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On future direction of blog

For the time being, this"Porsche came to our house" Blog directionI was thinking about. It finally settled, now this blog"A blog useful for collecting information of all people who consider Porsche purchase"I want to grow it to.

... and might have spread a little big wrapping cloth, but in fact the chance to start this blog,"If you like Panamera so much, why do not you do it on your blog?"It was a chance that my husband said with a light feeling. By the way, the first blog post written by this is

→ 【Reference article】 Porsche Panamera blog opened! - Porsche came to our house

At first, it was opened in the Hatena blog and it was updated with a light feeling. I decided to update the article every day for at least 2 months, but I only write my impression and subjectivity that "I like Panamera" anyway, so reading it now makes me too embarrassed and content ashamed.

Since it was such a blog, initially the access of one day was about "2", good and "5" (laugh), gradually the reader exceeds 100 people, and the number of blog accesses also increases along with it It became so.

However, this time,"Do not write properly" "What kind of readers are you seeking?" "You must contemplate the article content more carefully"As soon as I thought about it too much I could not write anything, indeed it has been almost impossible to update articles from last winter to this year's spring.

Let's do what you want to do

And around spring this year, there are various circumstances, children, their own minds, various changes including big and small ... when I notice, the work I have done so far will be the 10th year soon, It began to think to put on. For the past ten years,"With your own position and role"So, I thought about what something I should do in that position from something, I tried to make as much effort as possible, and there were many things I gained from that experience.

On the other hand, I often learned about my work, and I saw people around me"Even if I make efforts so much, I am not good at this field about this result that it is this result, it was totally out of teeth"And it became a feeling to acknowledge losing in a certain way.

Well, though, I've been doing it for ten years and what I was always told by my husband when I was suffering from work until now"Do what you want to do. If you do what you want to do and you are crazy, the result comes later."So it was my 2nd chapter in the coming 10 years"Before the position and role, let's do what we want to do as a human being 10 years"I decided.

At such time, what I wanted to do was to think about anything and it was this blog that I thought "This is it!" By intuition.

→ About the things I would like to cherish in operating the next page blog

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  1. kuni

    Recently I've been reading pleasantly.
    That's exactly it. I really want the opinion from people who actually ride Porsche's real information is difficult to understand.
    Especially because there are too many options, I do not know if I really need it, the delivery date is too long ... It is not quite one step.
    Until now, I am transferring with BMW, Audi and Mercedes, but Porsche is somewhat heavy sill.
    However, the other day, I planned to go watch Makan and test drive to Panamera and I am in a state of not leaving my head!
    It was easy to drive with a large extent. As it used to ride on the Audi A7, it may be fine in terms of size.
    From now on I will send out more and more.

    • MinaMina

      Oh! Mr. kuni
      Thank you very much for your comment!
      Also thank you so much for saying so!
      I am very very happy.

      That's right, because the information on the people actually riding Porsche is small,
      It was hard to buy - I felt.

      > But, the other day, I planned to go watch Makan and test drive to Panamera and I am in a state of not leaving my head!

      Oh! wonderful! Porsche I drove for the first time was Panamera, but its excitement will not leave my mind and I will reach it now.
      Since I think that I would like to continue to disseminate realistic information, I would like to continue your continued support!