panel operation related to husband's feeling"I would like to introduce.

It's not an excuse(No, it's an excuse ...)Since there are not much written on the operation manual and setting method of the touch panel in the operation manual of Panamera, you only have to do it one by one by yourself, learning and checking. Thinking that way,The husband who says that there is nothing to know about navi around, even though it is not listed in the instruction manual, thinks again that he investigated to considerable maniac (explosion)

So I will introduce the four functions that my husband thought useful.

① Customize the home screen

The first is"The ability to customize the home screen to suit my taste". My husband said,

On my home screen, I often arrange frequently used chassis settings, sports exhaust, idling stop buttons, clocks in order of reach. It is convenient for you to customize this absolutely, tailor it to your liking.

And that. However, since I am only touching the customized home screen, I actually showed how to set it up. First, the three-line mark(What is this Mark? Menu?When you press,"Set Home"Click the button as it comes out.

By the way, the second"Setting Info Widget"The button called "Screen setting screen like a simple widget that comes out only halfway when scrolling the touch panel." So, you can set separate contents for Home and Info widget. ... and when you return the story and click "Set Home", you will see the following screen.

Next, on the left side"Select category"Touch freely what you want to add to home or what you often use, bring it to the screen on the right. I guess it's a drag and drop. For example, when "Vehicle" is added to the right side, it is possible to select "to display the button to change the setting of the undercarriage" or "to display the button to change the driving mode itself".

In addition, five kinds of layouts are prepared, and the amount, arrangement, and size of panels that can be displayed vary depending on the layout of each. So, "Layout 1" is consolidated in relation to the vehicle, "Layout 2" is consolidated by navigation and media relations, save them by changing the theme for each layout, changing things according to the mood of the day and the driving situation it can.
Finally, do not forget to press the red button "confirm".

② Apple CarPlay

Convenient function Secondly,In the app "Apple CarPlay". By the way I have never used it. Rather, there is no music on the iPhone(When changing the previous iPhone, something can not be synchronized properly and the music has not gone all ...). According to her husband,

CarPlay now has only functions such as "iPhone's music application", "Siri" can be used, "Can navigate with Apple's map" ... etc. It is not a big deal, but when iOS 12 comes out in the fall , Google Map and other third-party navigation applications will be able to be displayed, so I am looking forward to it.

It was that. It would be useful if you could display Google Map in Navi - especially because traffic jam information comes out quite in real time and we know short cuts only local people do not know. Well ... I guess the genuine Navi will be used again. For car navigation makers, it is a very difficult age now.

③ Application news

Convenient function The third is "application news". According to her husband,

In this news, only Porsche news is registered by the standard,My Porsche's siteYou can subscribe to your favorite RSS once you are logged in and set up. For example, if you register a blog "Porsche has come to my house", update information will arrive. But well, I will use the news for that.

And that. It certainly does not look like "RSS" one by one during driving. Also, although update information comes out, only the blog title and article titles are displayed, and even if you click on it, you can not read the whole sentence, so it is more convenient to see it in smartphone. When is this function used? When it is waiting for someone, or is it a function used for spare time when I have time ... (explosion)

④ seat adjustment of the front passenger's seat

The fourth function that I think is convenient is the ability to adjust the passenger seat seat from the driver's seat. About this, I feel that it is convenient, and I have written a method in detail in the article I wrote before, please visit here if you do not mind.

→ [Reference article] Panamera's touch panel and button operation - I have listed five useful functions when I know it.

No, no ... I do not know much yet I guess there are lots of features and information. Let's review the operation manual of Panamera from one more time!

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  1. kao

    I am interested to see you.
    The Panamera 4S arrived at our house at the end of May.
    However, the operation is often difficult to understand except driving.
    For example, large Dio.
    I'm listening to music with an SD card and I want to switch to a radio broadcast.
    At such times, I will be able to listen to it over and over again.
    While driving, it is dangerous.
    It is also difficult to close the rear sunshade.
    I want to delete the destination in the navigation but I can not.
    There will still be many more.

    If you wish to add an operation system experienced by the owner of this blog
    I'm happy.
    Another 991 type 911 4s is more shabby and easier to handle.

    I can not see the perfect image, but the owner who stands out for beauty.
    Thank you in advance.

    I'm doing this blog as a reference, but my Panamera is a passenger seat for a standard seat
    I could not control it.
    Others are useful.
    Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting our blog!
      And congratulations on the delivery of the Panamera 4S!

      > If you have any questions, please post the operation system experienced by this blog owner
      > Good luck.
      I have been asked to write articles for operations more often than before.
      I myself could not write easily because there was only minimal operation.

      Think once so that you can write an article about the operation!

      > It is also difficult to close the rear sunshade.
      In my home, I put a button of sunshade ON · OFF on the home screen,
      It is very convenient to be able to operate with one touch.

      You may have time for a while, but from now on I will try to be conscious of it so I can write an article.
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Manma

    Mr. kao
    Mr. Mina

    I will disturb you.
    It is until the middle.

    For the operation system,
    1 home screen
    2 widget screen
    Arrange the layout of your own, and minimize your typing on frequently used commands
    3 voice control
    It is recommended to supplement as appropriate.

    Furthermore, although the choice is limited
    4 ボ タ ン button
    It is more convenient if you can use the command of (^ ^ ♪

    I made it feel the same as "Layout 1/5" in the text of Mina's blog above,
    The widget is set to become an air conditioner relation if it is opened.
    And ス キ ッ プ button is assigned a skip.

    We hope you find it useful.

    Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama
      Thank you for your comment!
      Very helpful ^ ^

      > I feel the same as "Layout 1/5" in the text of Mina's blog above,
      > Widgets are set to become an air conditioner when open.
      Well, it's also convenient to be air-conditioned!
      It can be used in various ways, and there are still many things I do not know yet.

      Continue to thank you!

  3. kao

    Mr. Mina, Mr. Man

    Thank you very much.
    I would like to have fun setting without having to save money.
    We look forward to your continued guidance.

    The Panamera has been replaced by the 4s from the base model of the previous model.
    I am satisfied with the strength.
    I sometimes see Panamera at my golf course.
    What I saw before was Turbo, the other day was 4.
    "I lost!" To Turbo, "I won!" To 4.
    I am a small man (-_-;)

    Large Dio → Audio
    (It is only ashamed)

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much.

      > I would like to have fun and set up without spending a lot of money.
      > Thank you for your guidance.

      I have not been able to use it at all either.

      > I often see Panamera at my golf course.
      That's right! Golf at Panamera, cool ...
      Certainly, it looks like "Oh!" If you look at the turbo (laughs)

      Continue to thank you!