LA tour with Mercedes · Benz GLS 450 - impression of ride and the difference with Porsche


I reserved a rental car at AVIS but ...

After staying in San Francisco, I went to Los Angeles. There was also a story about whether to go by car, but it took about 5 to 6 hours even without a traffic jam, so I decided to take an airplane for about an hour and a half.By the way, I rented a car in Los Angeles this Mercedes · Benz GLS 450.When I made a reservation in the AVIS of a rental car company in advance in Japan, when I went to the reception on the day I was told that "It is the Chevrolet Camaro that I borrow this time!" ...(This ↓)

Source:Chevrolet Japan Official Site

"I certainly borrowed GLS 450, and there are 5 people here!"It took about 30 minutes to negotiate variously with, etc., and actually talk. Eventually"Please wait a bit, now I have the GLS 450, so I will wash it."I was told that, further waiting there, GLS 450 came in a state of not being wiped wet with soaked condition (laugh)

About GLS

Incidentally, the lineup of the Mercedes-Benz GLS model that is on sale in Japan is as follows.

model price
GLS 350 d 4 MATIC (Made to order) ¥ 10,910,000
GLS 350 d 4MATIC Sports ¥ 12,140,000
GLS 550 4MATIC Sports ¥ 15,300,000
Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC  ¥ 19,380,000

It is the highest grade model of SUV of Mercedes · Benz, and it is over at least 10 million yen. You can do it well enough.The borrowed GLS 450 seems to be a model not being released in Japan. The engine is 3.0LV 6 twin turbo. The Panamera Turbo at our home is 4.0LV 8 twin turbo, so the engine is smaller than that, but it is too much specs.

If it was released in Japan this GLS 450 probably is over 10 million yen inevitable, the price in the US is $ 69,550. Why is that cheap? What? America seems to be a cheap car, and for Porsche Panamera turbo, if you estimate with the same option, it seems that you can buy it at almost half of Japan. America ... amazing. Is Japan too expensive? Next on the size of the car body below.

Overall length (length) 201.6 in (5120 mm)
Overall height (height) 72.8 in (1849 mm)
Overall width (width) 84.3 in (2141 mm)
Curb weight (weight) 5,335 ibs (2419 kg)

huge!The length is over 5 m, the width is over 2 m, the weight is about 2.5 t.In America, it is a "big SUV ~" feeling, but if it brings it to Japan it is quite large. I mean, it is perfectly over 2 m in width and I guess there is almost no parking lot available for parking in Japan or parking ... So this time I wrote about the impression of GLS 450 and the difference in ride taste with Porsche I want to try it.

Impression of Mercedes · Benz GLS 450 ①

I wish I could drive and write my impressions ... Unfortunately this time (this time as well) I did not drive like this ...(I went to take an international license so much so I became frightened and became specialized in the back seat)I will write it based on my husband 's opinion.

① Handling

Benz seeming handling. Compared to Porsche the steering wheel is light, I feel uneasy at first, but unlike ordinary Japanese carsAfter cutting the steering wheel, it turns as much as you cut, and you trace the road surface firmly.Toyota 4Runner (SUV) who had been riding until the previous day, although he does not have much steering wheel at first, suddenly begins to hear well from the middle,

There is a rear on it, and the tremors of the rear and the tremor are great.(Well, both are subjects that are not subject to be compared to car criticism)Especially at the tight corner I felt that. Compared to that, Benz bends steadily without any problems.Again there is something in common with SL.

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