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Go to the Porsche Experience Center LA

Arrived at Kansai International Airport safely from San Francisco the day before yesterday. I am glad that the whole family could return home safely. Even so, traveling overseas with two children aged 4 and 1 was pretty hard.Or, the idiot 1 year old daughter was serious (laugh)If I go to a country with a small child with a long flight time such as the United States or Europe, I learned that it seems to be good from the state of a 0 year old child who does not know anything yet, or about 3 years old when it got bigger to some extent.

Well, I stayed in San Francisco for 3 nights and then moved to Los Angeles by airplane,Regardless of where we wanted to go in Ross, "Porsche Experience Center (PECLA)"It is. With the Porsche Experience Center, "You can experience the Porsche brand directly and test and feel the car's output, sports and safety on your own" center.

Porsche Experience Center is a world-6 locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Le Mans, Leipzig, Silverstone, ShanghaiThere is nothing. By the way Porsche Japan 's President Shichigosanoki was announced at a press conference before to open this Porsche Experience Center in Japan. I'd love to! And inside this PECLA premises,

8 training modules including 2 circuits, off road course, dynamics area, start control, acceleration straight, low friction circuit, and skid driving range, precious racing car exhibition (regularly changing), gourmet restaurant, 6.5 km test and development circuit

There is.
* Source: Porsche opens a new experience center in Los Angeles

Finally, to the site

It is about 20 minutes by car to PECLA from the hotel of Long Beach in LA where we stayed. It seems to be convenient location with good access from the airport.When you are running on a highway, you will see a building with PECLA courses and Porsche crests next to it, so you will not get lostI think. When arriving, there are many Porsche in the parking lot, the entrance has a large "PORSCHE" letter.

It is amazing! large! As I entered from the entrance, the reception where Porsche polo shirts came was welcomed more pleasantly. Staff here are also available to children"You guys should speak English well, right?"Because I was talking to you in English with a normal speed(I could finally listen to it w)After all I wonder if there are many American visitors ~. Tourists who come all the way from Japan may be unusual.

By the way, I was wondering how much "admission fee" was at the reception, I searched for the letters of "Admission fee" relation, but there is no notation anywhere. When asked,It is "completely free" to see the inside!(Practice traveling test course in Porsche for a fee)I am fat! After filling in your name, email address, phone number, etc., you will receive a Visiter card,

If you look to the exhibition space immediately, you usually rarely see us ... orA famous car you've only seen at the Porsche Museum in StuttgartI was staggered at last. For those pictures, I will introduce one piece per article.

To goods goods corner

After seeing the exhibition car in person, go to the goods selling corner in the back. Various Porsche goods are on sale,Many goods of PORSCHE DISIGN which are not sold at Porsche dealer in Japanthere were. I felt it was more substantial than the goods corner of Stuttgart's Porsche Museum.

There are lots of clothes and bags of women, bags that catch eyes in them ...! It is made of "PORSCHE DISIGN", it can be used for going out, and it is a stylish bag that seems to get plenty inside. Basic IThere are only three "bags for work, one for everyday use, Porsche backpack for travel"Because it is a person named, it is unusual to meet a bag that you want even more. When I pick it up, the clerk immediately came and explained it(It is not good to talk to a clerk at once, but ...).

Just watching the price I was surprised ... It was many times higher than I thought, so I said "Just looking" or something and returned it to me, my husband"Well, if you like it carefully, buy it, you can not buy it in Japan"When. "Wow! Really! Yeah! But it's expensive ..."

... and after somehow about 1 minute interaction, my husband"Buy it"Because it said, "I'll take it!" To the clerk, "Really !?(I feel like I was just looking at it a minute ago)I was surprised. Husband, thank you!

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