San Francisco's Porsche circumstances and the photos of the Porsche I saw

Travel with Porsche

I will take a picture of Porsche

From before traveling to San Francisco"Let's take pictures of a Porsche running in San Francisco"So I decided to find a Porsche, hold the camera, take a picture with the iPhone, my husband"Porsche Porsche! Please!"I asked him to take a picture, but I was running Porsche(Including the Porsche which is stopped)I knew that it was unexpectedly difficult for me to shoot while driving. W.

Since I do not always have a camera, I can not take pictures of cars of other lanes overlapping, even though I found it, and I ran away just before the other became a red light ... So in fact it is about ten times as much as the picture I took this time I saw Porsche, but only some Porsches were able to take. Sorry ...(Why did you come to San Francisco?)

Porsche circumstances in San Francisco

Regarding San Francisco's Porsche circumstances, it is my opinion to the last, it felt like this.

① Ratio is Cayenne and Makan 80%

SUV is popular in America,SUV of compact, mid-size, crossover accounts for nearly 40% of the approximately 17.2 million vehicles sold in the US in 2017That's it. Toyota and Honda had many SUVs, and we also saw Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, BMW's SUV. In San Francisco, if there is a small gap, it can be forcibly interrupted(There are also many people who do not make a turn signal), I often got close to Kiwaki, so I felt that SUVs with a high line of sight seemed to make driving easier.

Since SUV has a larger trunk capacity, even super-huge milk or cereals and supermarkets can buy large quantities without trouble.Even after all, Americans are tall and wide.Sora I think that would be the case if you eat such a hamburger or sweets everyday, but(And very delicious)A normal sedan in that physique may be tough. ... So, most of the cars running in the Porsche were Cayenne and Makan.(It would be different if you go to New York or something)

② There are few new Porsche

Even though Makan is only the current type,For Cayenne, 911, Boxster, Cayman, there were many old type ones.Cayenne is a type two generations ago(Since this previous new model comes out, does it become two generations before?)There were so many things, the first Cayenne was running as well. Regarding the 718 series,I saw only one 718 Cayman in the center of San Francisco, and I never saw anything.About 911, there were quite a lot around 996 ~.

HoweverRegarding Panamera, there were a lot of new models running compared to other PorscheI think so. By the way it is quite a lot in Tesla in the United States because Tesla is quite a lot, from the far view, the atmosphere of the side and behind resemble the new Panamera, so when you approach the picture with approaching the picture there are many things saying "Oh, Tesla!" It was.

③ There are many white, black and silver

When I say Porsche in Europe, I think that there are many colorful colors. There are many flashy and conspicuous colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, customized body color,Porsche that I saw in San Francisco had many colors such as white, black and silver.(Although there was so much blue for macaan only)However, this is not limited to Porsche, even though I thought of it with other cars, I did not see much colorful colors. I wonder why. It was like being like Porsche running in Japan.

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