What is the “Weissach Package” of about 3 million yen that 90% of Porsche 911GT2RS buyers wear?

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Vaisacha package you often see

From day-to-day, Google Alerts make it possible to receive Porsche related web news(Read only as much as you care about checking titles)A little while ago, I found this article on automobile information media named autoblog.

→ It is not denying the possibility to introduce "Weissach package" to the model other than RS for Porsche GT department development manager

... I got out. ... Vaisacha package. We see a spot, Weisach package.Vaisacha package that many people will attach that option to about 3 million yen when attached with the option of GT 2 or GT 3. What the heck is this This is ... I tried a little research this time.

What is the Weissach Institute?

In the first place, this Weisach package "Weisach"Things taken from the "Weisach Laboratory", the heart of the Porsche research and development departmentIt is. Weissach is a town in the southeastern part of Germany, about 40 minutes by car from Stuttgart. The relationship between Porsche headquarters and Weissach research institute is said to be "Honda Motor Co." and "Honda Technology Institute" in Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda.(By the way, the red mark on the map is Weissach)

The Weissach research institute was established in 1971. here,Porsche car's technical design development, testing, racing vehicle design, development, manufactureIt is carried out. In addition to responding to development and design requests from other companies as well as Porsche's new model cars, while playing a role as a research and development department of automakers, it is characterized by independent activities.

The site of the Weissach research facility reaches 465,000 m².Because the area of ​​Tokyo Dome seems to be 46755 m², it is almost the size of Tokyo Dome's 10 piecesIt is. Among them, there are three test courses of high speed course of 2.531 km circumference, winding course of 2.879 km, dart course that develops SUV and rally cars, and almost all cars of Porsche on the market are tested here .

Well, "valuable photographs that shot a test car," photos of new cars before the presentation are raised in automobile related media,The security of this Weissach research institute seems to be considerably strictIt was written on this site like this.

Go into the front entrance and go to the building of the research center. There was a signboard of illustrations with pictures on the camera. We judged that Pecke's sign on the camera was a warning saying that we should not take any vehicles under development, and as soon as we came to making memories, I took out the single-lens reflex camera and set a self-timer. Its a moment when you tried to take a commemorative photo with Buzacher 's building back.
"○ × △ Oy □ ☆ ○ × Colla □ □ ☆ Tame ○ ○ △ □ Fu Kenna ☆ ○ ○ △ □ ☆ ☆ (German)!"
And the guards' angry voice!
There is something I said in a panic and escape while saying something wrong.
* Source: 911 Days Polseki Newspaper Porsche Photo DE Shiritori "Byersach"

It is scary, scary, likely to be killed ... It seems that even going to the Weisach Laboratory and even photographing for making memories is NG.

Extension of Weisacher Laboratories

The Weisac Laboratory opened in 1971, but in 2011 the site expansion and construction of a super modern studio and electronics integration center began.How much that investment, 150 million euros! ! !It is amazing. This investment, by establishing an electronics integration center,For the future of Porsche such as enabling the continuation of development of EV and hybrid technologyNot only is it a sign of a posture to contribute to Baden-Württemberg in the industrial area.

Actually thanks to Porsche,It seems that the tax revenue per person population of Weissach was the highest in Germany at the time in 2011(Is it still so?). So that means that Porsche was preparing for the development of electric car tycan (mission E) from this time. I am looking forward to seeing that Taikan to be full and appearing in 2019.
* Source: Porsche, expanded Vaisacher R & D center

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  1. Yellow submarine

    When we heard the name Weissach, the next-generation Z had the 928 Weissach axle.
    I remember that I was developing based on the slogan of exceeding.
    That's why Porsche was the benchmark.

    I wasn't in the design department, but I was still interested in Porsche.
    I'm finally riding a Boxster of a foreign car (a car other than that company), but compared to the R32 GTR
    I'm surprised at the difference.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Yellow Submarine

      > Previously the next model Z was the 928 Weissach axle
      > I remember that I was developing based on the slogan of exceeding.
      Is that so?
      Porsche is amazing ...
      Making a car is really difficult and deep ...