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Family to San Francisco

I have been traveling to San Francisco, USA (+ Los Angeles) from July 28th to August 3rd.As my husband worked in San Francisco, as soon as it is over, me and two daughters join togetherI had a schedule. It was the first time since I was a student to go to America, so it's been 14 to 15 years ago ... time passes quickly.

From parents in advance"Can you truly go to America with a 4 year old and 1 year old child alone?"I was worried quite a bit and eventually my parents came up with me until the airport was off. At the beginning I was saying "such an exaggerated ... okay to be OK", but it was really nice to have it follow me no more ...

Regarding entry into the United States, security seems to be considerably severe recently here,It is necessary to acquire ESTA in advance,When checking in an airplane, it is necessary to enter all hotel names and addresses etc.(I got an air ticket at Expedia), There were a lot of troublesome things in various ways. I was glad that I was able to see my parents seeing my parents ...

Safely check-in was over, baggage was also deposited, passed through the exit gate, and after a while I came to the boarding gate of the international flight, there was space for children to play!(And no one was playing)There used to be no such thing before - since when.

Arrived safely in San Francisco!

Although the flight schedule was a little behind schedule, it took off safely without influence of the storm, arrived in San Francisco safely a little, 10 hours on an airplane. Although the flight of a 4 year old child and 1 year old boy was quite hard(I could hardly sleep well after all) w, Upon arrival SoftBank's US all you can do(Especially not applying in advance)The smartphone was connected safely, and it was possible to join her husband without problems.If I thought that this car rental is GLS, it is not so, Toyota "4 runner".(GLS seems to be a rent-a-car to borrow in Los Angeles) If it's real name, it is Toyota Hilux Surf. Although I got on for the first time, the ride was better than I had expected, it was wide and comfortable.

Arrived at the hotel, I left home yesterday for a half day slowly, full - fledged tourism from today.During this trip I will take all the pictures of the Porsche I met in America(What are you going to do w), I also want to go to the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles if possible, so I would like to introduce the situation later on in the blog.

Actually, this trip is to be announced by Mr. N who lived in San Francisco, my husband's work colleague, and on my way to the hotel by car yesterday,I was able to tell various things about the car situation in San Francisco.There were lots of things like "I did not know!", I studied normally, and I also noticed by seeing the car actually running. For example ...

The car situation in San Francisco

① There are toll roads and restricted roads on highway

In the highway,The leftmost lane is the Express Lane toll roadThere is a place that is becoming. Here I can only run a car equipped with dedicated registration equipment, I ran without knowing, and if I find it at the police it will pay a fine. In addition to pay lanes,Number restricted road (Carpool Lane: Carpool Lane)There are also things. This is also the leftmost lane, and it is impossible to run unless there are more people than 2 or more people or 3 or more people on the car. Otherwise, if you are traveling normally, it will also be subject to a fine.

② There are few people stupidly driving on expressway

On expressways,Everyone was running normally at 120 to 130 km / h.Our car ran at 60 miles (almost 100 km / h), but it was pulled out by following vehicles. When I ran the German auto burn previously, the difference between a slower car and a faster car was clear(Everyone gets a fast car coming from behind)But, everyone in America is fast. I wonder if everyone is in such a hurry (lol)
There are only 4 lanes of lane and the lane width is wide,It is easier to drive and easier to drive than Japan's expresswayMaybe. I think the autobahn has a way bad.(But I guess the straight line was more autobahn)

③ The car is beautiful

In my image, American cars, because there was only insanely imaginable imagination by the muddy(Image of overseas drama w)I was surprised at the car actually running because I am very beautiful. N said Mr. N said in a previous San Francisco there were many dirty cars due to dust, but recently it is often the case to buy a car at a loan(I heard that the US is a loan society, it seems to be a social problem as well)He said that the number of families riding a beautiful car increased.

④ There are many Honda Civic

I do not know the Civic to know at a glance that "Oh, Civic!"My husband says "Oh, civic!" "Oh, here too Civic!" "I looked at the Civic too much and I wanted Civic!"As I was playing Civic and so many times, I found out that there are so many Civic. In Japan it seems that only the limited car called "Civic Type R" was released until 2010 - 2016, so I do not think we will see that.(But I feel like there are many people who like civic)In addition, the number of Japanese cars that are made in the North American market seems quite large, and Japanese cars ran well as usual.

⑤ There are many Hyundai · BMW

What I noticed was BMW. Mercedes · Benz was also manyBMW ran a lot from SUV to sedan.I wonder if there were a lot of Audi.In addition, Hyundai almost not seen in Japan runs very much.Since the emblem was "H", I thought that it was Honda at first, but unlike a good look, I was surprised at that, "Ah, that whole Hyundai!

Nonetheless, I have not been in the center of San Francisco yet so it may be different from different places if the place I run is different. By the way, the Porsche that I saw so far only has 4 SLR cameras since I want to take pictures of only 4 (Boxster, Panamera, new Panamera, Macan), but I only have what I took with my iPhone at the moment ...

So I will go to sightseeing in full swing from today!

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