Four differences between Porsche Panamera and Panamera Sport Turismo and general review-comparative test drive Vol.2

New Panamera Turbo and Panamera Sports Turismo
Test drive report for each car

My husband gathered impressions of test drive

The other day my husband came back on board "Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo" bought by my brother-in-law, so we tried test drive of "Panamera Turbo vs Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo" at Ashi Driveway. The article at that time is here.

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At that time her husband"I will also summarize a bit of thought about the difference between Panamera and Panamera sports Turismo"It seems that the idea is settled (laugh), this time I would like to introduce about the point of test drive comparison I heard from my husband.

What is the difference between the options of the two systems?

My husband"First of all, as a premise, I will not tell the differences between options on driving systems of Panamera and Panamera Sports Turismo tested this time"And ... Oh (- _ -;) ... That is why,

Panamera Panamera sports Turismo
wheel 21 inch 911 turbo design wheel
tire Pirelli PZero
Sports exhaust There None
Rear Axle Steering There None

There is a difference. Under this premise, I would like to introduce my husband's test drive comparison and four points and general reviews.

① Light feeling

First of all my husband said"As a first impression, at the time of selecting a normal chassis, the sports Turismo felt a sense of lightness in a good sense."The point.

For example, sports Turismo and fewer deviations from the consciousness of the driver against small movements such as lane change in town and overtaking. I had you test ride with a dealer before.It is close to the movement of Panamera 4SI thought there was something.

Yes, certainly. I felt this lightness feeling when I got on."Well, Panamera Sports Turismo is much lighter in weight than Panamera?"I felt it lightly as I heard it without thinking it was light. My husband continued,

Panamera is slightly smoother and has a relaxed ride, but in the case of Sports Turismo it's a bit lighter from the start and I think that the lightness of handling is slightly higher. Of course, in terms of ride and panning as a panamera, it is common in the meaning of ride and it is good to have it considered as a slightly different / thin flavor.

When. I see ... By the way, considering the heavy thickness comparison of Panamera's riding taste that my husband has ever driven, seems to be in the following order.

Panamera 4S <970 Panamera Edition <Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo <Panamera Turbo

Certainly Panamera Turbo thinks it is the car that feels a heavy feeling even among Panamera.

② Hardness of the suspension

The next thing my husband was saying"I do not feel the difference in ride comfort on a normal road so much, but sports Turismo feels rough on the rough surface of the road."The point. Yeah, it seems like I was quite sure if so told. Usually I did not feel such a difference, but I think that the way the feeling of impact was different in places where the road surface is not good. I asked, "Why does such a difference come out?"

I imagine it, but thinking of loading lots of luggage, I think Sports Turismo is somewhat harder suspension setting. Incidentally, looking at the air pressure specified in the instruction manual, Panamera and Panamera Sports Turismo are somewhat different.Compare with the value of "standard pressure" of 21 inch summer tireThen, the Panamera turbo is slightly different from the F 3.1 bar / R2.8 bar, the sports tourismo is F 2.8 bar / R2.7 bar, and the sports tourism is slightly lower, so probably the setting of the suspension is slightly different .

Oh, oh ... I did not know what to say to me an amateur anymore, but ... well, I understood what I wanted to say (Bomb) I continued on suspension,

Both of them are air suspension,Sports Turismo seems to be Banasasu-like rideI think that the expression comes in perfect. I feel close to the 970 Panamera edition (Vanessasu) I was riding in earlier. Personally I might like the taste of sports Turismo.

And that. "It seems that sports tourism seems to be more luxurious if you look at only this, but in fact it is very interesting to feel the opposite way".

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