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Driving at Fuji Speedway

It was held at Fuji Speedway this June."Porsche Experience Day"I ran the circuit for the first time at the event of. "I do not have the opportunity to run a circuit with Panamera," I got 70 tickets for the first time in line, in line with the start of the event, I ran the Fuji Speedway 2 laps. I ran the formation with 70 cars, so it was at a relatively slow speed, but I was satisfied with the experience of circuit driving experience.

However, in the curve of the required point, feeling a centrifugal force which has not been tasted up to now, feeling a little scared as "Do not say such things as not being able to bend! ~" It was also an experience to realize again the bad feeling of my driving as if you were dripping away (explosion)

Town ride, at the circuit

Yesterday, I did an interview with the 4th posting on this blog. That person fits in the appeal of circuit driving, and those who like cars as they are participating in races every week. To that person"Porsche is said to be a car that you can enjoy both on the street and on the circuit, is it true?"When asked, "It is true, it is no mistake" I was saying.

Also, as for the circuit traveling companions around that person, even if you are riding a car of another company at the beginning,There are many people who finally switch to PorscheThat's it. Once you switch to Porsche, you will almost never cheat and you will almost always be in the race with Porsche."Is it fun to run a circuit on a Porsche?"I heard about the charm of Porsche on the circuit.

① Circuit driving is possible without remodeling

He was able to run the circuit on BMW and Ferrari until now,Somewhat remodeled even M3Is it tuning?It is necessary for Ferrari to bring in a car riding on a street to the circuit as it is,It seems to need tuning.
However, it seems that Porsche does not need to remodel at all."After running through the Nürburgring, you can go shopping."Although the catchphrase that said it is written on the official website exactly as it is,If you bring a car running in the town to the circuit as it is, you can demonstrate its performance and be able to do very fun and fun runningThat's it. That said that it is impossible for other manufacturers.

② High durability

If you race alongside Porsche and BMW, the first lap will be a good match, but the difference will gradually go away. It was not a driving technique, it was said that Porsche was a high durability.No matter how long Porsche runs, the oil temperature and water temperature are stable and the same time as the 1st lap will be counted even if you run for many laps.

③ High performance as a sports car

It seems that the difference in specifications and differences with other companies' cars is hard to understand, as I looked at the car. However, I feel that German craftsman temperament ... as the car's performance height is truly said. To the comfortable engine, the steering feel unique to German cars,After all it seems that Porsche will realize again as a sports car maker. Perhaps you said you thought you were overwhelmingly paying for invisible places and parts inside.

I want to run the circuit

Recently I began listening to stories about "I ran into the circuit" and "I got caught on the circuit" around me. Although Porsche can run on general roads and can be enjoyed on circuits as well,Only after bringing it to the circuit after all, it will be able to bring out the maximum possibility of possession.Especially the GT series. I also like to practice circuit running at Playstein Gran Turismo, learn the course well, I would like to have a running experience on the circuit ... before that ... before that I will be able to drive a Boxster manually.

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