I ran into a San Francisco attraction "Lambert street" famous for steep slopes with 8 sharp curves!

Travel with Porsche

To the beautiful city of the sea Monterey

Today we are in San Francisco. I am traveling with my family in San Francisco and Los Angeles from July 28th to August 3rd. On the 29th the day after arriving in San Francisco I headed to the city of Monterey, where the sea is beautiful. It took about 2.5 hours from San Francisco as the highway was in a traffic jam. Children sleeping at the end all the time.San Francisco has many fogs in the summer, the air is clear in the winter and the scenery seems beautifulHowever, Monterey was also cloudy and it felt a bit dull.(An explosion that may be useless because I am a rain girl and a foggy)

In Monterey "Monterey Bay AquariumI was looking forward to it, but the ticket office is a long line. In such a time my eldest daughter"I want to play with sand"In one word, it was decided to play sand on the beach, not the aquarium .... If I have a child I will change my schedule everyday. That's why I botherly took a five-hour round trip and it was the first day I went to go to the sand (laugh)

To San Francisco sightseeing

The next day, I went to San Francisco sightseeing. N, Mr. N, a husband's business associate who will guide San Francisco this time, is really something about San Francisco about "a tour guide!The history of the building, the place where people lived in San Francisco for the first time, and the deep place where local people know from famous sightseeing spotsUntil I know it. Everything I hear is answered, it is really amazing.

First of all, in the case of San Francisco it will be the Golden Gate Bridge, so we are going to a spot where you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. Just before I go to the USA with my husband"From the dark fog or the like where we go together, even in San Francisco this time it is a dense fog and I have not seen the Golden Gate Bridge at all"As I was jokingly talking to ...

Reference article that you can see well that my misty woman is fully demonstrated (lol)
→ [Reference article] After Panamera delivered, to the second Hakone turnpike.

When you arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge, you can hardly see it with thick fog ...

"It might be visible from the afternoon!" N thought carefully and challenged again, but it was extra fog and it was pure white and I could not see anything. I reworked and ran the car to go to the prospect spot that could see the city of San Francisco, and a lot of cars were stopped and a lot of people expected to go out to see the scenery though I expected it The scenery is this one.

Or what was everyone watching on the contrary .... Some people were taking pictures of the scenery backwards, but if that were the case they should be white and you should not see anything w. From my husband"What a dense fog in Japan or in San Francisco ... did I somewhat offend the mountain god !?"I was asked and asked ...

Since it is supposed to be a terrible mistake so far, it seems that there is no choice but to accept my destiny as it is like this anymore (Baku) Next take a moment to San Francisco Downtown.

The building was too big to show the whole picture(I noticed it later, but it was a good story to pick up and shoot),This is "Palace of Fine" built in commemoration of the birth of the Panama Canal in 1915. Is it already over 100 years ago? There was a big pond and lawn in the site, it was fantastic and very beautiful in the atmosphere which is unlikely to be America. Incidentally, it is also a place for citizens' rest since they put in for free.

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