Porsche New Macan announced at Shanghai World Premiere in China! -What has become new and how?

Porsche Makan

New Macaca, announcement

On July 25, a new type maca was announced at the world premiere held in Shanghai, China.Makan has been selling over 350,000 units worldwide since its launch in 2014, of which 100 thousands are sold in the Chinese marketIt seems. In response to these achievements, Porsche has also recognized "China is the sole single market in Asia", and recently has also been promoting promotion in the Chinese market, including opening the Porsche Experience Center in Shanghai.

By the way, with the Porsche Experience Center,Facilities like Porsche's theme park with circuit, exhibition section, restaurant etc.In the whole world,Atlanta, Leipzig, Silverstone, Le Mans, Los Angeles, ShanghaiThere are only six places.

In such Shanghai China Porsche announced the new model, this model is only offered in the Chinese market, other models and markets seems to be announced again later this year. No haye Porsche It's amazing how powerful you are to the Chinese market!

What has changed in the new type makan?

This time, Makan has made great progress in comfort, connectivity, running dynamics, design has become more sporty and modern.

① Exterior

In the new model Makan,LED headlights and new tail light strips are standard equipment. Also,When stepping on the brake the 4-lamp type LED brake light turns onIt is designed, especially from behind, it is a design that you can see at a glance that it is a "new type Porsche". Moreover, it seems that this makan reflects the DNA of 911 sports car and 918 spider. As a new exterior color color "Miami · Blue", "Mamba · Green · Metallic", "Dolomite · Silver · Metallic", "Crayon"You can choose from.

② Interior decoration

Like the new Panamera and the new Cayenne, the 11 inch touch screen touch panel was installed. Intelligent voice control and online navigation system are installed,"Here Cloud" that can obtain traffic regulations and congestion information in the driving area, "Offroad Precision App" which can record and analyze off-road driving experienceYou can also use an application such as. No, recent car seems to be a huge computer any longer.

③ New option

GT sports steering wheel, traffic congestion assist(It supports the steering operation with partially automated acceleration and braking function at speed of 60 km / h or less)Adaptive Cruise Control, and also added a heated windshield and ionizer to improve the quality of the new indoor air including, including.

④ Chassis

With the fine adjustment of the chassis as a compact SUV sports car,Improve comfort while maintaining stabilityEspecially successful. Makan is also the current type, but the rear wheels and tires are thicker than the front. This makes it possible to distribute driving force closer to the rear wheels, and it is designed to give a more dynamic impression.It is very unusual for SUV that front and rear tires use different mixed tiresIt seems.

Makan monitor campaign ...

By the way, in May"New Makan Monitor Campaign"I tried to apply because I was doing it, but it seems I did not hit it. Naturally burns ... but I am afraid that lots of bad luck and the shops I've been doing are often closed or closed, so even my husband"I do not want to go with them because there are so many things that they are closed even if I go somewhere together."He is said to be said to be w.

So, if the specifications of the new type maca to be sold in the Japanese market will be announced and it becomes possible to test drive, I would like to try it by all means.

*Source: A world premiere in Shanghai: Porsche presents the new Macan

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