Wait a minute! Does the body cover really protect your car from dirt and bruise?

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Body cover in the blue sky parking lot

You can park up to two cars in the parking lot in front of your house. Normally it should be enough ... but my home with a car lover is not going so, so I rent a parking lot in my neighbor's house to stop the Mercedes · Benz SL 500 and Volkswagen Golf.(Parking fee should have been 10,000 yen per month).

However, since it is a blue sky parking lot, it is not good for the car in the state of being exposed to the scorching weather or the wind and rain all the time. Since this year,I also introduced it on my blog the other dayNakabayashi KogyoMade to order body coverI try to attach to the car. (Mercedes · Benz SL 500 only)

Until the other day, only in our parking lot, we were wearing a body cover on the car, but when we caught a glimpse from afar from out in front of this family,Mercedes · Benz C class which is parked on the same premises body coverI found out that it hangs! My husband,

"Were you thinking that I was wearing a body cover and thought that it was yeah ?? The one with the body cover on the car got dirty, the number of car washes drastically decreased and the bruise is also reduced, and on the contrary There is no reason not to mention it.

I was talking happily as if my friends had increased.

It should be a body cover to protect your car ...

However it is. As soon as my husband came home from work, I got to say such a thing."Oh, that's a car that I recently took on a body cover, but that's Akanwa! Doing that will make it a coasider!"When. Everything, the fabric of the body cover is very thin and fluffy, it seems that the hem has already turned up. Also, as the wind blew back, wind blew in between the body cover and the car, and the body covered with a clap.

It is not a fabric with raised fabrics inside, it is thin and fluffy, every time the body covered with winds, myriad numerous fine scratches are attached to the car, the car suffered seriously. It would be better if I did that, I would not let it rain. Oh no"How about using Nakabayashi's body cover?"Would you put a message card?

He said. On the other hand, the body cover of our house did not turn up at all, the car body was comfortably sitting, there seemed to be no problem. "There is such a difference depending on the body cover"The husband seemed to realize that, I was photographing the photo, so I showed it. First of all, the body cover which has turned up.

surely…I do not have this size in the first place! What?Because the door mirrors are also sticking, it seems that it will put a burden on the mirror when removing the body cover, and it looks a bit cramped ~. I wonder if the function to bind the hem is also not attached. On the other hand, the SL covered with our body cover is here.

It is covered entirely and it is designed to be tied at the hem, so it seems no problem. Even at the time of torrential rain that hit western Japan the other day, my husband was deeply impressed because there was nothing to be swayed by anything, nor was it wet by rain.

The terribleness of custom-made body cover

A versatile body cover with reasonable amounts of money sold, but it is something to protect the important car, so I thought again it was important to choose carefully. Also,Since the car being sold now has a wide variety of shapes depending on the manufacturer and the type of car, if it is versatile, it will not fit eventually, the turnover will hurt, and conversely the car will be hurtIt could be that.

If it is, although it is somewhat expensive, I think that it is better to choose one that will protect the car firmly from dirt and bruise with the custom-made body cover that fits that car.

Actually the other day when asking the president of Nakabayashi Industry, by attaching a custom-made body cover"There are many customer's opinions that selling at a tremendous price when selling"I was saying. ... although the best thing is "covered parking lot", but it is not quite so,When wearing a body cover, it is important to select the body cover properly for that carSo today it is noticed again these days.

* I got introduced to Mr. Nakabayashi's interview at a later date with Mr. Nakabayashi's Minka blog ↓ ↓
I got an interview from the blog "Porsche came to our house" owner

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